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Emily Maitlis

According to the feminist-dominated BBC's Newsnight team, Hillary Clinton's failure to secure the nomination was because America was absolutely riddled with 'misogyny' - the BBC never stops trying to stir up hatred in women towards men.

It was truly pathetic. And the relatively empty-headed (in my view) Emily Maitlis ...


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... kept desperately trying to goad her interviewees into blaming misogyny for Hillary Clinton's demise.

I was almost cringing with embarrassment on her behalf while watching her.

What is it with these feminist women who believe that anyone who does not like them or who does not approve of their views or support their cause must be a misogynist, eh?

They are utterly ridiculous.

But, thankfully, my sanity was restored when Brendan O'Neill (who writes in the Guardian, on Spiked, and all over the place) and Rod Liddle (in the Times) poured scorn on this notion and pointed out that misogyny had absolutely nothing to do with Hillary Clinton's failure. 

Indeed, the fact that she is a woman probably gained her millions of extra votes judging by the huge amount of college-campus and media feminist activism that was deployed to encourage American women to vote for her.

And it all failed.

The political power of the feminists is clearly weakening.

Regretfully, however, my evening was almost ruined by the BBC's attempt to suggest that typewriters were used to oppress women.

You really couldn't make it up, could you?


Typewriters Oppressed Women



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