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Charity or Self-Interest?

The following is just another example of what I call an 'organism' that serves itself and its components (people) by stirring up 'abuse hysteria' - something which stirs up hatred towards men.

It gives us some insight into how charities such as the NSPCC have managed to gain such huge influence over the past few decades.

The text below is from an unsolicited letter that was received by a friend of mine. He presumes that he was chosen to receive this letter simply because he happens to live in a well-to-do district of London.

The letter is from a certain Caroline Rich who works for Saatchi & Saacthi - one of the biggest and most powerful advertising agencies in the world. Saatchi and Saatchi also produces all the horrendous adverts for the NSPCC which nowadays demonise almost anyone who has any contact with children - including their own parents. And it also provides much free work for left-wing political parties around the world.


Dear Mr Smith

I do hope this letter finds you well.

I am writing to you on behalf of the Rt. Hon. Donald Mckinnon, Commonwealth Secretary General, to extend a cordial invitation to the Black & White Masquerade Ball in aid of Hope & Homes for Children.

Hope & Homes for Children founder; Marc Cook OBE and the Rt. Hon. Donald Mckinnon will host the event, which will be held at the Marlborough House Royal Palace on the 13th March.

You are only one of 100 people to have been invited to attend this glittering event which will begin with a champagne reception, followed by the private dinner and then performances from some of London's best artists. I attach more information to give you a taste of this fantastic night.

Our aim is to raise 400,000 to help support the vital work carried out by the Hope & Homes for Children and as such, tickets are priced at 700 all inclusive.

Don and I look forward to hearing from you and I hope that you can support both us and Hope & Homes for Children at this event.

Kind Regards

Caroline Rich


Now, of course, on the face of it, there is nothing wrong with this sort of letter. After all, it is clearly a special invitation to wealthy people to dip into their pockets and provide some financial assistance to a children's charity.

But it is also clear that the main aim of this letter is to tempt unknown wealthy people to go along to this event by suggesting to them that they will only meet other wealthy people in the process.



In other words, the event is a social networking enterprise that has been designed to be especially attractive to those unknowns who would like to make social contacts and climb the social ladder.

After all, if the people who were tempted to attend such an event were mostly just concerned to help Hope & Homes for Children, then they could simply send in their money!

And so what we see here is Saatchi and Saatchi attempting to create another 'organism' that is ostensibly concerned with the welfare of children whereas, in fact, its major concern is to help wealthy people make useful contacts.

Indeed, the same sort of thing happens with the major celebrity TV 'charity' events - such as the BBC's Children In Need evenings.

The celebrities who turn up to perform in these events are mostly just advertising themselves and getting more acquainted with others who are also in the entertainment business; something that can help them enormously with their career prospects and their future earnings. Furthermore, of course, by taking part in such events they can present themselves to the public as being particularly 'caring' individuals.

rich woman

Now, I do not intend to suggest that such things are always nothing more than public-relations scams perpetrated by individuals who seek mostly to serve themselves, but it is definitely the case that the 'concern for children' is not as high up in most of the minds of those who take part in such events as most of them would have us believe.

In other words, these powerful 'organisms' that generate so much hatred and so much misery throughout our societies are continually being nourished and energised by the self-serving greed of various individuals rather than by any genuine concern for children.

And in the case of the letter above, it is quite clear that its main aim is to attract funding from unknown wealthy people who are keen to become more well known - for a price!

Finally, please let me emphasise that I am not suggesting that Hope & Homes for Children is an unworthy charity. Not at all. Indeed, as far as I can tell, it is a very worthwhile charity.

The point of this piece is simply to demonstrate one example of how it is that socially-destructive organisations such as the NSPCC can become so powerful by providing self-enriching mechanisms for lofty people whose main aim is to feather their own nests.


Here is Janet Street-Porter (a well-known ardent feminist of about 60 years of age who knows more about the UK media than most people, having worked in the business all her working life) writing in The Independent newspaper about the BBC's annual event devoted to Children In Need.

[My underlining]

I don't believe that the BBC's remit includes the right to fill its main channel for hours on end with second-rate presenters begging us to donate money to any cause, no matter how worthy. Children in Need gives millions of pounds to charity ... but it has been hijacked by pop stars seeking to sell their products through exposure on a prime channel at a time when viewing figures are at their highest.

... This represents a cosy conspiracy between the marketing directors of the major record companies and the programme's producers. Would anyone want to appear on this show if they didn't have something to sell? It doesn't matter whether they are performing or not. Their very appearance on this extravaganza represents a coup for their marketing machines.

... It's a shame that this money cannot be raised without the intrusion of commercial companies (who blatantly flaunt their brand names and flout the BBC's sponsorship code of practice) and pop stars, many of whom could well afford to donate vast sums of money to charity without having to plug their latest offerings in the process. Of course they can afford to give their services for nothing it's all part of their marketing strategy!


A large percentage of the donations received by the BBC from its 'Children In Need' events does not actually go to children at all. It goes to various feminist political activist groups which masquerade as women's victim groups; e.g. see Read the Small Print before you Donate.


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