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All MRAs have experienced the taunts and the shaming tactics of both men and women whenever, perchance, they happen to be arguing the case for men on various forums hither and thither.

"You must have a small penis."

"Did your wife leave you, Diddums?"

"Having problems with women, are you?"

"Can't find yourself a girlfriend, eh?"

The list of insults is endless, but the sentiments are not.

Basically, if you dare to criticise feminism, feminist policies or women in any way whatsoever, you will likely attract at least one creep or one hysterically offended woman who will chase you around the forum trying to undermine your manhood or your manliness almost regardless of what you say.

And it is often difficult to stop this.

Also, both male and female bloggers can often be seen trying to suggest that those men who are concerned about men's issues only do so because they are unable to attract women.

And MRAs can often be driven away from discussions because the persistent, unwarranted denigration of themselves as people is often too difficult to cope with - without getting mad.

Well, here is the answer to your problem.

You do this type of thing.


Man Troll: "Can't get a girlfriend, eh?"

You: "As any man of the world who knows anything about women will tell you: Women drool over the Bad Guys, not the Nice Guys.

So, I have no problem when it comes to women. On the contrary, my anti-feminist point of view seems to attract them.

But a man who knows anything about women would already know about this type of thing, wouldn't he?

Little Boy.


Woman Troll: "Got problems with attracting women, have you?"

You: "Yes, I do have such problems. The only women who find me attractive are the ones who like me to be dominant and in charge.

I guess my anti-feminist views make them think that I would like to be in command of them.

So many women these days seem to like the Bad Guys like me, rather than the Nice Guys.

Why. I just don't know.

Maybe it's always been like this.


Essentially, the reference to women drooling over Bad Guys rather than Nice Guys hits the mark because everybody knows this to be true.

As such, those who accuse you of being unable to attract women because of your anti-feminist point of view (i.e. you are a Bad Guy) show themselves to be nothing more than hostile trolls or that they know nothing about women.

Either way, they lose.

Furthermore, you promote the view - particularly among the male audience - that anti-feminist men are sexy - unlike the feminists' poodle boys; who seem to think that being a Nice Guy for years on end will eventually lead them to a pair of knickers

My advice, therefore, is to introduce the Bad Guy/Nice Guy dichotomy at every opportunity when your manliness is attacked, and to point out that it is the anti-feminists who get the girls.


Man Troll: "You've obviously got a small penis."

You: "Er, No. About average I think. But I'm not quite sure why you regard penis size as being a measure of the validity of someone's point of view.

Are you suggesting that females have got no brains?

Or are you trying to tell everyone that your penis is bigger than mine?

Well, maybe it is.

Nevertheless, since you obviously know very little about females, I'll tell you something worth knowing; something that just about everyone else on the planet seems to know ...

Females mostly drool over the Bad Guys, not the Nice Guys.

So, they rather like anti-feminists like me.

But you never knew that, did you, Big Dick?

Goodness me. Even chimpanzees know it.


Woman Troll: "You've obviously got a small penis."

You: "Actually, it's quite large, or so I've been told on numerous occasions.

But it is neither my magnificent appendage nor my good looks that seems to be the main cause of women finding me so attractive. It is my anti-feminist point of view that seems to do the trick.

Maybe this is because women mostly seem to desire the Bad Guys not the Nice Guys.

So, the more of a Bad Guy that you make me out to be, the more do women want to 'know' me..

And the same goes for all other anti-feminist men.

The more that they are portrayed as Bad Guys, the more do they score with women.

So. Keep posting!


In summary: Whenever your manliness is insulted, think Bad Guy/Nice Guy.

With a man troll, emphasise that he must be clueless about women if he is unaware of the fact that women drool over Bad Guys.

With a woman troll, do the same, but also point out to her that you are quite happy to see her portray anti-feminists as Bad Guys.

IN ALL CASES, deflect, re-direct or ignore the insult, and then point out that anti-feminists seem to do rather well when it comes to women because of their Bad Guy image.


Finally, in order to save myself from having to deal with the emails of any younger MRAs who want to know if I, myself, have benefitted from more positive attention from women as a result of my anti-feminist views, the answer is, very definitely, Yes.

Trouble is, I am not generally attracted to women who want their men to be in charge.

I much prefer more equal relationships.

Besides which, I have been with my missus for over twenty years now.  Lots of ups and downs, for sure. But it doesn't look like she's going to evaporate into thin air any time soon.

Ho Hum.

Never mind.

But, make no mistake, I have done my time.

I have served my sentence.

I have paid the price.

I can give no more.



D'Ya hear ME!?

No more.





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