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Catherine Kieu Becker Castrates Husband

This is my email to CBS staff.

SUBJECT: Big Mistake And Big Financial Problems Ahead For CBS


Dear CBS

Do you realise how much financial trouble Your Company will likely endure in the future?

With many jobs lost on the way.

And legal trouble, probably.

For you, perhaps.

Let me explain.

The truly disgusting behaviour of Sharon Osbourne and other women on The Talk recently when referring to the Catherine Kieu Becker case has really made a few thousand men VERY ANGRY indeed - RIGHT ACROSS THE WORLD.

Mocking, deriding and making fun PUBILICLY of a man who has just been SEVERELY MUTILATED is one of the most revolting and disgusting episodes that I have ever seen on television.

And I can assure you that the fuss over THIS IS NOT GOING TO GO AWAY for a very long time.

About TEN YEARS would be my guess.

That despicable piece of television is being downloaded by hundreds of Men's Rights Activists, and they are going to be using it against Your Company for AS LONG AS IT TAKES to get those offensive women off the show or, indeed, the whole show taken off air.

Believe me. This is not going to blow over any time soon.

And an apology is not nearly good enough.

Unless you cut this show or get rid of the offending women fairly swiftly, Your Company is gradually going to face a MILLION men determined to stir up as much hatred towards Your Company as you have done towards them.

And, bit by bit, they will cause you ENDLESS GRIEF.


You think that I'm exaggerating, eh?

Not so.

You have handed Men's Rights Activists one of the most powerful pieces of propaganda that I have ever seen.

And I can assure you that they will use it very fruitfully unless you wash your hands very quickly and VERY CLEANLY of this appalling display of nastiness and hatred towards men.

And they will use this material week after week, month after month, year after year, until they beat you to the ground over this issue.

It might take ten years, or it might take only one. But, either way, you are going to lose this one.

A clip from that show will be WORTH A GOLDMINE to Men Rights Activists over the next few years.

And they will most certainly use it.


Yep, I'd say a MILLION men, eventually.


They are going to get pretty mad AT YOU if you don't clean up this mess quickly.

My guess is that you are all going to be labelled as nasty, malicious, bigoted hate-stirrers who are making their living out of fuelling hatred towards HALF THE POPULATION.

Of men!



Goodness me, you must be stupid.

Have you never heard of the internet?


And do you really think that WOMEN are going to support you when they realise that you are also stirring up hatred towards THEM? - albeit indirectly?

And what about your soldiers, eh?

You know; the damaged ones.

Are you going to laugh at them too?

And what about your advertisers?

My. My. What a mess you're getting into.

Well, my guess is that while those revolting women remain on the air, it is going to be taken by most people as an indication that you fully support their disgusting behaviour.

You shits.

How dare you treat men who have been severely mutilated as if they were even lower than animals?

Even in 30 years, we will surely look back on that program as a kind of history lesson.

And, trust me, by then it will look even worse than it does now.

And so guess whose names at CBS will still be in the firing line?


And you'll probably be hiding.

Unless, of course, you take some very decisive action NOW.

Finally, you can forget about any legal threats against Men's Rights Activists, because you'll never find them and there are far too many of them. Besides which, they would love the publicity that this would bring them.

And remember, you have quite a few MEN working inside CBS, don't you?



One ***********MILLION************ men!

Blacks, whites, yellows, browns!

Jews, Christians, Muslims, Atheists!

Police Officers, Tax Inspectors, Advertisers, Shareholders!

Crazy men, ignorant men, violent men, angry men.


Insiders too!

So you are going to be attacked from the inside and from the outside on this one.

Phew! You must be out of your mind to take on that lot.

Do you really think that you are going to be allowed to get away with this?

I'd act fast if I was you.

Best Wishes

Show your disapproval by emailing some of these people, ...

Chris Ender – Senior VP Communications CBS Television [email protected]
Phil Gonzales – Senior VP Communications [email protected]
Erin O’Brien – Director, Publicity The Talk [email protected]
Jeff Woodward – Director Multimedia [email protected]
Robert Winsor – Senior VP Broadcast Publicity [email protected]
Debbie Marcus Auslander – VP Broadcast Publicity [email protected]
Ian Metrose – VP Talent Relations & Special Events [email protected]


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