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The Curse of the NSPCC

The following are articles which demonstrate that many children's charities concerned with 'abuse' are actually more harmful to our children (indeed more harmful to all of us) than is most of the abuse that they are supposedly concerned about. 

For non-UK readers, I should point out that the NSPCC is huge.

It has a huge influence on the public and it has a huge impact on the legal system.

It is, allegedly, the foremost authority on the social welfare of children in the country.

And yet, in my view, the NSPCC is precious little more than a money-making scam, and the evidence to suggest that, at the very least, it has harmed far more children than it has helped is almost indisputable.

The NSPCC Needs To Be Stopped

Demonstrates how the NSPCC has harmed just about everybody - reading time approx 20 min.

Do We Need An Abuse Industry?

Demonstrates the basic mechanism through which  people are harmed by the antics of the abuse industry.

NSPCC: Children's Charities Sued for Millions?
(or How to Ruin a Child's Life with Just a Few Words)

Explains how youngsters and adults who have been abused have been seriously harmed by children's charities. (15 min)

The Damage to Society from False Accusations

How children are more easily targeted by potential abusers because of the failure to punish false accusers and because of the hysteria generated over child abuse.

Smacking Children 'Research'?

An insight into why it is that the research on 'smacking' is so utterly worthless.

The Smacking Myths

Exposes some of the nonsense being promulgated by the child abuse industry when it comes to the issue of smacking.

Smacking Bottoms

An example of just how little the child professionals really care about children and their families.

NSPCC Shatters Its Own Child Abuse Myths

The NSPCC does some research and discovers that many of its own pronouncements were false.

The Disappearance of Madeleine McCann

The horrible consequences of the child abuse hysteria; in this case, even for Madeleine. But there is too much money to be made from the hysteria.

Chris Langham - Scapegoat?

The downloading of fifteen illicit images is a trivial offence, but the way in which Chris Langham has been treated spells danger for all of us.

Chris Langham - Scapegoat? - part two

Chris Langham's crime did not 'promote' child abuse even to 1 trillionth of the amount promoted by others; such as those working for the tabloids.

NSPCC: Charity or Self-Interest?

How big advertising agencies use abuse hysteria to generate social networks for rich people who wish to climb the social ladder.

Michael Jackson - A Victory for Men

The acquittal of Michael Jackson on child abuse charges is a welcome development - even if he was guilty - because the evidence was not forthcoming.

 NSPCC Exposed Yet Again

Some MPs finally speak out.

Justice For Rebecca

Just another little girl who died as a result of the activities of those who cast suspicion upon everybody.

Tea Abuse

People could easily be persuaded that drinking tea will damage their children.

 Vehicular Abuse

Why do we not ban vehicles given that they harm so many people?

How the NSPCC faked child abuse stories to generate cash.

NSPCC told to spend its cash on children not campaigning

Father-of-three branded a 'pervert' - for photographing his own children in public park.

Perhaps we should also ban the Mothercare catalogue.

Perhaps we should outlaw children in films and on TV.

And what about the many thousands of CCTV cameras?

Pensioners reprimanded for taking photos of a DESERTED paddling pool

Grandmother banned from taking photos of her granddaughter in a paddling pool.

Father Arrested For Playing Football In Park A father was arrested and held in a cell for five hours for playing football with his children in a park without permission from the council. 

Jane Watts, 52, claims her life was left in tatters after she was accused of hitting a five-year-old girl in her reception class.

Adoption falls to 10-year low as potential parents are put off by fears they may be branded paedophiles


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