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Oh Alla, Alla. Marry Me.


I receive an unsolicited email. ...

Hello Harry

During search in the Internet: search engine 'AllTheWeb', with the help of key words: 'forum single marriage'

I have found you and wanted to write very much. You seemed to me an interesting person to know.

Once upon a time there lived a woman Alla with a soul of a romantic and deeply feeling little girl. She was fond of helping people to understand each other. Yes, she was an interpreter, a simultaneous translator - to be more precise. After work she liked going out with her friends(to the theatre, opera, ballet, concerts) or singing in the University chorus or reading at home a book on history or a good novel. She also loved children and had spent a lot of time babysitting. She didn't like arguing however she had her principles i.e. Christians values... and she still believes in true love(not a cupboard one).

That Alla , living in the Wonderland of St.Petersburg, Russia, dreams of a man who would love her. He is not very old in order to see the beauty of the sky and apreciate kindness, honesty ( "is such a lovely word..."), warm-heartedness and tender. And he is not obsessed in finding 90 x 60 x 90 barby girl. All in all he loves life and people.

Russian beauty East Europe womanI would be happy to hear your reply , to know you better. You can find more information about me at my home page: http://alla75.narod.ru

My email: [email protected]

Take care,


My reply, ...

Oh Alla, Alla

You have found me.

At last!

The internet has brought our two lonely hearts together. We need weep no longer. We have found one another. You are the perfect woman for me. And I am the perfect man for you.

I am definitely not too old to see the beauty of the sky and apreciate kindness, honesty ( "is such a lovely word..."), warm-heartedness and tender."

In fact, I can see them all the time!

Day and night!

And what kind of foolish man would be "obsessed in finding 90 x 60 x 90 barby girl"?

No Sirree! Not I.

Come hither to me, Alla.

My sweetheart.

My Golden Treasure Pot.

Let us marry and have babies. And let us engage in lots and lots and lots of warm and fulsome sex.

Let us entwine our hungry bodies and become as one with each other. Me in you and you in me.

Together we shall see the beauty of the sky and dance through sunny fields. Together we shall sit on riverbanks and caress each other's hands. Together we shall run and laugh and sing with joy and revel every day in our good fortune.

And together we shall celebrate our love for each other with lots and lots and lots of warm and fulsome sex. 

Oh I can't be bothered to go on with this.

But there will be dipsticks among you out there who are dumb enough to fall for this sort of thing. 

Take it from me, I know that you're out there. I read your emails.

'Alla' is probably a Mafia man who has a photograph and who will manage eventually to entice some mindless imbecile into sending him $3000 for an aeroplane ticket.

He probably took one look at this website and thought, "Aha, this looks like an excellent place to fish for mindless imbeciles."

And, who knows? He might be right!

But, don't let that mindless imbecile be you.


PS: If any one of you numbskulls takes up "Alla's" offer and corresponds with her and, as a result, you find yourself spending the rest of your life with the very woman as described in her email, DON'T tell me about it!


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