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In one of my recent pieces - Why Governments Love Feminism - I pointed out that western governments are nowadays hugely powerful. In fact, they are so powerful that there are no organisations or groups of people that can currently oppose them effectively.

Furthermore, I pointed out that these governments have become so corrupt and so thoroughly self-serving that they nowadays care very little for 'the people'. On the contrary, it is in their interests to cause 'disharmony' among their own peoples so that they can empower themselves further - which is why they love feminism - feminism being an ideology that actively promotes a huge amount of disharmony between men, women and children.

Indeed, in my view, these huge governmental beasts are often best viewed as living organisms, which actually have lives of their own; lives that are not much different from biological lives. 

As such, these huge governmental organisms have a very strong drive to survive, to grow, and to become ever more powerful; i.e. to become more dominant over any other organisms - such as you - that might be competing for resources that exist within the same environment.

these governmental beasts are not human.

And the trouble for us - as humans - is that these governmental beasts are not human.

As such, they do not care about humans.

(And do not fool yourself into thinking that just because a government is comprised of humans that this means that the 'organism' of government is 'human'. Indeed, your very own body consists mostly of water molecules and of cells that are, in fact, very simple living microbes, but you would not conclude from this that you are nothing more than a bunch of microbes floating around in water. In other words, the whole is often far greater than the sum of the parts!)




And the only real concern that western governments - these huge beasts - seem to have for humans these days arises from the fact that, at this particular point in time, bad publicity still manages to have some impact on them.

But, as we have seen recently, even this impact is slight.

For example, Tony Blair and George Bush's governments made, at best, the most enormous and most costly mistakes over Iraq.

But they were both re-elected by 'the people'!

Now, even if you, yourself, do not agree with the view that Bush and Blair made the most enormous mistakes, you will surely agree that there was a great deal of bad publicity and bad feeling generated by the whole affair.

But, did it make much of a difference when it came to polling time, and Bush and Blair came up for re-election?

Hardly any.

And they were both re-elected despite all the bad feelings and the bad publicity.

In other words, even a great deal of bad publicity and bad feeling has a very limited effect on western governments these days.

Besides which, of course, even when a government does fall, and it gets kicked out of office, 'government', itself, does not fall. Government is still there - the following morning - albeit under a slightly different set of politicians.

The organism of government survives!

And it might even grow and actually become stronger as a result of any 'defeat'.

Indeed, you could shoot the president and all his top officials and yet still the organism of government would survive.

And the reason for this is because, nowadays, even the topmost figures in the 'government' are, in practice, of no more value to the 'organism of government' than are a few of the watery microbes that make up you.

 'government' really does have a life of its own.

In other words, 'government' really does have a life of its own.

And the point that I am driving at is this.

We are currently living out our lives being dominated and controlled by a hugely powerful beast; a beast that seems to be unopposable, a beast that is not human, a beast that is competing with humans for resources, and a beast that actually benefits by causing people disharmony.

Indeed, this beast benefits from all sorts of problems that beset humans.

It actually benefits from poverty, crime, poor education, drug abuse, alcohol addiction, fatherlessness, gang warfare, unemployment, terrorism, prostitution, traffic congestion, rape, violence, homelessness and even carbon emissions.

Indeed, almost anything that causes problems for humans is of benefit to the beast of government.

And this beast knows this.

It actually knows that the more problems that it causes to humans, the more does it prosper.

And you do not have to look very far, or very deeply, to discover that this governmental beast does, indeed, purposely and wilfully cause problems to humans in order to nourish itself.

Moreover, this all remains true whether the beast is left wing or right wing; though it seems to me that a left-wing beast tends to be worse by some considerable margin.

And so, in essence, this is what we have done to ourselves.

We have created the most enormously powerful beast in the history of mankind

We have created the most enormously powerful beast in the history of mankind - a beast that is so powerful that we cannot stop it from growing and from becoming stronger - almost regardless of what it does to us - and it is a beast that knows very well that it benefits significantly by causing problems to us - as humans.

Furthermore, as I pointed out in Why Governments Love Feminism, it is now absolutely clear that this beast is, indeed, purposely and wilfully causing us problems - and, in addition, we do not seem to be able to stop it from doing so.

After all, bad publicity has very little effect on it. Changing the politicians gets us nowhere. And even shooting them will not get us very far.

And so, here we are, being buffeted, battered, bruised and, quite frankly, sucked dry by this positively enormous beast that not only has precious little concern for us, but, worse, it knows that the more problems that it creates for us, the more does it flourish.

And now, here comes the important bit.

At the moment, governments are, in fact, affected to some very small extent by bad publicity. But it is quite clear that they are becoming far more powerful, far more intrusive and far more controlling as time marches onward - particularly with the drift towards 'world government' - a drift that is very definitely taking place.

there is going to come a point where governments have become so powerful that absolutely nothing that we do will concern them.

And there is going to come a point where governments have become so powerful that absolutely nothing that we do will concern them.

Indeed, we do not seem to be very far away from this point.

Furthermore, our history books have shown us, time and time again, that when governments become over-powerful, there is the most monumental amount of pain and misery that they will inflict upon people in order to benefit themselves - particularly to benefit those at the top.

And history shows, time and time again, that when governments become too powerful, they, and their officials, no matter how 'lowly', become utterly tyrannical towards everybody else.

And millions of people will seek to profit themselves by cosying up, in some way, to those running the show, and they will not be doing this for your benefit. On the contrary, they will walk all over you in order to better their own prospects.

When thinking about what happens when governments have too much power, think of the Nazis, the Soviet Union, communist China etc etc - all of them espousing left-wing ideology. Tens of millions of people directly or indirectly killed by their very own governments. Tens of millions starved to death. Millions in prison or slaughtered merely for having a politically-incorrect point of view. Millions living in terrible poverty.  Everyone brutalised and/or living in permanent fear. Everyone being watched, spied upon and, very often, betrayed by their very own friends and neighbours.

And the only thing that has bettered the situation for these particular peoples has been the intervention (or the influence) of people who were living on the 'outside'.

But under one world government - which is clearly on the way - there are, in fact, no people living on the 'outside'. 


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