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Victims of Domestic Violence

I recently noticed that a small number of local councils in the UK were attempting to make some of their local domestic violence units offer services to men.

Needless to say, this was being opposed very strongly by women's groups who kept claiming that services for men were unnecessary because men rarely suffered serious injury from domestic violence.

But this is just not true.

Men suffer from serious domestic violence just as often as do women.

True; their serious injuries are often the result of male violence rather than female violence, but what relevance has this when it comes to providing services to those who are in need of help and protection?

However, the reason that I am writing this piece is because it seems to me that people often seem reluctant to believe that men suffer as much from serious injury as do women when it comes to domestic violence.

My belief is that this happens because their brains automatically think of 'inter-gender' violence rather than 'domestic' violence when it comes to talking about domestic violence. And this, of course, is exactly what the feminists and the women's victims groups want people to think; which is why they are always at pains to hide the truth about the number of men who are subjected to domestic violence.

Well, for this piece, let us just focus on the number of people who are killed as a result of domestic violence.

In the UK, it is said by the UK Home Office that some 35 men are killed every year as a result of 'domestic violence', whereas about 105 women are killed.

This, argue the women's groups, shows conclusively that women make up the vast majority of victims of serious 'domestic violence'.

But this is not true, because these numbers relate to inter-gender violence of a 'domestic' nature, not to domestic violence.

And when one includes those men who were killed by men in 'domestic circumstances', then the number of male deaths increases to about 70.

In other words, this is a number that is not very far removed from the 105 women who are also killed.

Furthermore, we know that men very often inflict serious injuries and death on to other men at the behest of women.

we saw one young man killed recently by a woman's boyfriend after she had lied and falsely accused him of touching her breast in a nightclub.

For example, in the past two months or so, here in the UK, we have seen one young lady indicted for leading her new boyfriend into a trap set up by her old boyfriend - wherein he was battered to death - we have seen both a man and a woman charged and convicted as a result of the woman goading the man into attacking a stranger (who was killed) because, apparently, he had jumped the queue in the supermarket - and we saw one young man killed recently by a woman's boyfriend after she had lied and falsely accused him of touching her breast in a nightclub.

So, what we see going on here is men being killed as a result of women's accusations and behaviours.

Now, the important point to grasp from these instances is not so much that the women, themselves, are actually guilty of murder, but that, clearly, they are very often the instigators of serious violence and murder, and that, as such, this is also very likely to be the case in 'domestic' situations.

Nevertheless, for the moment, let us exonerate these women completely. Let us say that they are not responsible for the murders that they provoke.

But this does not alter the fact that the innocent dead men were, indisputably, victims of violence.

Those men were victims.

As such, when women provoke men into killing their partners, even if they, themselves, cannot be held directly accountable for the murders, it should, nevertheless, be the case that such murders are counted as deaths occurring as a result of 'domestic violence'. And this should hold true even if the murderers, themselves, were unrelated to their victims.

Needless to say, however, such murders are not categorised in such a manner.

For example, if a woman goads a male friend into beating up her boyfriend for some reason or other, and he murders him, then, because he is 'unrelated' to the man that he has just killed, the incident is not categorised as 'domestic violence'.

But, quite clearly, it should be.

And so, for example, an important question here is, "How often do men get murdered because their partners have goaded other (unrelated) men into harming them?"

women certainly do goad men into being violent towards other men

Well, I do not know the answer to this. But we do know that women certainly do goad men into being violent towards other men and that, in some cases, men are killed.

And so, for the sake of argument, let us just assume that out of the 400-500 men who are murdered every year in the UK, just 15 of them were killed as a result of women (who were 'related' to them) goading the men (who were not 'related' to them) into being violent towards them.

Then our figure for the number of dead men killed as a result of 'domestic violence' goes up to 85.

As such, the claim by women's groups that the number of female deaths arising from domestic violence far exceeds the number of male deaths is completely spurious.

There is hardly any difference between them.

Furthermore, if one assumes that even a small percentage of the thousands of suicides every year has something to do with having to deal with intractable 'domestic problems', then the number of men who die as a result of domestic problems soars well above the number of women who die as a result of such circumstances.

For example, if we assume that just 5% of people commit suicide because of domestic problems, then the number of male deaths goes up by an extra 200, whereas the number of female deaths goes up by only about 60.

As such, the claim by women's groups that women far more often than men suffer death as a result of serious domestic circumstances turns out to be just another one of their typical lies.

The likelihood is that the opposite is true.

Finally, I also often see MRAs admitting that when it comes to serious bodily harm, it is true that women make up the majority of victims. (In fact, I think that I used to say this myself.)

But this is clearly not the case.

Even when it comes to serious bodily injury and death, as a result of 'domestic circumstances', men are not less likely than women to be victims.

The official figures are just cleverly carved up in such a manner so that this appears to be the case.

As such, men most definitely need access to the same type of services that are still mostly provided only to women.


Wife ditched her husband on their wedding night... 'then called him the next morning to help beat her lover to death'

Will the above case count as a 'domestic violence' homicide?




Unprecedented Domestic Violence Study Affirms Need to Recognize Male Victims The most comprehensive review of the scholarly domestic violence research literature ever conducted concludes, among other things, that women perpetrate physical and emotional abuse, and engage in control behaviors, at comparable rates to men. May 2013

Part of the domestic violence scam involves covering up the number of male victims of domestic violence so that it appears to be the case that only women really suffer from it.

The truth, however, is that even if you look at the (corrupted and deceitful) definitions of domestic violence commonly accepted by western governments right across the globe, the reality is that men still make up the vast majority of victims of domestic violence - almost no matter how you define it.

They really do.

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