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Note: The search queries below are completely unaltered. They brought visitors to this site via the search engines - mostly Google. I have not changed anything about them at all, apart from inserting asterisks in any offensive words.


Jamaica: what are some of the qualities teenage males look forward to in females

Hmm. Let me think now.

Ah yes. I remember!

Good boobs. Good backside. A readily-available front portal. A pretty face with a sweet nature and, above all, a persistent desire to have sex.

Anything else of value is considered to be a bonus.


UK: why do people lie about having affairs

Hmm. Interesting question.

Maybe it's because having affairs is something that most people would be ashamed of and/or would get into trouble for.




You are a deluded woman. You need help.


USA: example of responsible woman

Nope. I can't think of one.

Can you?

Obviously not.

Try Google again. And if you come up with such a woman, email me.


USA: why are women less intelligent than men

Because women don't need to try as hard as men in order to survive.


India: Its Ok To Kill Angry Harry

WTF? Not even a question mark!?

No. It is not OK. It is definitely not OK.

OK, it is not!

Ce n'est pas bon.

Bad tactic.

Poor thinking.

Why not email him instead?


Trinidad: can tony blair be the pope

Only in his dreams and, of course, in the minds of idiots such as yourself.


USA: Can a woman without hormones get away with murder

No, she can't, you imbecile. Without hormones she, herself, would be dead.


USA: What is the punishment for killing a spouse for insurance money

That's an easy one!

If you're a man then you will spend your life in prison - or, possibly, executed in some places.

On the other hand, if you're a woman, then you'll get a lot of sympathy, parole after a week, and then make a fortune by writing a book and going on women's chat shows.


USA: if you eat someone elses DNA will this change your own DNA

How can you possibly exist on this planet, in America, and be totally clueless about DNA?

Go away.

(But don't eat any chicken, just in case.)


USA: why are feminists such idiots

It is not the feminists who are the idiots.

It is people like you who are the idiots - for not standing up to them.


UK: is kissing a battery

Yes. It is an example of how the abuse industry and the legal profession maximise their profits - by describing an unwanted kiss on the cheek as a Sexual Assault and Battery; to make it sound worse - much worse.

It's great for business; e.g. see Kissing Is Battery.


USA: why are women obsessed with competing against men

Hmm. I'm not so sure that women are obsessed with competing against men. It is feminists who are always trying to get women to do this.

But, rather than competing with men, women just bias the laws in order to give themselves a constant advantage of sufficient magnitude to ensure that they nearly always win.

And that's not called 'competing'.

It's called 'cheating'.


UK: what do men wear to do the house work

Huge scowls on their faces.


UK: what have women ever achieved on their own

Nope. You're right. There's nothing on Google.

That's why you came here in desperation, eh?

To no avail, I'm afraid.


USA: what time is half past seven?



USA: whats the worst that could happen to a man who is fasley acused

Well, in your country, he might be executed!


UK: why are men selfish bast**ds

Maybe you think this because all the men whom you know do not like you very much.

You should ask yourself this question.

"Who's the common denominator?"

And the correct answer (just in case you can't figured it out for yourself) is YOU.


Libya: sex harry women

If you knew how to spell 'hairy', you might have gotten somewhere more appropriate to your needs.


USA: are you allowed to own a money printing press and use it in the usa

I don't think so.



USA: rorschach inkblot test is an example of what kind of test?

It is an example of a bogus test.

It is used by many clinical psychologists who can make money out of mumbo-jumbo; e.g. see Ink Blot Test - Rorschach


USA: do all wifes lie


That was an easy one!


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