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Flexible Cystoscopy

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Angry Harry, webmaster of the most important website in the entire galaxy, underwent today the most painful of surgical operations ever invented at a major hospital in London.

At precisely 10:58 local time, a huge camera the size of an old camcorder was pushed some three feet deep into his abdomen via his most regal, but highly-sensitive, urethra.

Harry was having what is laughably called a flexible cystoscopy but which is, in reality, nothing less than penile rape masquerading as medicine.

"This brutal treatment of men has to stop right now," said Harry, as four burly porters carried him into the operating theatre.

"Make sure that it hurts," said the feminist nurse to the doctor as she rubbed his testicles with coarse-grained sandpaper and hot iron filings to prepare him for the procedure.

But, ten minutes later, Harry emerged victorious.

"I can now excrete kidney stones the size of golf balls without even noticing," said Harry triumphantly, as he ran down the corridor in pursuit of the nearest lavatory.

Outside the hospital, numerous well-wishers and concerned members of the public were nowhere to be seen as Harry got on his bicycle and furiously cycled his way back home in order to consume 200 paracetamol tablets before he died.

"How does it feel now?" his missus enquired some two hours later.

"It feels like this," said Harry, as he stabbed her repeatedly on the clitoris with a huge fork and a piece of broken glass for asking such a stupid question.

Harry's advice for men who find themselves in hospital in order to have a flexible cystoscopy is to take it like a man. Or, in his own words,

"Get the freakin' hell out of there, or you'll never walk or have sex ever again! EVER!"



Well, Yes, it was quite painful (8/10) and unpleasant - but it was for a short duration, thankfully.

Going to the loo is still very painful some 12 hours later, but this is slowly subsiding.

But, if you need to have this procedure, then you do.

Better the temporary pain, than risking an advanced cancer - which I do not appear to have.



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