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Is Harry Back?

Where have you been?

What are you doing?

Are you 'back'?


These are some of the questions that kept recurring in the emails that were sent to me following my recent posting of my most excellent masterpiece Looking Up Women's Skirts - which I wrote because I was really aggravated about a Japanese film that I saw only part of; a couple of months ago.

Well, let me summarise the situation.

I have not written much for Angry Harry for over a year now. There are many reasons for this.

Too much other work to do. Burn out. Boredom. And a desire to spend my time focusing on other matters.

A lot of my professional work already involves sitting at a computer screen - programming mostly - and I was finding that too much of my life was being spent doing this. So, basically, I just abandoned the computer screen unless I was programming - which is why nearly all my emails over the past 12 months have been unanswered and, in truth, why they have also remained unread.

Shame on me, I know.

But I also know how easily I am sucked into the anti-feminist cause. One email, and the next 5 hours can see me swimming around the internet engaging in some form of mental torture as I get caught up in some of the horrors that feminists are promulgating.

So I just kept myself away from it all.

Indeed, during the past summer I rested myself more than I think that I have ever done in my life.

I did no work. Saw some friends - including the great ManWomanMyth. Had some people stay with me. And spent a great deal of time watching the Olympics - which were staged here, in London.

I also disconnected myself entirely from the mainstream media - apart from the Olympics.

So much so, that, even now, I have no real idea what is going on in the world.

But, of course, it couldn't last, could it?

And sometime around the end of August I somehow found myself hooked into a discussion on a forum to do with excessive immigration into the UK.

Before long, I was locked into heated discussions in about five different forums at a time - using different ID's  - switching from one to another as I followed the trails, barking at everyone who got on my nerves and gradually trying to sneak in my anti-feminist views whenever I could.

Needless to say, I ended up being banned hither and thither.


But I enjoyed it!

It was like the old days, when long-time MRAs like Bernard Chapin, Paul Elam and I spent most of our activist time scooting about the internet annoying just about everybody whom we came across.

And it was also very refreshing not to be 'preaching to the converted' as is mostly the case when I write anything on Angry Harry.

And, in fact, I did learn a thing or two that MRAs probably do need to take on board much more fully.

I do intend to write about this in the future but, just in case I don't, here are the two most important of them.

1. The ordinary people out there still have no idea how powerful feminism is. They mostly seem to believe that feminism is, basically, just the rantings of people like Germaine Greer and Andrea Dworkin. They are unaware that feminism now has a stranglehold on just about every aspect of our lives. As such, whenever you complain about feminism, they see you as someone who is making a fuss about nothing and who, in fact, just dislikes women.

2. There is great fear about being associated with an anti-feminist (in their eyes, an anti-woman) point of view. Most people will steer well clear of anybody, or any website, that they perceive to be anti-women.

They just will not go there.

And even if they are, indeed, interested in seeing what an anti-feminist might say, they will not want to leave an internet trail which reveals that they have visited an anti-feminist website.

They would not want their employers, their wives or their girlfriends to know that they are visiting such a site.

Both the above have significant implications for those who are seriously engaged in anti-feminist activism.

As for the videos that I keep posting up on my front page, here are my reasons for doing so.

1. Anything that helps to steer surfers away from the feminist-dominated mainstream media is of benefit to the MM.

If a surfer clicks on one of my video links and then spends time on YouTube - perhaps even clicking through to other videos rather than watching the one that I linked to - then that surfer is not spending time engaging with the mainstream media.

2. For most people, my front page is now probably more interesting than it would normally be. This is something that I am now checking by monitoring the incoming 'new' traffic.

3. I have always wanted to inject more science and more scientific thinking into the world - hence Harry's News. And I think that certain videos do this rather well.

Indeed, I find that watching good lectures is much more relaxing and enjoyable than are most other forms of 'entertainment' these days.

4. I only post videos that I have actually watched and enjoyed. And if my fans also get enjoyment from some of them then I am very pleased, because I believe that I will have increased their sense of well-being.

And if I help to make my fans happy for a few hours, then I'm happy.

5. I still believe that one of the best ways to promote the MM is to run a site that has nothing much to do with the MM but which links to a few MRM articles or websites.

My front page is beginning to look like such a site.

Indeed, I would always recommend that MRAs who ever think of abandoning their own sites should do something similar to this; i.e. keep their sites going by just posting up any material that has interested them.

In other words, MRAs do not need to devote their sites entirely to men's rights activism in order to further the cause.

And, in many cases, running such a site might actually be much more effective.

6. It is a very lazy form of activism - and, at the moment, I am feeling lazy.

And now I think that I shall go and make myself a really strong cup of coffee, have a bath while listening to some music and then, perhaps, eat a cream bun or two while watching something interesting.

Ah yes.

This is the life.

Speak to you soon.


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