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Women Not Responsible 
For Baring Breasts


The woman, along with two others, filed suit in March claiming a "Girls Gone Wild" film crew persuaded them to expose their breasts . link now defunct

And this is probably what their breasts looked like; more or less ...

... Well; less, probably.

It has been reported that these vulnerable women were ruthlessly forced to expose their breasts to the cameraman when he said, "Can you please show me your breasts for the camera?"

Under this immense pressure these innocent teens who go to church every Sunday feared for their lives.

"We thought that we would be raped and murdered," said one of the youngsters as she sat down to do six hours of schoolwork. "He was pointing that camera at us and we did not know what to do."

"It was a very dangerous situation," said one of the other child victims who helps her Mom bake apple pies and who is currently helping her sweet little sister to read. 

"He was looking at us through the viewfinder and you could tell by the way that he tried to focus the lens that he had evil in his heart and rape on his mind."

A neighbour confirmed that weirdos and perverts had tried to molest her back in the 70s when she was also an innocent girl of 17.

"I never trust men with cameras," she said. "These innocent vulnerable infants had a lucky escape."

The local women's group has focused on this catastrophic tragedy to raise further funds for its campaign against the growing epidemic of violence against defenceless women.

"Asking young women to expose their breasts in front of a camera will ruin their lives," said a spokeswoman for the group. "This horrific violence has to stop."

Meanwhile, feminist groups around the country are urging women to join them in a mass demonstration of solidarity in front of the White House next week. They will be demanding that President Bush takes violence against women more seriously by allocating an extra 26 trillion dollars for support groups that give aid and comfort to women who have been abused. 

"Men wielding cameras need to do time," said a spokeswoman.

As reported in the Austin Statesman News Section ...

Police seek foot aficionado 

University of Texas police are looking for a shutterbug with what appears to be an unhealthy interest in women's feet. 

In the latest of three incidents, a female University of Texas student reported that a man she didn't know approached her on UT's West Mall in the 2300 block of Guadalupe Street at 11:30 a.m. Wednesday. The man, white and about 5-foot-10 with blue eyes and wearing a dirty gray ball cap, asked her if her could take pictures of her "cute feet," a campus report stated. 

The man told her that he advertises toe rings. The student declined the offer and walked away, as have other women in two cases despite the man's persistence. 

University police encourage anyone with information regarding the incidents to call 471-4441.


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