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Arnold Meiwes

Violence In The Media

Homosexual Violence

There's a lot of it about.

But we don't really recognise it.

A Speculation

There seems to be great deal of violence in the media these days; particularly on TV, in films, in the newspapers and in video games.


Well, it seems to me that, for some time now, there has been a significant force permeating the mental space of westerners that is continually promoting the view that hurting men - particularly in a sexual manner - is both a laudable and an amusing thing to do. And it also seems that behaviours that are likely to turn on seriously sick homosexual sadists are totally acceptable these days.

Regular readers of this website will already be aware of my view that the very fact that the public finds it acceptable to laugh at Bobbit jokes provides a truly profound insight into just how successful has been the demonisation of men, and of just how hated men have now become. And, by and large, I would pin much of the blame for this state of affairs on the usual culprits; e.g. the feminists, the abuse industry, the government etc - all of which clearly profit very handsomely from the stirring up of hatred towards men.

But there is a decidedly sexual and sadistic aspect to the kind of mutilation implied by Bobbit jokes which, thus far, I have tended to ignore, but which clearly permeates the mainstream consciousness through so many other avenues that it is becoming increasingly hard for me not to see a somewhat disturbing organism lying behind the creation of much of it. 

And it is a homosexual one.

New readers will probably jump immediately to the conclusion that I am a sexual bigot of some sort; one who hates gays, and who is a 'homophobe'. And so let me say, quite simply, that whether men or women are gay or straight is just an irrelevance to me. I have no interest at all in what goes on in other people's bedrooms - unless, of course, I am invited to join in!

I suspect that many of these homosexual psychopaths do not even realise that they are, in fact, homosexual

But I really do see a somewhat sinister force (organism) at work in western societies which emanates from the serious homosexual sadism that is promoted and/or practised by genuinely disturbed and sadistic homosexuals - even though I suspect that many of these homosexual psychopaths do not even realise that they are, in fact, homosexual - or, perhaps, they do, in fact, realise that they are homosexual, but that they would rather not be identified as such.

After all, it does not take much imagination to see how, let's say, a male police officer or a male prison officer might derive great sexual pleasure from beating up another man. The officer might be a homosexual sadist and think of himself as such. He might be a homosexual sadist but not recognise himself as such. Or he might just be a sadist who derives sexual pleasure from beating up anyone - man or woman.

But because most of us are not homosexual, the fact that the beating up of men by other men might be a SEXUAL act probably goes completely unnoticed by us.

In other words, they can get away with it.

Imagine, for example, that you went to the cinema and saw a film wherein a male prison officer was forever beating up female inmates - punching them in the breasts and grabbing at their genitals and pulling at them viciously to cause real pain. I think that we would all easily see the sexual element of this violence very clearly, and we would all recognise the male perpetrator as a 'heterosexual sadist'.

But if the victims of this male prison officer were, in fact, other men, we would see the film very differently. We would not see his behaviour as being particularly sexual. We would see a violent and nasty man, Yes, but we would not see a 'homosexual sadist' - especially if, for example, this male prison officer was portrayed as being married or as having a girlfriend.

In other words, we would see him as a 'sadist', but not as a 'homosexual'.

So, why is it that we can easily 'see' a particular form of serious violence against women as being 'sexual', whereas when we see the very same kind of violence being inflicted upon men then the sexual aspect rarely enters our heads?

 we do not see such violence against men as being sexual because, quite simply, most of us are not homosexual!

Well. I am suggesting that we do not see such violence against men as being sexual because, quite simply, most of us are not homosexual! And, as such, we do not see the sexual gratification that might be being derived from such violence nor, indeed, the sexual motivation behind it.

As a result of this blindness, seriously sadistic homosexuals can often get away with promoting and/or perpetrating serious acts of sexual violence against men. And if, further, they manage successfully to conceal the fact that they are, indeed, homosexual, then they can actually get away with a lot more - particularly if, for example, they can hoodwink others into believing that their sadistic violence is merely a way of 'defending' others. 

As such, I suspect that many men - if not most men - who beat up other men on the grounds, for example, that they have 'hit a woman' - or something similar - are little more than sadistic homosexuals who will use any excuse to engage in behaviours that turn them on sexually, and who also do not want to be seen as homosexual.

At first, this particular notion might seem a little far-fetched, but my belief is that in much the same way that women's violence towards men remains well hidden in western societies, so it is that homosexual violence towards men is also hidden - and for similar reasons.

In the case of women, for example, the view is heavily promoted that their violence towards men must be the result of them needing to defend themselves in some way - though we know that this is politically-correct nonsense. But my belief is that homosexual sadists also manage very often to get away with serious violence towards men on similar grounds; e.g. that they are merely defending others. And so, for example, they often promote the view that beating up other men who have, say, been accused of paedophilia or of 'violence towards women' is a perfectly acceptable and manly thing to do, and they engage in such violence very readily.

And because both women and homosexuals are protected by political correctness these days, it is not permitted to expose to the world the true nature of what might underlie their violence.

 Many homosexual sadists seem nowadays to be getting away with their sickening sadism

To summarise: Many homosexual sadists seem nowadays to be getting away with their sickening sadism towards other men because ...

1. We do not recognise the sexual motives behind their violence.

2. We do not recognise that these men are, in fact, homosexual.

3. These men successfully hide behind the claim that they are merely defending others to justify their sexual proclivities; i.e. their sexual violence.

Homosexual men often used to argue that 'gay-bashers' (i.e. those 'heterosexual' men who seem to enjoy beating up homosexuals) are, in fact, homosexuals themselves, and that they are simply reacting to their own homosexuality with disgust and, as such, they inflict violence upon those whom they believe arouse their own homosexuality.

I used to discount this view as being nothing more than typical psychoanalytical drivel; but I am no longer sure about this.

 many Nazi leaders were decidedly homosexual, and yet their regime treated some homosexuals like animals

Indeed, many Nazi leaders were decidedly homosexual, and yet their regime treated some homosexuals like animals. Why was this so? Well, perhaps it was because those homosexual Nazi leaders were, in fact, homosexual sadists - as opposed to being homosexuals of the more feminine variety - and they wanted to cover this up - perhaps not only from others, but also from themselves.

And, as we now all know too well, these Nazis also masqueraded as defenders of women and children in order to cover up some of the real motivations underlying their truly appalling sadism.

In other words, once again, we appear to have sick homosexual sadists (who hide the fact that they are homosexual) perpetrating significant acts of violence against other men on the grounds that they are defending others - in this case, protecting the Aryan race.

 in western societies today this sadism towards men is being promoted on many fronts.

And in western societies today this sadism towards men is being promoted on many fronts. And while I am not suggesting that all of this is being driven by seriously deviant homosexuals, the evidence that something like this is going on seems to be accumulating - at least, in my mind.

For example, what can possibly lie behind the view that there is a significant difference between hitting a man and hitting a woman? How can certain men claim that hitting a man is 'all right' whereas hitting a woman is completely unacceptable? Well, the answer to these two questions surely stares one right in the face!

The only difference between the two types of human being typically identified as 'men' and 'women' by such individuals is that, unsurprisingly, they are of different genders. It is their gender, their sex, their maleness, or their femaleness, that determines whether or not it is 'legitimate' to hit them.

It is not their size, their weight, their strength, their colour, their shape, their psychology, their personality, their demeanour or their attitude that determines whether or not they can be hit. It is their gender. Their sex.

And if you look at other forms of close emotion-provoking physical interactions that take place between people, it seems to me that if these forms of interaction are governed on a basis that is exclusively to do with the sex of the individuals concerned, then, surely, sex and, hence, sexuality, are very likely to have something to do with it!

 it is purely the genitals of the victim that are significant to these violent men

In other words, those violent men who think that it is legitimate to hit other men but not legitimate to hit women are making their distinction purely on the basis of the victim's gender; their sex. As such, it is purely the genitals of the victim that are significant to these violent men.

And, in my view, this tells us something.

I am not suggesting that this is necessarily so by any means, but I am suggesting that this is likely to be so; at least, in many cases. And one of my main points in this piece is that because most people are not homosexual, they are unlikely to appreciate this.

Putting this another way: Unless you, the reader, are homosexual, then you, too, will probably fail to recognise, or suspect, the sadistic, sexual, homosexual motivation that might underlie much of the promotion and acceptance of sexual violence towards men that occurs these days. (But you would certainly notice any sadistic, sexual, heterosexual motivation that might underlie the promotion of similar violence towards women.)

As further evidence for my point of view, I would also point out that one might expect the very powerful gay lobby to complain rather loudly about the way in which violence towards men is being encouraged through so many avenues nowadays. But it remains relatively silent on this issue.

Why? How can this possibly be so?

 I find it almost incredible that gay men have not been up in arms

Indeed, I find it almost incredible that gay men have not been up in arms to protest very vociferously over the past many years about, say, Bobbit jokes.

Well, one possible explanation for this unbelievable silence is that many homosexual men rather like the idea of what is depicted by such jokes.

Can you even imagine, for example, the feminists never protesting about any ubiquitous mainstream promotion of jokes about, say, females being raped - should such a mainstream promotion ever occur - let alone about any mainstream humour about their actual genitals being cut off.

It is almost unthinkable that the feminists would not forever be screaming and shouting about such a thing. 

 there is not even a peep from the very powerful gay lobby over jokes concerning the most serious sadistic mutilation of men

And yet, there is not even a peep from the very powerful gay lobby over jokes concerning the most serious sadistic mutilation of men.

Why does the gay lobby remain silent on this issue?

It really is quite unbelievable - unless, of course, a significant force behind the gay lobby tends to see serious sadism towards men as being quite acceptable; i.e. nothing to make a fuss about.

One specific example of a violent thug who is probably a homosexual sadist ... is the Australian murderer who likes to call himself 'Chopper'.

One specific example of a violent thug who is probably a homosexual sadist masquerading as a defender of vulnerable women and children is the Australian murderer who likes to call himself 'Chopper'. He has been released from prison and is currently trying to make part of his living by portraying himself as a knight in shining armour and a 'defender of women'. To this end he has made a domestic violence advert wherein he threatens men charged with domestic violence with serious assault should they end up in prison. He portrays the assaulting of such men as something to laugh about. But I suspect that, in reality, the whole idea excites him sexually.

Indeed, in my view, 'Chopper' is likely to be nothing more than a psychopathic homosexual sadist who has simply discovered an acceptable way of justifying his sick perversion. (Both his history and his advert are entirely consistent with this view). And yet, somehow, western societies seem relatively unperturbed that this apology for a man and his (possibly) sexually-perverted instincts are actually being promoted by the mainstream media.


The people behind this disgusting advertisement work for the Schwartz Foundation, and I presume that they are trying to make money for their organisation by demonising men and stirring up hatred towards them.

You can email them here, ...

Reception - [email protected]
Finance - [email protected]
Legal - [email protected]


Sin City Bruce Willis

Sin City

Serious homosexual sadism is also being promoted by Hollywood through some of its films. As just one example, in the film Sin City starring Bruce Willis, the amount of violence directed towards men's genitals is quite significant, and, further, this violence is 'justified' throughout the plot. Needless to say, such violence against women would never be 'justified' and, indeed, I doubt that Hollywood would ever dare to make a film wherein serious sexual violence against women was ever 'justified'.

Thus, serious homosexual sadism towards ordinary men is being promoted, and, hence, lauded, throughout western societies through fiction (e.g. Sin City) through domestic violence advertisements (e.g. 'Chopper') and through humour (e.g. Bobbit jokes).

serious homosexual sadism is a force that needs to be dealt with

And when we also open our eyes to the fact that assaulting men's genitals is often made out to be humorous in comedic situations and that the rape of male prison inmates is often made light of even by major institutions (e.g. in British Telecom adverts) it seems to me that serious homosexual sadism is a force that needs to be dealt with and, further, that those who promote or engage in it need to be exposed for who they might really be.

Of course, I am not suggesting that all serious violence against men by men is to do with homosexual sadism. After all, who of us has not wished to beat the hell out of somebody at some stage in our lives? What I am suggesting is this. ...

1. Serious homosexual sadism is being promoted through many major avenues - films, adverts, comedies etc - whether intentionally or otherwise.

2. Serious homosexual sadistic acts are not being recognised by the majority of the public - because most people are not homosexual.

3. Serious homosexual sadists are, in fact, getting away with their behaviours - often by pretending that their motives are, somehow, non-sexual and, often, that these behaviours are justified because they are merely 'defending others'.

4. The public's acceptance of the promotion of serious homosexual sadism needs to be addressed.

Where is all this promotion of violence towards men coming from?

Finally, I would ask my readers to ask themselves these questions. Where is all this promotion of violence towards men coming from? Why do people find it acceptable to laugh over a man's penis being chopped off when they would be appalled if some similar form of mutilation was inflicted upon a woman? Why is the rape of male prison inmates deemed to be funny? And so on, and so on.

By and large - and with some exceptions - I do not see the usual culprits such as the man-hating feminists promoting this sort of thing to any great extent; nor the abuse industry, nor the government. So, what forces - what organisms - lie behind it?

Well, my answer is that an organism of significant size and influence deriving from serious homosexual sadism has something to do with it.

Meiwes had advertised on the Internet for a well-built man who would consent to being killed and eaten. Meiwes says that there are over 400 cannibal web sites and chat rooms. Supposedly, more than 200 men responded favorably to his ad.

... while many homosexuals were persecuted by the Nazi party, there is no doubt that the Nazi party itself had many homosexuals within its own ranks, even among its highest leadership. Scott Lively - 25 min

 Psychopaths In Business And Politics Masters of manipulation, it is estimated that approximately only 1 percent of the general population are psychopaths. Yet their numbers are overrepresented in business, politics, law enforcement agencies, law firms and the media, according to research done by Dr. Robert Hare, at the University of British Columbia and his colleague, Dr. Paul Babiak.

(Robert Hare is probably the world's leading expert on psychopathy.)

Sharon Osbourne

YouTube Video - 5 min

You only need to look at Sharon Osbourne and her friends on The Talk (including the audience) to see what women really feel about the savage, sexual mutilation of men these days.

Do your hear much in the way of protest from all these women or from the gay lobby?

Also see,

Envy, Jealousy And Sexual Frustration Inside Lesbian Quarters?


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