Amnesty International Ignores The Plight Of Men


I had a bit of a contretemps a couple of weeks ago with a woman who turned up at my door asking for donations to Amnesty International.

"I would rather throw my money into the river," is what I told her.

"Why?" she asked, looking shocked.

"Because Amnesty International seems determined to hide the fact that men are the majority of victims of violence."

And, if you can believe it, her reply went something like this.

"Well," she replied defensively, "women between the ages of 15 and 44 across the world are more likely to die from male violence than from war, cancer and traffic accidents combined."

I was struck almost speechless.

But not quite!

"Well, there you go," I retorted. "You've just done it!"

"Done what?" she said.

"You've just given me an alleged fact about women being victims. How's about a statement from you about the men who have died in the various circumstances that you are talking about. Tell me how many."

"I don't know," she replied.

"Well, I'll enlighten you then," I said. "There are many times more men dying from 'male violence' than there are women.  But you do not know the figures concerning this. The only figure that you seem to know about or care about concerns women."

"But it is men who are the cause of violence," she said.

I knew that it was pointless talking to her.

"Goodbye," I replied. And I closed the door - thinking that if ever this country was invaded by some murderous hostiles then I would probably hope that no man would ever risk his life - or even his little finger - to defend this selfish, self-centred woman. After all, she would simply later categorise him as a 'violent male' - and his death or debilitation as a result of attempting to protect her would not count in any of her statistics.

Violence against men, by men, doesn't count!

Besides which, she would most likely end up sleeping with or marrying one of the hostiles if they were victorious.

Both, probably.

I remember well when I first noticed Amnesty International disappearing 'men' from their list of victims

Indeed, I remember well when I first noticed Amnesty International disappearing 'men' from their list of victims. It was during the long period of crisis in the Balkans. Thousands of ***UNARMED*** men who were being killed - simply because they were men - were barely being commented upon in the mainstream media, and Amnesty International's focus was always on the 'fleeing refuges' ... "70% of whom are women and children" being a phrase that was constantly used.

The dead men and the fleeing male refugees were simply expunged from the story.

They did not exist.

And, needless to say, we also kept hearing far more about the alleged incidents of rape during the crisis than we ever got to hear about the thousands of decidedly murdered men.

And I decided that, thereafter, despite all its good work, I would badmouth Amnesty International until it made some major effort to point out to the public that the vast majority of victims of violence are men - not women

And if influential organisations like Amnesty were to goad men into thinking that, "it is outrageous for the likes of me to be killed/executed/tortured/mistreated etc," then the effects that Amnesty allegedly wants to bring about across the planet would more likely take place.

It is soooooo obvious!

As it is, however, the media, the politicians and Amnesty itself do their very best to hide the fact that men are the vast majority of victims and so, guess what? -  the men around the planet think, "Violence? Who cares? It doesn't affect me, Matey. ... ... ...  Nope. No men refugees there. ... ... ... Nope. No dead men there. ... Nope. No reason for me to be concerned."

In other words, if men were allowed to become conscious of the fact that it is they who make up the vast majority of victims when it comes to violence then men would more likely want to do something about the scale of violence that Amnesty is forever complaining about.

 all this hatred towards men being perpetually fuelled by the likes of Amnesty International simply increases the levels of violence across the world

And, of course, all this hatred towards men being perpetually fuelled by the likes of Amnesty International simply increases the levels of violence across the world - because 'men' are only portrayed as the perpetrators - not the victims!

(And so every man thinks that every other man is an aggressor or 'perpetrator' of some sort - which, of course, then leads to men being aggressive towards other men - for safety's sake, if nothing else. And then the whole thing escalates.)


Now, I am not suggesting that men are not very often 'aggressors' and 'perpetrators', because they surely are. But, firstly, the percentage of men who fall into such categories is not as high as is constantly being portrayed - particularly so when it comes to harming or abusing women and children - which, percentage-wise, they rarely do - and, most importantly, REGARDLESS of how high this percentage might be, the perception that men are nearly all 'aggressors' and 'perpetrators' - and rarely victims - is simply going to make matters worse - as per above.

In other words, we will never solve the problems of 'male violence' or 'abuse' if men are continually portrayed in the way in which they are currently being portrayed.

Indeed, violence against men is a huge problem right across the planet.

In comparison, violence against women is relatively trivial - and yet this is all that we ever hear about.

Indeed, when have you ever heard the media or the government protesting about violence against men, eh?


Unfortunately, however, western governments, feminists and the abuse industry profit greatly by demonising men and, collectively, they have huge power.

Not for much longer, however.


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