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woman computer programmer at work iron mouse

Women Programmers

Women Wanted To Program Games A UK university is trying to get women to apply for a computer games programming degree.

Women wanted to go on courses to produce computer games?

May the Lord have mercy upon us.

Whatever next, eh?

Do you know how long it took my missus to learn how to use the TV's remote control?

About two years!

Indeed, if I remember correctly, it took about 4 months to reach the ON/OFF button level of competence.

As for the video recorder; forget it.

She's got about as much chance of pressing the right buttons as she has of winning the lottery without a ticket.

I've never known anyone take so long to learn how to operate the PLAY, PAUSE and REWIND functions.

A monkey could do better.

And, for the sake of my own sanity, I must presume that most women are like this.

Besides which, women should be going on university courses that teach them about cooking, cleaning, child-rearing and caressing, not programming silly games.

Indeed, here is the syllabus for the future Women's Studies courses that will be introduced shortly after the Angry Harry Party wins a majority of seats in government.

These courses will, of course, be compulsory!

The Correct Way To Massage Your Husband's Feet When He Returns Home From The Golf Course.

How Best To Cook Your Husband A Five-Course Meal Should He Feel Particularly Hungry.

The Benefits Of Silence.

Sixty Ways to Soothe Your Husband's Headaches - Most Of Which You Will Have Caused.

How To Vacuum, Dust and Polish Without Waking Your Husband From His Afternoon Nap.

The Art Of Choosing A Pretty Nanny Who Will Provide Your Husband With Good Company While You Shop For Groceries.

(Something like this will do.)

blonde maid in short skirt


The Ecstatic Joys Of Submission And Servitude In The Twenty-First Century.

The Benefits Of Silence. Part II (Advanced Course.)

One Hundred Different Ways In Which To Dress Prettily.

Why Your Husband's Approval Is All That You Need In This Life.

Understanding Your Husband's Desires Without The Need For Talking.

Keeping Your Body In A Shape That Is Consistent With Your Husband's Numerous Quirks And Predilections.

How Best To Attend To Your Husband's Needs And So Ensure That He Is Most Comfortable For Every Single Nano-Second Of Each And Every Single Day.

These are the things that women need to study at university, not learning how to program silly video games!


woman doing housework ironing in lingerie

Women's Studies Undergraduate - In Training!


I do love writing stuff that is likely to annoy feminists.

I like to think of them enduring the rest of the day in a bad mood.

Trouble is; they probably come away from reading something like the above feeling rather happy at the thought that they can now justify spending the next few hours prancing around the place telling everyone how horribly 'offended' they are.

"I have never been so offended in my entire life!"

"All women have been degraded to the point of utter despair by this offensive article."

"It would be justice indeed if the author of this offensive literature was hanged by the neck and had his entrails removed."

"All men are pigs."

Such is their combined reflexive hostility and victim mentality these days.

in fact, just like the tantrums of two-year olds.


Depiction Of A Feminist's Mind

child tantrum screaming crying in push chair pram cartoon

"I'm a victim. I'm a victim. Bwaaa."



Isn't it about time that all you older men stood up against these stupid wimmin ...

 Old Codgers Unite

And as for all you gullible college students who think that you are feminists, think again, ...

Especially For Young Women


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