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Casanova - The Truth

Casanova Giacomo Girolamo Casanova portrait

Casanova - The Truth Far from always choosing easy and submissive sexual partners, his lovers were often forceful and adventurous women. Judith Summers - 8 min

I always knew in my heart that Casanova's lovers were 'forceful and adventurous women'. Why else would he have had to keep philandering all his life?

After all, if he'd found a decent woman, then he'd have stuck with her.

All you men out there, take my advice. Forget the 'forceful and adventurous women'.

Go for the quiet ones.

Or you'll be as miserable as Casanova once was.

The best kind of woman is the one who likes to do as she's told; but, unfortunately, there aren't many women like this around these days.

About five, I think.

So. Go for the quiet ones.

True. They might only be second best. 

But, they're the goddamn best that you are ever going to get.

You loser!

Woman Bites Finger A woman faces up to three years in prison for biting off part of a police officer's finger during an argument over a kitten,

But, surely, that police officer was pointing his finger at her! - which, as we should all know by now, is nothing less than a heinous act of violence against a poor defenceless woman, as outlined in the Pointing Finger At Woman legislation soon to be enacted - for which, of course, the penalty for infringement will be death!


eco motor cycle to save on fuel


(Designed By Harvard's Topmost Female Technical Experts)

Said Harvard professor Mzzzzzzzz Nancy Hopkins, "If this positively huge breakthrough in fuel technology doesn't lead to at least four Nobel prizes being handed out to the women who designed it, then this will be further proof of how undervalued are women scientists all over the world and of how oppressed and abused they remain when at home."

When asked to comment about whether she foresaw any practical difficulties arising from the use of the new Eco-Motorcycle she said that women had a different way of knowing, and that they were gradually liberating themselves from the oppressive, phallocentric science of men.


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