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The Butler Report Tony Blair promised never again to mix spin with intelligence last night after being criticised for overplaying the evidence on which the Iraq war was based.

+ The 200-page report on the blunders, misjudgments, blatant economies with the truth and the corruption of our system of government is a devastating indictment of how Britain was misled into a disastrous war.

Given that Lord Butler was not permitted in his report to focus on the government officials responsible for the deceits and the dishonesty that propelled this country into war (he was permitted only to look at 'the systems' that were in place at the time) his findings make it very clear that Tony Blair purposefully deceived the country.

For those of you who have not been following the matter very closely, the situation can be summarised thus.

1. The security services - and the experienced men in the field - made it very clear in their reports that the evidence purporting to demonstrate that Saddam had WMDs was very unreliable and flimsy.

2. The Joint Intelligence Committee headed by John Scarlett wrote a report which, by and large, purposefully and willfully hid the fact that there was no reliable evidence of WMDs.

3. It seems that many of those in this intelligence committee were merely trying to move up their career ladders by pleasing Tony Blair - with, evidently, great success, given that Tony Blair has now just promoted John Scarlett to be head of MI6.

4. Despite the fact that Tony Blair was aware that there was no strong evidence of WMDs he gave speech after speech to the people of Britain in which he claimed that there were no doubts at all about Saddam's ability to deploy WMDs in a very short time.

5. Furthermore, some mainstream newspapers began to print outrageous claims that these WMDs could be launched against Britain all the way from Iraq! And Tony Blair did absolutely nothing to counter these preposterous suggestions. By doing this alone, Tony Blair has shown himself to be a liar and a deceiver.

6. There was clearly plenty of time in which to get rid of Saddam Hussein without going to war. At the very least, the weapons inspectors could have been allowed to carry on with their jobs. The billions upon billions of dollars that were spent on war could have been used to get rid of Saddam through other means - such as assassination. And by doing this, we would not now be spending further billions on having to reconstruct and to police Iraq.

7. Some 20,000 people have been killed in Iraq. Many thousands more have been maimed. Some 60,000 families have lost a close loved one. Much of Iraq's infrastructure has been destroyed. And there are now many thousands more people who hate us.

As such, those of us who believed Tony Blair were very badly deceived indeed when he said that there was no doubt that Saddam Hussein had deployable WMDs and, for example, that the 'shock and awe' tactics of the military would speedily bring Saddam to his knees, with Iraqis flocking to welcome us.

And many of the people who formed the Joint Intelligence Committee headed by John Scarlett were clearly prepared to hide the truth from the public in order to further their own careers and to ingratiate themselves with Tony Blair.

These people actually covered up the truth in order to pursue a war.

Once again, therefore, we see how those who lord it over us are serving no-one but themselves.

And the cost of pandering to these outrageously selfish people - as is the case in so many other areas highlighted on this website - continues to be absolutely astronomical.

Fundamentally, these people have killed and maimed thousands in order to further their own careers and to pursue their own ambitions.

And yet they remain in office.

Tony Blair is a liar.

And if he is not a liar, then why did he not sack those people who misinformed him, and who, therefore, misled him into taking his own people into an unnecessary war?

Towards whom, exactly, do Tony Blair's loyalties lie?

Towards his cronies or his country?

Well, regular readers of this website already know the answer.

Finally, it is important to bear in mind that even if the war was completely justified, (which it was not) there are clearly people in government, in positions of considerable power, who willfully deceived us over this very important issue.

And not only is Tony Blair not sacking these people, he is actually promoting one of those most heavily involved to the very top job at MI6!


And I beg you all to open your eyes to what those in the 'governing elites' are up to.

These most powerful of people are feathering their own nests in numerous ways, and at our expense! 

And, as regular readers will know, this expense is not only in terms of billions of dollars.

It is also in terms of people's lives - literally - their families, their children, the negative physical, social and psychological environments that have to be endured (e.g. as a result of the perpetual man-hatred generated by feminist-dominated government officials) the loss of our countries (e.g. uncontrolled immigration) the loss of democracy (e.g. the burgeoning federal government, Brussels)  the loss of accountability (e.g. deceitful officials not being prosecuted) the burgeoning and burdensome bureaucracy, the deteriorating educational systems - despite all the extra resources being provided - and ... well ...  the whole of this website details what is being done to us by those in the 'governing elite'.

Many of these people are not only self- serving, they are also dishonest and corrupt. And they are, literally, trying to make themselves masters of all that they survey. Collectively, they clearly care about little else.

There will soon be nothing in your life that will not be dictated, governed and controlled by those wielding a government stick - a stick that you will be paying for.

And they will be attempting to damage and to diminish your life or someone else's life in the process.

You dare not insult a woman in the workplace. You dare not fail to promote her. You dare not upset her lest she makes some kind of false accusation. You dare not argue with your wife. You dare not smack your child's bottom. You dare not give your dying relative a joint. You even dare not speak your mind.

This is how they get their power, by sucking it away from you.

And, as a man, you are considered by the governing elite to be well and truly worthless; e.g. see What a Piece of Sh*t is Man

These people will stack everything against you, and they will then seek to enrich themselves by, firstly, messing you around in some way, and then they will extricate more funds and resources from you in order, allegedly, to pick up the pieces.

We have seen this pattern time and time and time again.

They have been waging war (messing people around) against Iraq, and we now have to pay continually - in many ways - to pick up the pieces.

They have been destroying families and relationships (messing people around) and we now have to pay continually - in many ways - to pick up the pieces.

They have been degrading our educational systems (messing people around) and we now have to pay continually - in many ways - to pick up the pieces.

They are still pursuing a monumentally destructive war on drugs (messing people around) and we now have to pay continually - in many ways - to pick up the pieces.

They have been corrupting our justice systems - e.g. see Judges - (messing people around) and we now have to pay continually - in many ways - to pick up the pieces.

They have been trying to destroy our nations and our cultures by refusing to control excessive immigration  (messing people around) and we now have to pay continually - in many ways - to pick up the pieces.

They are gradually destroying our freedom of speech (messing people around) and we now have to pay continually - in many ways - to pick up the pieces.

They are forever decreasing the ability of decent people to govern their own lives (messing people around) in order to further empower themselves, and we now have to pay continually - in many ways - to pick up the pieces.

They are perpetually fuelling a hatred of men (messing people around) and we now have to pay continually - in many ways - to pick up the pieces.

They have even been trying to destroy our gender differences (messing people around) and we now ...


Please wake up.

A war going is definitely going to take place between peoples and their governments. It cannot be otherwise. And this is going to happen all over the world. It is absolutely unstoppable.

And men-who-sit-at-screens are almost certainly going to be the winners.

Or there will be no winners at all.

Significant power is going to be taken away from the lofty lawyers, the smarmy politicians, and the men bearing arms. And it is going to head towards those who are engaging with the very thing that you are looking at. And, further, the evidence is very clear: The sooner that this happens, the better.

Finally, please push very deeply into your minds the fact that there is nothing to fear from millions of intelligent non-violent men sitting at their screens taking control and, collectively, looking after the shop.

Absolutely nothing.

But there are great dangers ahead for everyone if the governing elite puts up much of a fight.


Also see The Governing Elite




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