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Where Are All The Sex Slaves?

Where Are All The Sex Slaves? The Metropolitan Police launched dawn raids on various ‘slavery dens’ in Slough last Friday; some of the police reportedly wore balaclavas and riot gear and were closely followed by film crews invited along to witness the moment the ‘child slaves’ were liberated. Brendan O'Neill

There was only one problem with this story: it was as fictional as the original Dickensian tale of artful dodgers. 

... In recent years, a motley crew of government and police forces in America and Europe, feminist activists, fundamentalist Christian outfits and celebrity campaigners has turned human trafficking into one of the biggest issues of our time. They claim there is a new ‘slave trade’, that tens of thousands of people – especially women and children – are being sold across borders and into bondage every year.

But, as is usually found to be the case, these are just the typical lies that regularly emanate from those who seek to grow their 'abuse' empires.

... In late 2005, police in Birmingham carried out a media splash of a raid against a brothel and claimed to have ‘rescued’ 19 women who had been trafficked to the UK and enslaved as prostitutes (8). A few days later, 13 of the women were released when it turned out that they were ‘voluntarily working in the sex industry’; the remaining six, who also denied having been trafficked, were imprisoned at Yarlswood detention centre in Bedfordshire and threatened with deportation back to their countries of origin.

These women were threatened with deportation because they refused to claim that they had been sex-trafficked.

Indeed, such women can avoid being deported or going to jail if they do claim to have been sex-trafficked.

In other words, women in these circumstances are told by the police that they can gain a great deal if they would only lie about their situations and pretend to be the victims of sex-traffickers.

Indeed, they will soon also be offered money to lie about their situations. ...

... Trafficked Sex Slaves To Receive Millions In Compensation Sex slaves smuggled illegally into Britain are to share millions of pounds in compensation for their 'pain and trauma', it has emerged.

... and so, of course, the number of women who claim to have been sex-trafficked will grow and grow and grow!

This is just one example of how those in the abuse industry work.

They actually reward people very handsomely if they will claim to have been abused.

And it is you men out there  - ALL OF YOU - who will get to be further demonised as the hysteria is pumped up over this issue of sex-trafficking. And, stemming from this, you will then find that more laws are created to make it easier for you to be prosecuted over some matter concerning 'abuse'.

(A good example of this is the recent IMBRA legislation in the USA which concerns American men dating foreign women.)

Where Are All The Battered Women? "Well, if what the feminists are saying about DV is true, the evidence should be plain to see. You should be able to stand in the middle of Oxford Street on a Saturday and look at the crowds. Half of those people are women, and one in four of them is being battered on a daily basis. So my question is, where are they? I would expect to see women all around me with black eyes and broken teeth and bruises. And yet I can't see any at all. How can you explain that?" Heretical

The journalist, David Thomas, about 15 years ago investigated the ludicrous DV claims made by the feminists and the women's groups.

He calculated that if their claims about serious DV were true, then all the London hospital casualty units would be packed out every day with women victims queuing for treatment.

He researched the hospitals and the police DV units, and he found that they very rarely had any custom at all.

Indeed, one police DV unit - which had about 15 staff - usually had nothing to do, all day, every day.

USA: Lost Boys - Underage Prostitutes The typical kid who is commercially exploited for sex in New York City is not a tween girl, has not been sold into sexual slavery, and is not held captive by a pimp.

Nearly all the boys and girls involved in the city’s sex trade are going it alone.

Good read, exposing the fact that the official figures are massively hyped up and, further, that the feminists refuse to accept that 'men' are not forcing these kids to do what they do - and so they lie, and lie.

woman slave cartoon

A Stripper's Point Of View

A Stripper's Point Of View I have to say it's not that bad. The sex industry, including strip clubs, is merely a means to an end for thousands of girls like me. Strip clubs are a valid means of making a living at certain points in life when another career, for whatever reason, does not appeal or is impossible to undertake. Ruth Fowler

That does not mean we're permanently degraded, responsible for a 50% increase in rapes around Camden, nor are we suffering a lack of choice. Most of us are there because in the fabulously tawdry 21st century with all its glamorous moral decline, we may as well get paid for what girls do for free in clubs, pubs and bars across the country.

I saw an Aussie bar hostess being interviewed the other day. She was working in Thailand and had been in the business for 15 years. (She was about 40 years old.)

She talked candidly about her life and about the other women whom she came across in the sex industry.

At one point, the interviewer asked her directly about the number of women whom she had come across who had been "sex-trafficked" - that is, women who had been deceived about what the true nature of their work would be when they crossed the borders to another country. (This woman had also previously worked in Japan.)

Her answer was revealing.

Throughout her 15 years, she had come across two women whom she felt had been bamboozled into believing that they were going to be doing jobs that were different from the ones that they were actually being offered.

Finally, as was pointed out by one of my readers from Sweden, it is very difficult for sex workers in western countries to avoid close, piercing scrutiny by the police - who are forever hoping to find some kind of 'abuse' going on.

As a result, it would be stupid, beyond belief, for those in the sex-trade to employ girls who are unwilling to do the jobs, and sheer madness to force girls into the sex trade. Not only would they get into a great deal of trouble by using such girls, these girls would also be very quick to expose what was going on.

And what would be the point of risking one's very neck when there are thousands of girls who are quite happy to do the jobs? - especially if it allows them to 'work abroad' and earn fantastic money while doing so.

In other words, the notion that the sex industry is largely staffed by unwilling "sex-trafficked" girls is a load of hokum. But feminists are nowadays determined to portray all women who work in the sex industry as 'victims'; because this is yet another mechanism by which they hope to destroy the relationships between men and women.

(Not only do they want to destroy the relationships between men and women as they relate to each other in the sex trade, but, far more importantly, they want to poison the 'image' of all men in the eyes of all women. And giving the impression to the public that all prostitutes are 'victims' is one good way of horribly demonising all men.)

Western governments are now also going to be offering thousands of dollars in compensation to foreign female sex workers who claim that they have been sex-trafficked - and these women are also going to avoid deportation - and so, of course, this is exactly what many of these girls will now do. They will claim that they have been sex-trafficked.

Indeed, if they do not claim to have been sex-trafficked, then they will likely be told that they could go to prison!

"You have two choices, My Dear. Claim that you have been sex-trafficked and we will allow you to remain in the country and, possibly, give you a wad of money in compensation. Or, deny that you were sex-trafficked, and you will be deported following a prison sentence."

In other words, western governments are going to be manufacturing out of nowhere as many "sex-trafficked" women as possible.

Minister Upset By F4J Protest

Minister Upset By F4J Protest The former children's minister Margaret Hodge told a jury yesterday that she was "shocked and distressed" when two members of Fathers4Justice handcuffed her as she spoke at a conference in Manchester.

She was then asked why she decided to be a witness in the case, since other fathers' rights stunts had not been pursued through the courts. She said it was her public duty to act as a witness to protect other elected representatives from such actions.

Yeah, right.

Ms Hodge has been a major promoter of male-hatred and family destruction just about all of her life as far as I can remember. 

Indeed, she, together with other members of Gordon Brown's government, has recently been responsible for the 'well-timed' publication of the bogus research carried out by the government-funded Equal Opportunities Commission concerning the alleged gender Pay Gap - hence Gordon Brown's recent surge in popularity among women voters.

In other words, it's the usual scam.

For newcomers, here is how this works.

Just like the lies concerning Saddam's WMD in order justify the Iraq war, the government funds and promotes the dissemination of lies via the Equal Opportunities Commission concerning the gender Pay Gap. 'Women' are outraged by this alleged pay gap. And so Gordon Brown then thumps his fist on the table and says that he will do something about it and, for example, prosecute those employers who are not paying women the same as men - and so the women flock to vote for him.

But it is all a set up. A sham.

There is no gender pay gap due to discrimination.

(Indeed, it is already illegal for employers to pay men more than women for doing the same job. And so if the EOC really did have any evidence that employers were discriminating against women, then the EOC would already be prosecuting them. And the fact that this is not happening demonstrates that their 'evidence' for discrimination is bogus.)

In a nutshell, the feminist/government tactic is this.

Enrage 'women' over some phony issue, and then claim that you will do something about it. And then, watch the 'women' flock to vote for you.

It's the usual story. Demonise men in order to profit.

And here is yet another recent example of Gordon Brown's cronies funding organisations that promote 'disharmony' ...

Taxpayers' cash is sponsoring the Jeremy Kyle Show, described by a judge as "a human form of bear-baiting", it was revealed last night

The Government education quango Learndirect has an advertising deal costing some £500,000 a year for the controversial ITV programme.

Earlier this week, a judge called the daytime talk-show a "morbid and depressing display of dysfunctional people" after a spurned husband was provoked into butting his wife's lover in front of the studio audience.

On and on it goes.

And MRAs need to understand that whether it is government-funded groups like those concerned with VAWA or IMBRA in the USA, or those like the EOC over here, the basic tactic remains the same.

Claim that there is some form of discrimination or 'abuse' against women going on. Claim that your administration will do something about it. And the government can then haul in the votes of 'women' and, also, fund huge government empires and a large number of employees that continue to perpetrate the lies and, further, actually fuel further the 'disharmony' - and so those women's votes keep coming in, and the further funding and the growth of various government-funded empires remain 'justified'.

Indeed, the sneaky funding of the bear-baiting programme above is just one - relatively trivial - example of what left-wing feminist-dominated governments do on a huge scale.

To your face, they claim to be concerned about some form of 'abuse', but behind the scenes they are forever trying to fuel it.

Indeed, the perennial falsehoods about the gender pay gap are, in essence, no different from the never-ending deluge of lies concerning the 'abuse of women' - designed to fund and to promote the ever-growing power of government and its various associated women's lobby groups.

For example, old-timers will surely remember the absurd feminist claim that 100,000 women in the USA died from anorexia every year - an illness that, they alleged, arose as a result of sexual abuse.

(Eventually, Professor Christina Hoff Sommers researched the matter via various medical establishments and discovered that, in fact, only about 100 women died from anorexia each year and that sexual abuse had nothing to do with it. The main factors causing anorexia seemed to have something to do with genes and with the mother-daughter relationship.)

 40,000 'sex-slaves'

And last year, here in the UK, the government, in collaboration with various other feminists and those working in the abuse industry, proclaimed that 40,000 'sex-slaves' were expected to be trafficked to Germany in time for the World Cup. In the end, ... Newly unrestricted European Union documents reveal that the German police uncovered just five cases of ‘human trafficking for the purpose of sexual exploitation’ related to the international football tournament.

And back in the USA, as Carey Roberts has pointed out,  the Washington Post reported that early estimates of up to 100,000 human trafficking victims being secreted into the United States each year were grossly exaggerated. Despite more than $150 million of taxpayer dollars diverted to a massive search and rescue effort, it turns out the actual number of trafficking victims is closer to 200 annually

This hatred towards men being generated for profit on the basis of downright lies is almost ceaseless.

And the falsehoods about the gender pay gap are no different. Instead of claiming that women are being sexually abused or physically abused, they are being financially abused.

It's the very same scam.

But trying to get politicians to stop all these lies is futile. It would be like asking a tiger to stop eating meat.

No meat. No life.

And many government organisms thrive on this hatred towards men. They would cease to exist without it.

And, just like tigers, they are not going to do anything to extinguish themselves!

Sex Slaves To Receive Millions In Compensation

Trafficked Sex Slaves To Receive Millions In Compensation Sex slaves smuggled illegally into Britain are to share millions of pounds in compensation for their 'pain and trauma', it has emerged.

The Criminal Injuries Compensation Authority - slated for long delays in making payments to the victims of violent crime - agreed to hand over £140,000 to the first four cases last week.

... A growing backlog of cases means more than 81,000 people are still waiting to find out if they will receive any support.

Anyway; here is an *mp3 file (13 mins) of an interview with Laura María Agustin - a woman who has studied the problem and who - very delicately - exposes the truth behind the alleged sex trafficking phenomenon. Amongst other things, she points out that the feminists and their associated wimmin's victims groups are trying to label all prostitutes as 'sex-trafficked' - the idea being to bamboozle the public - yet again - into believing that there are thousands of women who are forced into prostitution. 

And now, the inveterate liar and man-hater, Harriet Harman, intends to have men imprisoned for using the services of prostitutes under the guise that she wants to reduce 'sex-trafficking' ... Mrs Harman said she supported criminalising men who use prostitutes as a means of tackling the rising problem of sex trafficking.

Also see Sex Trafficking - Happy Hookers of Eastern Europe


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