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Yes, it's Tuesday morning!

Pour the champagne! 

Only another 80 hours to go to Friday evening!


80 hours?

Only 80 hours?

What do you mean by only 80 hours!?

There are only 168 hours in a whole week!

And you tend to sleep for a whole third of that.

And you have already worked all day yesterday!

'Only' 80 hours indeed!

Take it from AH, there is nothing at all to celebrate over today being a Tuesday. It is very much the perineum of the week.

Work. TV. Sleep. 

Work. TV. Sleep. 

Work. TV. Sleep.

These words have a certain rhythm, yes?

Work. TV. Sleep. 

Work. TV. Sleep. 

Work. TV. Sleep.

In fact, they echo the recently recognised and now well-understood rhythm of ergonomically-induced exhaustion, almost discovered by the hapless inhabitants of Great Britain some 3000 years ago when the few remaining men without mental impairment actually began to notice that many of their own gender were dying from the various stresses of work while their womenfolk remained comparatively very fit and healthy having spent most of their days making tea and pottering around in the garden feeling very few ill effects at all.

This had gone on for at least fifty thousand years or so but no-one had seemed to notice. However, documents from that period newly discovered do suggest that a full century earlier a little-known merchant of manure going by the name of Angley Halley had tried to explain this apparently inexplicable phenomenon of ergonomically-induced exhaustion to the people of his village with a piece of well-rehearsed and logically consistent oratory outlining the apparent causes of this gender difference in mortality and disability rates, but inexplicably and unfortunately for historians he was horribly stoned to death by a seething pack of unbalanced women just as he reached the eighteenth syllable of his speech.

Many years later, technology made working for a living a piece of cake. 

No longer was working outside the home so arduous, so soul-destroying or so perilous. 

And so in the 1970's the feminists came along.

And they said, 


"No longer shall men toil every day and night alone. The womenfolk must join them. 

"Equality and work for women, this is what we need.

"Give us contraception.

"Give us independence.

"Give us liberty."

And the men were very baffled.

But around 2010 the women began to complain.

Yet again!

They had become bored with devoting so much time to working.

"The feminists were wrong," they said. "We now think that the previous arrangements were much better than they are now. We should return to the values of the olden days, when the men were real men, and when they trotted most happily out to work alone, and by themselves. Let us cheerily bring back those wise golden ways of working again - the traditional wholesome family ways of our brave and noble forefathers. And let us do so in the spirit of our glorious ancestors and pay them solemn homage regularly for their breadth of learning and their depth of foresight, and for the millennia of progress that they brought to our people."

And the men said, "No thank you. For it is most definitely our turn to make the tea and to potter around in the garden all day."

And so it was that the women eventually 'took charge' in the workplace.




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