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The Unholy Alliance Between Lawyers And Therapists

Regular readers will be all too well aware of the fact that this website spends an enormous amount of time exposing the dishonourable and deceitful self-serving shenanigans of western governments when it comes to their promotion of feminist ideology and policies.

Indeed, and for example, over and over again we catch government agencies - including the police - lying unrestrainedly about the 'abuse' figures (sex assault, rape, domestic violence, sex-trafficking etc etc) in order to maintain their empires, their jobs, their pensions; with many academics - always desperate for funding - joining in with the various deceptions in order to feather their own nests.

Indeed, as readers might recall, we have even had one senior UK police officer removed from his post for publicly claiming, falsely, that his staff had discovered the bone of a dead human child buried in the grounds of a care home on the island of Jersey (where 'child abuse' was suspected) when, in fact, he knew full well that the alleged bone was just a piece of plastic.

But one area that needs to be explored much more fully is the unwholesome relationship that many lawyers have with 'therapists' of various persuasions.

It is now quite clear that thousands of 'therapists' are abusing their positions of trust by trying to suggest to their female clients that their psychological problems are the fault of some man in their lives and, further, that if they would get in touch with a lawyer (preferably one who will give the therapist some financial remuneration for the referral) then they might well be able to claim some worthwhile compensation.

And, of course, the greater is the alleged trauma conjured up by the therapist - the 'expert witness' - the greater will any compensation, financial or otherwise, likely be.

And, of course, in the other direction, these disreputable therapists will also acquire clients through the referrals from lawyers who will be doing their very best to maximise the amount of suffering that the victims whom they represent in court have allegedly undergone.

A fairly blatant example of the way in which therapists advertise themselves as therapists 'who have a perspective that is wholly prejudicial to men' can be seen by taking a look at these two pages from their website ...

Women's Information Page

Men's Information Page

Hundreds of 'therapists' advertise themselves through this website.

And the Information Pages - as per above - clearly tell prospective women customers and lawyers all that they need to know in order to "get in touch" for a bit of 'therapy'.

The 'Therapy' ...

The man is to blame. And the greater is the apparent hurt that we can conjure up, the more will you likely benefit.

And, of course, the greater will be his punishment..

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