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Directing The Backlash

One of my Google Alerts popped into my email box a few minutes ago which contained a link to a piece on a feminist site that had something to do with MRAs allegedly cheering the murder of eight people by a man who, ...

... was angry because he thought hed lose his son

I did not bother to click the Google link to the feminist site because I know what incorrigible liars are so many feminists.

And accusing men of things that they have not done is what they do about 100% of the time.

However, it would not actually surprise me if some MRAs are, indeed, now giving 'wimmin' a taste of their own medicine by applauding whenever a man reacts with violence against some woman who has treated him badly.

After all, for the past three decades men have had to put up with seeing women being applauded and lauded throughout the entire land for having killed or mutilated their men.

Goodness me. Kiranjit Ahluwalia was even given an Award by Tony Blair's wife for having killed her husband!

An actual award for cold, premeditated murder!

And we have seen female audiences applaud women murderers and mutilators over and over again on women's chat show programmes; with professional hate-stirrers like Oprah Winfrey having made millions of dollars by actually encouraging such disgusting behaviours and displays.

And the fact that millions of women regularly tune in to such programmes, and really do laugh and cheer at the murder or mutilation of men tells us a great deal about the true natures of millions of women.

These women are not the pleasant people that they are so adept at portraying themselves to be.

So, would it concern me if it turned out to be true that some MRAs were retaliating by doing the same sort of thing? - laughing at women who have been attacked violently.

No. It wouldn't.

Because people need to be alerted to just how disgusting has been the attitude of so many people towards the suffering of men.

Would such a thing harm the MM?

No. It wouldn't.

Because the more publicity that is given to such issues, the quicker will the MM grow.

Should women be worried about such a development, or the possibility of it?

Of course they should be.

But, as I wrote some time back in my piece entitled ...

Men have Bred Dogs and Cattle.

... I think that it is probably too late for them to do anything about this, or about the irreversible 'backlash' that is undoubtedly heading their way.

Signs of this backlash are clearly evident, and getting stronger as the months go by, as anyone who keeps an eye on the relevant news reports can surely see.

But, of course, one hopes that the targets of this backlash will be mostly those people who have been responsible for all the misandry rather than women in general.

But how can the focus of any backlash be directed towards particular targets? And who, or what, has the power to direct it?

Not me. Not you. And not anyone else as far as I can ascertain.

A similar problem of 'direction' arises when considering one of the main aims of MRA activism - loosely speaking, the re-empowerment of men; at home, at work, in education etc etc.

Are MRAs seeking to re-empower all men? - or just a certain type of man?

Well, I cannot answer this question because, of course, I do not know what is going on inside the minds of MRAs.

From my own point of view, however, it makes no sense at all to re-empower all men because, by and large, it is men, mostly, who are, and who have been, the main cause of men's problems - albeit, these days, often at the behest of various groups of thoroughly malicious women.

And I also certainly have no desire to give more power to men who are prone to violence, or who are dishonest, dishonourable or undeserving.

But, in practice, what can be done to focus the backlash more appropriately?

What can be done to ensure that highly undeserving men are not also re-empowered?

Right now, precious little, I'm afraid.

And the main reason for this is that the 'targeting' of individuals or groups that function within a complex society comprising of millions of individuals and groups requires truly massive resources, whereas a general psychological blitzkrieg - shock and awe - does not.

As such, in the short term, one can expect to see a horrible mess.

All in all, a bit like what happened in Iraq.

First, you smash things up in order to get rid of the powers-that-be; Saddam Hussein, feminism.

Then you rebuild.

No Saddam Hussein. No feminism.


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