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The Truth About The Rape Statistics

The evidence that I have seen shows that most allegations of rape made to the police are false. 

The 'research' that purports to show otherwise is mostly bogus.

Indeed, the very fact that the definition of 'rape' is completely fudged in most of the 'research' in this area makes it impossible to evaluate it objectively.

However, if it is true that the vast majority of real rapes goes unreported (which is the claim made by most rape 'researchers') and if it is also true that the vast majority of rape allegations made to the police are true (which is another claim made by most rape 'researchers') then it follows logically that men are raping women many times more often than are women making false allegations about such things.

the evidence shows quite clearly that many women will make such allegations for the most trivial of reasons

But this is just not credible given that the evidence shows quite clearly that many women will make such allegations for the most trivial of reasons e.g. in order to gain sympathy. And if they will allege rape simply in order to gain sympathy, then the mind boggles at how many women must be making false allegations of rape for more 'urgent' reasons. 

Indeed, it was only a few weeks ago that a homeless man was released following eight months in prison because three young women had accused him of sexually-assaulting them simply in order to explain why they were late for class!

Three of them!

And time and time again we have seen women colluding with each other to make multiple false accusations.

It is quite clear, therefore, that thousands, if not millions, of women now find the idea of making false accusations to be acceptable.


Indeed, I, myself, have heard a conversation between two women discussing the false allegations of a mutual friend of theirs (a woman unknown to me) concerning child sex-abuse against her husband - simply in order to hurt him while going through a divorce.

The two women whom I was listening to were laughing over the matter, and thought, presumably, that it was a good tactic.

They showed no concern whatsoever for the man who was being falsely accused of a truly horrible crime against his own son.


Thus, the feminist-inspired myth that the probability of an 'average' woman making a false accusation of rape is far, far less than the probability of an 'average' man actually raping a woman is ridiculous.

Please bear with me for a moment.

Much of the rape research suggests that the majority of real rapes goes unreported. In fact, the figures commonly bandied about suggest that only about one-tenth of real rapes are reported to the police. 

Now, imagine a town called X. And let us assume for the moment that the likelihood of a man committing a rape is exactly the same as the likelihood of a woman making a false allegation of rape.

Now, imagine that in this town ten men commit a rape one evening. 

Well, the evidence suggests that only one of the raped women (one-tenth of them) will actually report the matter to the police.

Now, since we are assuming that the likelihood of a rape is the same as the likelihood of a false allegation of rape, then it follows that since ten men committed a rape, then ten women will actually make a false allegation about rape.

And so eleven allegations of rape will be made to the police. 

But only one of them will be true.

more than 90% of the allegations are false

In other words, more than 90% of the allegations are false.

And please remember that this is assuming that men are just as likely to rape women as women are to make false allegations about rape - something which, quite frankly, is preposterous.

Furthermore, there is surely very little doubt that when intimates are having relationship problems - and it is under these circumstances that most rape allegations are made - women are far more likely to lie and to make wild exaggerations of rape than are men in these situations likely to rape them. 

And yet, somehow, we are expected to believe that some 90% of rape allegations are true, and that some 90% of rapes go unreported. But if this were true, then it would follow that men are ninety times more likely to rape a woman than is a woman likely to make a false allegation of rape.

The Maths goes like this. Imagine 100 allegations of rape are made to the police one evening. 90% of them are assumed by the researchers to be true. So, 90 of these women will have been genuinely raped according to the researchers. But because only 10% of genuine rapes are actually reported to the police, there were, in fact, according to the researchers, 900 genuine rapes altogether in the same evening.

Now, if 10% of all the allegations are said by the researchers to be false, this means that 10 of the allegations that were made to the police are deemed to be false.

So, according to the researchers, we have had 900 genuine rapes during the evening and 10 false allegations. In other words, according to the researchers, there are 90 times as many rapes as there are false allegations.

for every woman who makes a false allegation of rape ... it is supposed to be the case that ninety men have actually committed a rape.

In other words, for every woman who makes a false allegation of rape - or even stumbles into making one - it is supposed to be the case that ninety men have actually committed a rape.

And, further, this is supposed to be true despite the fact that we know that some women make false allegations of rape for the most trivial of reasons and that many women often have a great deal to gain by making false allegations of rape; whereas, on the other hand, men have a great deal to lose by committing an act of rape.

Furthermore, women are encouraged daily by the media to make allegations of 'abuse'. 

For example, Woman falsely reports rape to get day off from work.

All in all, therefore, the likelihood is very high that women are far more likely to make false allegations than are men likely to commit acts of rape.

And if this is the case - which seems highly likely - then even the high figure of 90% for false allegations (as in town X - where the probabilities of real rapes and false allegations are equal) is going to be an underestimate of the proportion of the allegations that are false.

This sounds incredible, I know, but please bear with me, because the objective evidence is far more consistent with this notion than with the notion that false rape allegations are few in number.

For example, in the UK, for every 100 allegations of rape made to the police, only 6 result in convictions.

Needless to say, however, the feminists, the politically correct, the whole of the abuse industry and, of course, women themselves, have huge vested interests in covering up the truth about this matter.

They all gain enormous rewards by demonising men.

And their overall message is this. 

Even though women gain numerous advantages from alleging rape, and even though we know that millions of women behave 'irrationally' when they are 'emotional', drunk, drugged or angry, and despite the fact that we know that women will even make such allegations for the most selfish and trivial of reasons, men are so awful and women are so innocent that the average male is still ninety times more likely to rape a woman than is an average female likely to make a false allegation.

 they want to see many more convictions.

And they want to see many more convictions.

And, typically, as the general public learns what devious and dishonest propaganda these groups promote, they will simply respond by jiggling around with all their statistics in order to come up with something more 'credible'.

This is how their hateful game is normally played.

Indeed, the forces that suppress the truth about the rape figures are truly massive.

And these massive forces are used not only to hoodwink the public about the rape figures - and, indeed, about most of the other figures to do with matters of 'abuse' - they are also used as some kind of justification to demonise men, to hurt them, to discriminate against them, to push them through outrageously unjust legal processes which have been corrupted through and through, and to make it possible for women to destroy their lives completely for no other reason than that they wish to.

In the UK, for example, only some 5% of allegations result in convictions. In other words, when the police and the lawyers and the doctors and the juries have done all the investigating that they possibly can, the result is that some 95% of cases are judged NOT GUILTY or NOT ENOUGH EVIDENCE.

So where, exactly, is the valid evidence to suggest that the vast majority of these 95% of women have, in fact, been raped? - a claim persistently made by government officials.

Well, there is no such evidence.

It is just a guess -  a very biased guess - based mostly on the misandric musings of feminist-dominated academics.

And you must always remember that these academics were not present at the scenes of the alleged rapes. As such, they cannot possibly know what actually happened.

But because they have this notion that "women never lie about rape", their mindset is such that if a woman alleges that she has been raped, then she must have been raped.

Finally, please note that (given the commonly-accepted preponderance of unreported rapes; i.e. 9 out of 10) even if men were ten times as likely to rape women as women were to make false allegations of rape, it would still be the case that 50% of rape allegations made to the police would be false.

Study the following image ...



Of course, I have no doubt that many women are seriously assaulted every year, and that most of these do not go to the police. But, of those who are turning up at the police station when it comes to rape, the evidence strongly suggests that the majority, these days, are making false allegations.

Even the police believe this.

Note also that when I talk about false accusers, I am not talking about women who have been raped. I am talking about a completely different population of women. The women who have been raped are NOT mostly turning up at the police station. It is women from a completely different population who are mostly turning up at the police station - the false accusers.

They do exist. And they exist in sufficient numbers to flood the whole system.

Indeed, even if only 3% of women are inclined to make one false accusation, this would account for all the rape allegations made over a 30 year period - assuming current rates.

But, of course, we are not allowed to contemplate publicly the possibility that some 3% of our women ever feel malicious enough over a thirty-year period to make a false claim

Our women are all angels. Every single one of them. At all times.

No matter how drunk, how drugged, how vindictive, how deluded, how malicious, how angry, how insane, how vengeful, how scheming, how impulsive they might be - at any given time - not even 3% of them would ever stumble into making a false claim over a thirty-year period.

But, at the same time, we are also supposed to believe that some 25% of men are sex abusers and/or rapists - because this is also what the phony official statistics currently imply.

Of course, all this is preposterous nonsense. Hateful nonsense directed at men.

Goodness me. We even see women making false rape claims to account for why they were late for work or because they do not want to pay the taxi fare.

Can you imagine just how many of them would make false accusations when they are really angry?

But, No. We are supposed to continue to believe that all our women are such angels that not even 3% of them would ever lie about such matters; no matter what is their emotional state or their personality type.

In short, the evidence very strongly suggests that our legal system is clearly encouraging false accusers while discouraging genuine victims.

But our officials deny this, despite the fact that they have no strong evidence for this denial.

Why do they do this?

For two main reasons, it seems to me.

1. They are terrified of the feminist-inspired malevolence and histrionics that are usually generated very publicly should anyone dare to suggest that most allegations are false.

2. They, like any other business, need to keep generating work in order to provide themselves with good careers, good pay, lavish pensions and generous expense accounts. And so encouraging false allegations brings them numerous rewards.


If the typical feminist nonsense espoused by most feminists in American Women Studies courses is to be believed; viz; that only 2% of rape claims are false, and that 9 out of 10 victims do not report their rapes, then it follows that men are 490 times more likely to commit an actual rape than is a woman likely to make a false claim.


June 2014 - Goodness me. It's getting worse! According to the BBC, the Crown Prosecution Service now reckons that false rape allegations could be as little as 1% of the total number - which means that men are 990 times more likely to rape than is a woman likely to make a false allegation.

And it will, no doubt, soon be down to 0%.

I can just imagine the headlines ...

"Men are INFINITELY more like to rape a woman than is a woman likely to make a false allegation."

Questions to the Crown Prosecution Service ...

1. If you know that 99% of rape allegations are true, then why do you prosecute such a small percentage of allegations?

2. How do you know what happened in nearly all of these situations given that you were not there?

3. Why do your very own police officers claim that MOST allegations are false? ... Flooded By False Rape Allegations.

Just one more example of how the 'abuse' figures are cooked ...

Some 5% of women have Borderline Personality Disorder or something close to it. Features of this include the habitual making of false accusations of some kind of 'abuse' - often in order to seek some kind of revenge. For women with BDP, seeing oneself as a victim of someone else's actions is almost a permanent state of being. And given that some 1 million women in the UK and 5 million women in the USA have this type of condition, the various allegations of 'abuse' that are made every year - sex assault, domestic violence etc - are, undoubtedly, mostly the result of these women attempting to portray themselves as victims.

Furthermore, if you can believe it, the various 'data' collected on the basis of the testimony of this relatively small group of women is then multiplied by incompetent academics and various government departments in order to figure out what is going on in the rest of society!

Furthermore, and for example, if 30% of women claim to be 'violated' every year, and 5% of women are 'dysfunctional', then these latter women would not likely account for much of the data.

But if, as appears to be the case, only 1% or 2% of women claim to be 'violated' every year, and 5% of women are 'dysfunctional', then the likelihood is that these women are the ones making most of the claims.


"MOST of the women arriving at the refuge centres were MORE violent, even toward their children, than were the men they were supposedly escaping from."
Erin Pizzey - the very founder of the refuge movement for battered women in the UK

If you really want to see how western governments and incompetent and/or dishonest academics produce bogus research in order to fuel male hatred with phony statistics on rape and sex-assault, then please take some 15 minutes or so to read carefully this piece entitled Home Office Rape Statistics Are False

I think you will be appalled at the government's blatant dishonesty and by the manner in which it attempts to inflate the rape figures by something like 2000%.

In the short piece Incredible Rape Statistics you can see how the official statistics are manufactured by jiggering around with the questions and by ignoring the effects of false data. (In short, if just 2% of women lie in the surveys - or misunderstand the questions - then these women would account for all of the alleged sex-assaults that take place every year in the UK.)

In  Flooded By False Rape Allegations police officers admit that most rape allegations are false.

Finally, in the short piece How Official Rape Statistics are Distorted and Inflated you can see just how easy it is for 'researchers' to inflate the figures by factors of about 100; e.g. they can turn 50 'supposed' rapes into 5,000 'real' rapes..

For further evidence demonstrating that it is a relatively small group of 'dysfunctional' women who are responsible for most of the allegations of 'abuse' see,

The Rape Illusion

Domestic Violence  - It's Always The Same Women - which includes the ridiculous claim on the BBC website - made in 2009 - that 50% of UK women who have partners are raped or sexually abused, on average, every two years.

Only Women Are Offered An Alternative To Domestic Violence - which explains how, perversely, current domestic violence policies in the UK actually encourage some men to kill their partners while discouraging women from killing their partners.


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