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Say Goodbye To Your Country

(And To Your People)


No European who has given much thought to the various pronouncements of their leading politicians over the past few years, and to the laws that they have actually passed, can now be in any doubt that their intention is to break down European nations so that all the peoples therein can be packed together inside one political state in order to be governed, and dominated, by one ruling elite.

The same is happening in America but, perhaps, less obviously so.

North America and South America are gradually being merged

Generally speaking, however, North America and South America are gradually being merged; with politicians turning a blind eye to - and in many cases encouraging - illegal immigration from the South to the North.

The ultimate aim is one world government - something that will almost certainly lead to wholesale misery right across the planet (e.g. see One World Government) - assuming, of course, that the peoples residing on this planet actually survive the enormous number of attacks on them that is likely to materialise from various disaffected sources; e.g. see Eight Horrible Facts.

In order to achieve this goal of smashing up the borders of our nations, almost no stone has been left unturned in the quest to undermine and destabilise the social, economic and politic fabrics of the indigenous populations.

Their families, their educational systems, their communities, their religions and, indeed, their very identities have gradually been broken down - mostly by those who seek to profit from the resulting turmoil.

In this piece, I shall identify some of the various groups that are seeking to destroy our nations.

And, with much sadness, I have also to say that it is most probably too late to stop them from achieving their aims.

1. Politicians and Government Bureaucrats

As I have often pointed out - e.g. in my piece entitled Why Governments Love Feminism - those in the governing classes who rule over us profit themselves hugely by destabilising and breaking apart the close relationships that people might have with each other.

And breaking down national borders to promote excessive immigration is one very good way for them to do this.

(Indeed, the governing classes are forever promoting and provoking uncertainty, insecurity and turmoil within their own populations because doing so allows them to suck more and more power - and, hence, more money - away from their peoples and to place it into their own hands; e.g. see Why Governments Love Feminism.)

Furthermore, with a view to enhancing their own career prospects, their own wealth, their own powers and their own status, thousands of those in the governing classes seek to promote various supra-national bodies because by doing so they can see themselves eventually being elevated to positions of power and privilege that stand above even those that can be obtained from within the topmost layers of their own national governments.

For example, being the Chief of Police in the UK is not nearly as grand - or as well paid - as is being the Chief of Police across the whole of Europe.

Being the Minister of Trade in Denmark is a much lower position than is being the Minister of Trade for the whole of Europe.

And, of course, with much more wealth and power comes a whole package of further benefits.

Bigger expense accounts. Bigger pensions. Longer and more lavish holidays.

Better health care. Better hotels. Better food. Better education for one's offspring. Bigger expense accounts. Bigger pensions. Longer and more lavish holidays. More luxurious transport. Higher life expectancy. Grander living accommodation. More property ownership. More staff. More servants. And more people sucking up to you.

In essence, a huge amount of power.

Indeed, those who are already high up the career ladders within their own national governments are forever being bribed into supporting supra-national government by those who are already inside it - with what seems to be an endless supply of money - and if they fail to take the bait then their careers are going no further.

2. Corporations and Businesses

Large corporations and businesses have always had a vested interest in destroying their smaller competitors. And one mechanism by which they can do this is to support laws and policies which smother their smaller competitors with mountains of regulations, red tape and various extra financial responsibilities - burdens that they, themselves, can easily afford to deal with.

This is one of the main reasons why they have often supported the Left.

In recent years, however, they have also pursued more vigorously their desire to reduce the various impediments that they need to face when operating in different countries.

Having to deal with different laws, different regulations, different standards of ethics, different local planning regimes, different tastes, different accounting practices and different currencies has always involved huge expense - in terms of time, money, complexity etc.

And so large corporations and businesses can increase their profits quite substantially by getting politicians to stitch different nations together in order to form fewer countries.

And, collectively, they will hand over millions of dollars and provide enormous support to those politicians who will pursue this goal.

3. The Banks and Financial Institutions

While, on the surface, it might seem that there no strong grounds for the large banks and financial institutions to promote the breaking down of nations - after all, they benefit from currency exchange deals, fluctuations in currency values etc - the fact of the matter is that, currently, they are mostly in the same position as are the large corporations and businesses.

For example, they too wish to defeat the competition from the smaller banks of other nations so that they can eventually reign supreme over as large a surface area of the globe as they can.

Of course, they will not necessarily obliterate all their competitors. They will mostly attempt to absorb them and so turn them into subdivisions of their own organisations.

those in the higher echelons will - just like their counterparts in government - rise to even higher levels

And so those in the higher echelons of the financial world will - just like their counterparts in government - eventually rise to even higher levels of splendour, money and power than they could otherwise do.

Indeed, there has already formed an enormously powerful governing elite - consisting of hundreds of thousands of people - for whom nations, cultures and histories have no significance or value.

Their homes are wherever they feel like living at any point in time. Their loyalties are to each other. And their wealth and their power always allow them to escape from any unpleasant circumstances that might arise hither and thither.

They are international travellers for whom the cost of jetting from one location to another is utterly trivial.

And they also have very powerful friends.

In the past, it was the aristocracy - the kings and queens, the barons, the earls and so on - who formed alliances with each other - through treaties and through marriage - in order to keep themselves and their own families in wealth and in power over everyone else.

And, basically, this aristocracy - into which people were elevated either through birth or marriage - has gradually and largely been superceded by a different group of people; senior bankers, corporate executives, high-ranking government bureaucrats etc.

But their principles operate in a similar manner.

Nowadays, however, the scope of their grandeur is much greater.

They want to rule the world.

And when they do - which they probably will - you will do as you are told to do - for there will be no place to where you can escape, there will be no place where you can hide, and there will be no-one living outside of their rule who can help you.

And so in order to get anywhere, or to be safe, you will always need to beg, to bow and to scrape before those who lord over you from within.

And those lesser mortals who actually work within the bodies that rule over us will be subjected to even closer scrutiny, and to even stricter rules, than will those who do not - for the more that they know, the more dangerous, potentially, will they forever be perceived to be.

So, essentially, life for everyone will be more miserable - except, perhaps, for the very thin layer of people who sit right at the very top of the tree.

we are well on the path to one big planetary-wide communist state

In other words, we are well on the path to becoming one big planetary-wide communist state.

And we all know from our history books what truly horrific consequences arise from communism.

4. The Political Left

The political Left has gradually grown in power throughout the western world in the past few decades by, essentially, employing its tactic of impoverishing huge numbers of people in order to put them in a position wherein they need to rely on the state (i.e. on the Left) for various legal and financial handouts - handouts that the Left then promises will be forthcoming.

In America, for example, 60% of the population now take out more from the government pot than they ever put into it.

And the more does this population grow, the more impossible it is to dethrone the Left - which is, of course, why the Left 'encourages' people to depend on welfare - basically, by messing up their lives, and by making it virtually impossible for them to stand on their own two feet.

Indeed, for millions of poorer women with children, the taxpayer handouts are nowadays simply, and demonstrably, designed to discourage them from saving, marrying or working. Do any of these things, and they are immediately punished by having their welfare cheques reduced.

But a further major consequence of undermining the capacity and the incentives for people to engage in productive work is that a country needs to import numerous immigrants to undertake various jobs that need to be done.

the Left benefits whether the immigrants are productive or disruptive

And when it comes to immigration, the Left benefits whether the immigrants are productive or disruptive.

If the immigrants are productive then the Left can extract tax dollars from them. If they are disruptive, then the Left can justify increasing the tax rates in order to deal with the extra problems.

Either way, the Left benefits from immigration, which is why it is forever promoting it.

Indeed, government workers as a whole benefit hugely from immigration. And they know it.

Furthermore, it is important to understand that the Left is well aware that most of its popular support arising from the ballot box comes from those people who need government to help them with their problems, and so the Left will always attempt to create as many problems for as many people as possible - which is just one of the reasons why the Left will persistently promote the importation of immigrants who are likely to cause problems and which is why, to put icing on the cake, the Left is forever attempting to stir up racial tensions - with one UK Labour MP, Phil Woolas, finally being prosecuted for doing this.

5. Certain Muslim and Jewish Groups

There are many Muslims who promote immigration of their own kith and kin into western countries as part of their jihad to conquer the west and to turn it into one huge Islamic state.

They are aided and abetted in this goal by the Left - for whom societal fragmentation is a boon - and also by many of those in the governing elite - such as Tony Blair - who are given good financial rewards to promote their Islamic religion by oil-rich nations in the Middle East - such as Saudi Arabia.

Furthermore, of course, the standard of living in the west is much higher than in many other countries and so, understandably, hundreds of millions of people would like to emigrate to the west.

On the Jewish side, there appear to be three main groups that seem to be heavily involved in breaking  down the borders of our nations.

I cannot tell you very much about these groups because I have not investigated them very closely, but I can assure my readers that they do exist.

 white, Christian, heterosexual males will forever be a threat to them

a. These Jewish groups believe that white, Christian, heterosexual males will forever be a threat to them - presumably as a result of the Nazi legacy and, indeed, much of history - and they believe that by undermining their unity, their countries and their religion, they will be able to reduce the likelihood that they will ever again be able to exert the mighty force that they once possessed.

They can often be seen lobbying quite openly in Brussels; the headquarters of the unknown and unelected bureaucrats who are doing their very best to take control over all European nations.

Indeed, with my own eyes, I have seen members of such groups boasting about the fact that Jews are taking the lead when it comes to breaking down our nations and, further, that they must prepare themselves for some blowback; i.e. a rise in anti-Semitism.

b. Jews in Israel have been having a terrible time over the past six decades as a result of the Palestinian problem. In the eyes of many of them, the west has just not been supportive enough in their time of need.

For many of these Jews, encouraging Muslim immigration into the west and, thence, stirring up racial tensions between the Muslim immigrants and the indigenous populations is one tactic that they believe could help them to rally support against their foes in the Middle East.

And, indeed, there does also appear to be some evidence to suggest that some American Jewish organisations are actually financing right-wing European nationalist groups with the specific intention of creating hostility towards Muslims.

c. Believe it or not, there are some powerful Jewish religious leaders who still believe that all non-Jews are no better than vermin.

They are mostly disregarded by the majority of Jews but, nevertheless, they do exist. And for many Jews, these are the religious authorities that they listen to.

Their hope is to destroy western civilisation by any means that they can.

How much influence all these anti-western Jewish groups exert, I do not really know. But given that many Jews are highly influential in the west - e.g. via the media, through Hollywood, government, banking, law etc etc - it is quite hard to see how these groups could not be exerting significant influence.

Of course, I should also point out that most Jews probably have little idea about what some of their fellows are up to. And over here in Europe, the influx of millions of Muslims is clearly not something that most Jews are likely to welcome.

But, just like the rest of us, they have malicious, self-serving groups among them that are determined to stir up various forms of disharmony in order to further their ideological goals and to profit themselves by doing so.

6. Feminists

Feminism is probably one of the most wicked ideologies imaginable.

Even Margaret Thatcher described it as 'poison'.

Even Margaret Thatcher described it as 'poison'.

She did not just dislike feminism, she loathed it.

With much good reason.

And 'poison' is, indeed, one of the most appropriate words with which to describe it, in my view - though I, myself, prefer to see it as a pathogenic virus that is regularly unleashed on to the population by those who promote it.

Essentially, the disease of feminism manifests itself at the personal level by invading and then destroying and/or damaging any close relationships that people might have with each other.

Whether it is the father and his child, the wife and her husband,  the teacher and her pupil, the doctor and his patient, the prostitute and her client, the professor and his student, the employer and his employee; you will find feminists forever frantically trying to sour, damage or destroy their close relationships.

(Which is why, of course, the Left loves feminism. Remember; the Left thrives by damaging, and by making insecure, people's relationships.)

Almost every relationship is 'abusive' in the eyes of feminists unless it accords strictly with their own view of the world - a world wherein, basically, all men should be treated like scum, all women should be treated like princesses, and all children should be regarded as a burden.

And one of the main effects of this disease is that groups, cultures or nations that succumb to it are doomed to extinguish themselves.

They have absolutely no hope of surviving into the future.


And what they and their forefathers have created, built or fought for - even died for - will simply be inherited by others - others whose relationships are strong enough and close enough to maintain or grow their populations.

feminism is actually destroying the indigenous populations of European descent

Indeed, feminism is actually destroying the indigenous populations of European descent throughout the western world.

Their falling birth rates are now so catastrophically low that in some two of three generations time they will become minorities in their own homelands.

And in one hundred years time, all of them combined (in North America, Europe, Canada, Australia etc) will constitute less than 1% of the Earth's human population.

And so it is that even if all immigration is stopped tomorrow - or even reversed - our nations will gradually cease to have any relevance before they finally disappear.

But, of course, immigration is not going to be stopped tomorrow.

And so in a few years time one can expect to see a huge amount of trouble and turmoil arising throughout Europe as the indigenous populations finally begin to resist the pressures on them to conform to the dictates of their rulers, and as they fight to prevent their homelands from being taken over by people from strange cultures.

And perhaps some of the most treacherous beings whom we see so often on our screens today are those politicians and government officials who both welcome and encourage excessive immigration while, at the very same time, they promote feminist-inspired views, policies and laws that they know are going to extinguish their very own people.

How much lower can they sink?

These people are surely the ultimate betrayers not only of us, but also of all our ancestors, whose toil, sweat and sacrifice over centuries built up everything that we have.

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