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Men Are The Problem

It has just been announced that a piece of research which looked at 'domestic violence' calls to the police and other agencies in a one-day snapshot across the UK recorded a total of 1300 calls 'concerned with domestic violence' - a term which includes 'shouting' as well as 'nothing-at-all-except-froth-and-bubble'. 

This figure of 1300 calls in one day extrapolates to about half a million calls per year and represents an average of about one call per 66 seconds.

But this is what Beatrix Campbell - the woman who promotes the belief that children in the UK are being systematically subjected to Satanic abuse- reports in The Guardian. 

Quotes are in blue.

Men Are The Problem

An ordinary Thursday, a month ago. Every second between midnight and midnight a woman called the police [This is not true; the average was just one call per 66 seconds, and many calls were not made to the police] for protection from her partner. Those women were being bashed, stabbed, cut, kicked, slapped or "just" terrorised and intimidated. [This is also NOT TRUE - the calls included complaints of, among other things, being shouted at, and even of someone throwing the dog out.] Very few of their assailants were arrested.

... This was September 28 in Britain ...

Multiply September 28 by every day and you come up with more than half a million incidents -


According to Ms Campbell's figures, you would get 365 x 24 x 60 x 60 which is


 The only legitimate extrapolation from the provided data leads to a figure of half a million annual calls - and most of these will be repeat calls from hysterical couples having everyday arguments.

Ms Campbell's readers, and, hence, Guardian Readers have been deceived to the tune of ...


There were 1300 telephone calls IN TOTAL throughout this particular day, but Guardian readers are told that there were 3600 calls PER HOUR!

Some 6 years ago, various groups of so-called academic researchers from various so-called universities were scaring us all with the fact that there were one million annual calls to the police concerning domestic violence.

In other words, this new estimate of half a million annual calls actually represents a decrease of some 50% over the past 6 years. (But, of course, no feminist-fearing newspaper dares mention this. It would spoil the malicious hype against men and, hence, the feminists' funding.)

And feminist 'academics' themselves tend to manufacture the most ludicrous numbers from thin air, and gullible women believe them! Indeed, many feminist 'academics' such as Beatrix Campbell, aware of this gullibility, seem to pump out any old numbers in the full knowledge that they will mostly be believed, and, if not, what does it matter so long as the headlines stand out. Anything, so long as it paints a grim picture of the male gender.

ask any police officer in private about the 'domestic violence' figures and he will tell you that they mostly reflect petty squabbles

Finally, ask any police officer in private about the 'domestic violence' figures and he will tell you that they mostly reflect petty squabbles between couples wherein the women are simply using the police as a cosh with which to intimidate their partners. 

The truth about the official domestic violence figures is this. They are a load of baloney. The official figures are very wildly exaggerated, and the unhappy events to which they are said to refer are, for the most part, decidedly trivial.

And here, also in the Guardian, published under the heading of Breaking News at 3.22 am, we have ...

Level Of Domestic Violence Shocks Police 

Domestic violence in the UK is at "shocking" levels with a rape, beating or stabbing inflicted in a home every six seconds, a report says.


The report says nothing of the sort. It says that the 1300 calls recorded over the day INCLUDED such things as rape, beating or stabbing. But just look again to see how misleading is the Guardian's statement as per above.

Further, the calls arrived at an average rate of one every 66 seconds, NOT every 6 seconds.

The Guardian also did not mention the fact that the feminist covens, well aware of this very 'special' day in which telephone calls concerning domestic violence were to be counted, would have made damn sure that a few of their activists kept those phones ringing. 

You don't think that this sort of thing happens, eh? Then, for example, read the following article to see how such wimmin deluge companies like Amazon and newspapers with negative comments about authors or books that they disapprove of ...

 Angry Wimmin O’Beirne has hit a nerve, and now these same angry women are trying to sink the book—though we predict they’ll have about as much success with Kate as they had defeating Reagan and G. W. Bush. Their tactic: an apparent smear campaign on Amazon.com. Charlotte Hays

Indeed, if you read The Independent you will also discover this ...

The exercise – in which the 43 forces in England and Wales, the Royal Ulster Constabulary, and Strathclyde Police in Scotland logged all reports about physical and emotional violence in the home– was kept secret to avoid the risk of distorting the findings.

Incidents reported to Victim Support offices, Relate and women's refuges and aid agencies were also included.

Now, let us read that again, shall we?

Incidents reported to Victim Support offices, Relate and women's refuges and aid agencies were also included.

Yep, they actually included data gathered from those very people who make their living out of keeping the numbers high.

Can you believe it? No-one, surely, still believes in any of the figures issued by these self-promoting, self-serving hysteria-promoting men-hating groups? (And even the police have recently been caught inflating their domestic violence figures by over 100% to account for their 'time'.)

Indeed, the chief constable in one district actually apologised for having attracted so few calls! He clearly took this as some form of indictment against his own men who, it seems, needed to do much better. 

In other words, if the police don't come up with high enough figures for domestic violence, then they are not considered to be doing their job properly!

And, in practice, this actually means that the various police districts will be jockeying with each other to keep themselves somewhere near the top of the league by touting for domestic violence business.

And, indeed, if you look at all their 'adverts' and domestic violence pamphlets, this is exactly what they are doing. "If your partner does this, this or this (and the list is a long one e.g. see AH's Does The Home Office Wilfully Stir Up Domestic Violence?) then phone this number."

What you have here is a scam by the feminists

What you have here is a scam by the feminists, the media and various government agencies to pump up both the hysteria and the figures in order to feather their own nests and to stir up hatred toward men.

You need to understand that the domestic violence industry is one of the main cash cows for feminist activists. The money that these feminist women receive - which amounts to millions - is used to foment hate and hysteria in order to generate more funding.

This funding pays for their jobs and for their empires, and politicians dare not refuse to give it to them.

Indeed, many politicians on the left actually use these feminist groups to promote left-wing politicians and left-wing policies. And so they are more than happy to use people's tax dollars to promote anti-male feminist activism.

To read more about Beatrix Campbell's lies, see ...

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