We're going to become extinct, like the dinosaurs.

When politically-correct, 'soft', left-wingers tell me that human children are born with a natural predisposition to do good, to behave well and to behave non-violently, and, further, that it is only through the corrupting influences of 'harsh' parental discipline or poverty that they descend into anti-social, poorly-behaved beings, I travel back through time and consider two separate tribes of humans going about their daily lives.

The Peace Tribe has equality of the sexes and rears its children in a laissez-faire manner, with everyone having 'rights' to do more or less as they please, even if this involves disrupting any other members of the tribe. 

The Aggressive Tribe has a dominance-hierarchy where the children are reared in such a way as to promote the welfare of the tribe as a whole. Its men are trained to be aggressive soldiers and hunters, and to lead the tribe forward in its task of conquering the environment and capturing more resources.

 one day, they find themselves in contact with each other

As time moves on, both tribes begin to expand, until, one day, they find themselves in contact with each other, and in competition for the limited resources available. 

What happens?

Well, if the Peace Tribe remains a tribe of peace - with everyone doing their own thing, and with the growing youth actually disrupting any chance of harmony within it - how are its people going to compete with the Aggressive Tribe? 

They won't, is the answer. Before long, the Aggressive Tribe would easily march in, kill the ill-prepared males, carry off the women and children, and incorporate these into their own tribe. The males of the Peace Tribe would be dead, or, perhaps, enslaved.

The Peace Tribe, itself, would have been extinguished.

There is simply no hope for the Peace Tribe.

There is simply no hope for the Peace Tribe. They can only survive if ALL its COMPETITORS are also made up of people with the same peaceful values. But JUST ONE Aggressive Tribe could see them all off.

So, what can a Peace Tribe do to save itself from being extinguished? Well, it would have to start training at least some of its men for battle. But, as soon as it started to do this, a number of consequences would follow. 

The whole of its society would have to change. 

Suddenly, its children would have to be reared in such a way that they were disciplined and 'trained', not only in terms of fighting, but in terms of fighting ONLY certain 'outsiders' rather than causing mayhem within their own tribe - in which they would have to be disciplined and restrained. 

The young male soldiers would have to be supported by the rest of the tribe. They would have to be 'paid'. They would expect access to the women, and perhaps they would demand more access to the women than would be allowed to those men who were not prepared to train and risk their lives in battle. 

And who could stop them from demanding and achieving this? No-one, unless another group of individuals within the Peace Tribe, with power over the aggressive males, could be established; such as a 'police force'.

Before long, therefore, the Peace Tribe is not a tribe of peace any longer. In fact, it has extinguished itself. It has become more like the Aggressive Tribe; with rules, regulations and the training of males to be more aggressive.

In terms of evolution, there is just no hope for a Peace Tribe. The Aggressive Tribe wins hands down, every time.

 we have laws and policies designed specifically to undermine the white, heterosexual male population.

In today's Britain, we have laws and policies designed specifically to undermine the white, heterosexual male population. There are mechanisms in place to ensure that our own males and our own 'race' are purposefully disadvantaged. The traditions and values that brought success to our people over hundreds of years, both militarily and in terms of our education, our science and our way of thinking, are being denigrated and cast away. And power has been given to the very people least able to use it fruitfully.

Children now have more power than their parents and their teachers. Employees have powers over those whose energies created their jobs in the first place. Women have power over their menfolk with little requirement that they or their offspring produce anything of value for society, and preference is given to those who have a certain gender, colour or age regardless of the merit of their 'case'. At all times, however, the white, heterosexual male is put last, and considered least, regardless of his 'merit'. 

Pseudosciences, such as astrology and palmistry, now have far greater currency

Pseudosciences, such as astrology and palmistry, now have far greater currency among the population than real science despite the fact that pseudoscience has achieved absolutely nothing in the way of furthering our progress but has done a great deal to retard it.

In the past two weeks we have witnessed government by The News of the World, a newspaper which firstly promotes paedophilia by displaying barely-clad 16 year-old girls on its pages and then it incites riots and vigilantism against it by inflaming those whose IQ barely exceeds those of Neanderthal. 

We have the case of a gang of youths raping a woman and then throwing her into the river while their jeering girlfriends looked on, thus demonstrating the effects of making children, and, hence, young adults, feel that they are so 'paramount' that they never have to give the slightest consideration toward others. 

We have women and children growing up believing, correctly, that they can levy false accusations against men, without providing any supporting evidence, and that by doing so they can debilitate and damage whomsoever they wish with impunity and without fear of punishment, or even publicity. 

We fund women's groups who wish to destroy the relationships between men and women, and we support those women who seek to enhance their positions and those of other women through political intimidation and blackmail rather than through merit. 

money that should be spent on scientific progress ... is being wasted on continually having to pick up the pieces

As a consequence of both, we have a birth rate declining so rapidly that in the near future there simply won't be enough workers to support our ageing population. Medical and social care for the elderly are both already far below what is really necessary, and money that should be spent on scientific progress and technology, from which we would all benefit, is being wasted on continually having to pick up the pieces from the failed social experiments of feminism and political correctness.

We already have such a shortage of workers that there is now a strong argument for encouraging foreigners to come to our country to take up some of our available jobs. There are plenty around, particularly in the service industries, but our self-opinionated youth, even those without ANY worthwhile qualifications, think that such jobs are 'beneath' them - besides which, the government happily provides them with funds for doing nothing, and there is also much more to be made from crime or drugs. 

Then there are those available jobs which require a great deal of skill but which too few of our population have been trained for. Again, the country needs to recruit those from abroad.

In short, the Peace Tribe is slowly crippling itself and committing suicide, and it is being poisoned as much from within as by those outsiders who, understandably, seek to benefit from its demise.

A Peace Tribe can never win. It is either taken from without or it collapses from within. 

Charles Darwin ...

"A tribe including many members who, from possessing in a high degree the spirit of patriotism, fidelity, obedience, courage, and sympathy, were always ready to aid one another, and to sacrifice themselves for the common good, would be victorious over most other tribes; and this would be natural selection."

"If the country were open on its borders, new forms would certainly immigrate, and this would also seriously disturb the relations of some of the former inhabitants. Let it be remembered how powerful the influence of a single introduced tree or mammal has been shown to be."

"He who believes in the struggle for existence and in the principle of natural selection, will acknowledge that every organic being is constantly endeavouring to increase in numbers; and thus if any one being vary ever so little, either in habits or structure, and thus gain an advantage over some other inhabitant of the country, it will seize on the place of that inhabitant, however different it may be from its own place."

Did you know that Oprah Winfrey reckons that more than 70 of the firefighters who died on 9/11 were child abusers?

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