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Advice For New Fathers

Advice For New Fathers New fathers should be encouraged to share a hot bath with their partner and to give her a massage, but not to pressure her into having sex too soon after childbirth, a government-funded information pack for men advises.

How sweet.

Jack O’Sullivan, of Fathers Direct, which has produced the DAD Pack, said: “The guide aims to show them that they [the men] can be physical without making their partner [the woman] feel burdened by demand.”

Ah yes, Jack O' Sullivan. The man whose wife works for a government minister and, as such, who has managed to find himself at the head of a government-funded organisation supposedly concerned with fathers and, as such, who wrote an article in the Times wherein he expressed the view that fathers should not be concerned with their rights.

I quote, ...

Forget fathers’ rights. Being a good dad is not about exercising rights. It is not about receiving goodies. It is about maximising what we can give to our children ...

The idea behind this piece of government-funded propaganda was to help tarnish organisations such as Fathers For Justice in the eyes of the public and to give the impression that men and fathers who were concerned with infringements of their rights were just being selfish.

What a nerve, eh?

Needless to say, I sent him an 'earful'.

And look at this! ...

+ Men will be told by the Government "not to have affairs" while their wives are pregnant.



... Of course men should have affairs while their wives are pregnant! Sacre Bleu! What better time is there?

During a pregnancy a woman is far less likely to be suspicious, because she will be thinking about so many other things!


And, of course, if she discovers the affair then, Ha, Ha, Ha - it's too late; because she's pregnant! 

The guide explodes the myth that only mothers can bond with babies, saying men can be super-sensitive to babies too - 'their heart races just as fast as a woman's when they hear a baby cry'.

Yep - that's true.

But for different reasons!

And do I detect a sense in which child-bearing women are being portrayed as 'victims'? ...

New fathers should be encouraged to share a hot bath with their partner and to give her a massage


Give her a massage!? Give her a massage!? Why does she not give you a freakin' massage, eh?

After all, you're the one who is going to have to pay the price for this little baby thing.

Yep, you.

And so it should be you who is getting any massages that are being thrown about for free.

Goodness me. Women who are pregnant are not victims. They are not ill

Being pregnant is just like having drunk too much beer.

Your stomach feels bloated. You feel tired. You do and then you don't want sex. Your appetite comes and goes. And sometimes you feel sick.

Big deal! I feel like this every day! But no-one give me any free damn massages!

Besides which, women were actually engineered by Nature to have babies. That is the very point of them! They were designed to get pregnant and to reproduce!

There is no other reason for them. That is their purpose.

And so pregnancy is not a big deal for women. Indeed, all female mammals have babies. Yep. They all do it.




Even birds!

But do they expect massages too?

No. They do not. They just get on with it, without making such a huge fuss about everything.

And answer me this, if you will. If pregnancy is such bad news, how is it that women live, on average, 5 years longer than men, eh?

It seems to me that pregnancies have done women noooo harm at all.

They seem to be doing very well out of them.

In fact, women should be taxed for getting pregnant; for having such a good time without paying a proper price.

And if they can't afford the taxes, then we chop off their arms to teach them a lesson.

For goodness sake, pregnant women are not unwell.

Their faces glow with ruddy healthiness and they eat strange foods - the classic signs of undeserving tricksters who are forever fishing for sympathy.

This is who they are.

At the very least, I doubt that pregnancy is any more intolerable than are many other arduous experiences that people have to endure - such as going out to work every day or, worse, standing in the queue at IKEA.

But, of course, in the not-too-distant future, artificial wombs will mean that women will not need to get pregnant any more. 

They will then be able to have babies without getting pregnant and without having sex.

At first, of course, the technology will only allow their little scheming eggs to be implanted inside artificial wombs - where they can grow - but, before long, even those little scheming eggs will not be needed for babies to be produced. 

And people will just be able to pop over to the baby factory whenever they want to buy one or to reap what they have sown.

And so women will not need to 'suffer' any pregnancies for much longer. 

Such terrible experiences - so terrible, in fact, that they need to be massaged for free while in the bath - will be banished forever. 

In other words - and yet again - the ingenuity and the labours of men (mostly) will even further relieve women of their biological 'burdens'.

And with women not having to get themselves pregnant, not having to give birth, not having to stay at home to look after their children, they will be completely burden free.

In other words, ...

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