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The Governing Elite

1. Governments empower themselves mostly by taking away the powers of 'the people' to govern their own lives. Agreed? Yes? Then read on.

2. Organisations - whether they be religious, ideological, corporate, institutional, etc - tend mostly to want to grow. And this desire to grow is usually consistent with most of the ambitions of the individuals who work within them. Thus, for example, the larger and the more powerful does an organisation grow, the greater are the future prospects for those who work within it - particularly for those near the top; the ones who tend to 'drive' the organisation. So. Organisations tend to want to grow and become more powerful. Agreed? Yes? Then read on.

3. The more powerful is an organisation, and the more powerful are the individuals who work within it, the better are its chances of achieving its aims. Agreed? Yes? Then read on.

4. Western governments are hugely powerful. They are more powerful than any other organisations in their countries, and they are certainly much more powerful by far than are the individuals over whom they rule. Agreed? Yes? Then read on.

If you agree that, on balance, the above four points are true, then it surely follows that you also agree with the view that most western governments and their officials wish, on balance, to become more powerful and that they are likely to have the means to achieve this - fundamentally, by taking away the powers of people to govern their own lives and to create the circumstances which are likely to bring this about.

As such, western governments are likely to exert huge forces across societies in order to achieve their self-serving aims. 

And this is exactly what they do.

They exert huge forces across societies in order to achieve their SELF-SERVING aims.

And one of the most effective ploys that western governments use to achieve these aims is to create as much 'disharmony' as possible throughout their societies. And this they do by, for example, fostering crime, encouraging family and relationship breakdowns, promoting excessive immigration restricting people's freedoms, generating hysteria and hatred, disempowering parents etc etc etc.

Western governments and their officials obtain a very large percentage of their votes, their money and their power by claiming that they can reduce 'disharmony' - something which their peoples fear.

As such, the greater is the disharmony the more do they gain.

Indeed, when you view western governments as hugely powerful 'organisms' that wish to survive, to grow, and to become evermore wealthy and powerful, and you understand that without 'disharmony' there would not actually be much need for large swathes of government, many otherwise inexplicable things begin to make sense.

Here are just some examples of these.

1. The war on drugs. This criminalises millions of people and funds an enormous amount of serious criminal activity as well as terrorism.

2. The war on men and their close personal relationships. This is maintained largely by forever expanding the definition and scope of the term 'abuse', by engendering hysteria and man-hatred through bogus claims and statistics promulgated in highly charged publicity campaigns, and through a wholesale corruption of the justice system.

3. The war on marriage. By offering women significant incentives (e.g. welfare, alimony, child support, child custody etc) to dissolve their marriages and by making men more redundant within them, western governments have taken over the role of 'husband' and they have also left millions of children without fathers, the truly massive negative impact of which across society is one of the most robust statistical discoveries to do with families ever made by social scientists.

4. The disempowerment of parents, teachers, police officers and adults in general when it comes to dealing with youngsters. This encourages youngsters to behave in an unproductive and antisocial manner. And even youngsters who are found to be engaging in fairly serious criminal activities seem to be able to flout the law with relative impunity - at considerable cost to the rest of us. And the conditions that they have to endure if they are, indeed, ever incarcerated for their sins are so impoverished that the prospects of rehabilitating them and pushing them in more favourable directions are not very good at all.

5. The lack of concern for excessive immigration. Excessive immigration spreads criminality, disease, conflict and insecurity throughout most large cities across a nation.

Many western government departments and millions of government employees benefit from these things.

Yep: They actually benefit from them.

In the case of excessive immigration, they benefit from all the extra tax dollars where the immigrants are productive, and they also benefit where the immigrants are disruptive, because they can then justify extracting extra tax dollars to deal with the problems.


Furthermore, those in the higher echelons - in the 'governing elite' - benefit even more hugely from such things, and they, themselves, can largely avoid the negative consequences because of their wealth, their power and their ability to live in more salubrious circumstances.

The rest of us, however, continually have to bear the costs.

And so the next time that you ask yourself the question, "How is it that there is nowadays so much hatred, so much crime and disharmony, so much violence - domestic and otherwise - and so much unhappiness around the place? -  particularly given that we are so much richer, so much more advanced (scientifically, technologically and medically etc) than people have ever been before," then take a closer look at what those in government are doing, and you will get much, much closer to the answer.

Always remember that it is very much in the interests of western governments and their officials to promote disharmony within their societies, and that they tend to exert huge forces to bring such disharmony about.

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