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February 2003


A Virus

AH is going to build himself a virus!

Well, if not a virus, then, perhaps, a wee bacterium of some sort.

He is going to do a bit of genetic engineering. A bit of chromosomal choreography.

Hee. Hee. Hee.

Yes. Sirree.

Up in his little attic, locked away from prying eyes, he will set up his laboratory. And the little beastie that he creates will have three important parts in its genetic makeup.

The first part will be the 'identifier'. 

This part will be able to recognise cells that have a particular gene, or contain a particular protein. For example, black-skinned people must have something in their DNA that is different from that found in white people. Chinese people, with their narrow eyes, must have something in their DNA that is different from that found in people without narrow eyes.

Ha. Ha. Ha!

People of Arab descent must have something in their DNA ... 

Well, you get the point.

If there is a physical difference that we can see, then there is a genetic difference that AH can find!


But Angry Harry! You're not a biologist. There is no way that you could figure out such things.


That's true.

But AH does not need brains. He just needs money!

With a lot of money, he can buy someone else's brains - preferably, those of a few good biologists!

But, back to business!

The second part of the wee beastie will be the 'fatal poison'.

This is the poisonous substance that will be manufactured by the beastie when the 'identifier' identifies a cell of the appropriate type.

AH does not yet exactly know what this poison will be, but this will be a job for the biologists to figure out.

That's what he'll pay them for!

And now, here's the clever part.

Part three!

The third part of the wee beastie will consist of something stolen from the cold or the flu virus. The idea here is that people who are infected with AH's wee beastie - whether or not they are destined to succumb to the poison - will find themselves coughing, sneezing and spluttering all day long; thus spreading AH's beastie far and wide, all over the place!

 AH's enemies will be dying like flies.

And, before very long, AH's enemies will be dying like flies.


And the blackmail potential will also be truly enormous.

And so AH will be able to recover absolutely all his expenses in a jiffy.

And all that he really needs to possess in order to set up his small laboratory in the attic is a big dollop of money to hire the brains, and a little secrecy.

Oh, if only. 

If only AH knew someone who was wealthy - especially someone with the mind of a criminal. 

A drugs baron perhaps! A drugs baron who needs some 'protection' - some 'guarantee' - for his shaky future.


What about someone who owns an oil-well or two? And who has hate in his heart?


Dear Saddam,

I wonder if I can interest you in a financial venture ...

Well, of course, AH is only joking. He is not really going to set up a laboratory in his attic. But, in the next five years or so, someone else might!

And they really will only need an attic.

And this is a very scary thought - especially when you consider the fact that their wee beasties could be unleashed without any traces back to them.


His team simply obtained information from the Internet, purchased the indicated pieces, and stitched them together into a live virus.

But Angry Harry. What can we do? 

We cannot keep checking out every laboratory in every little attic on Earth! What about those in China, in Russia, in Israel, and perhaps even in Uzbekistan?

Well, my friend. There are two things that we need to do.

1. Keep ahead in the race, so that if something bad happens then we are as best prepared as possible.

2. The more dangers that there are 'out there', the more important becomes the spread of information so that a greater number of people can keep their beady eyes on things - and can do so with greater efficiency. And we have to keep pushing in this direction - even if this means ID cards, DNA databases, face recognition cameras etc. And it also means that we have to keep a very close eye on governments - including ours!

What is the alternative with regard to preventing future biological attacks from sources unknown?

Just imagine, for example, a deadly virus that doesn't attack, let's say, people with white skin.

Just imagine, for example, a deadly virus that doesn't attack, let's say, people with white skin. One white person alone could then quite safely infect himself with it, and cough and splutter his way around the locality killing non-white folk with impunity.

And, of course, having infected a few hundred of the white community, he could then retire to his bed to recuperate from his coughs and sneezes and let the hundreds of newly-infected white carriers spread the virus on his behalf.

Who could stop him? Who could find him? 

Take it from AH - who once got a Grade A for a biology essay in 1968 - such a scenario is not as crazy as it sounds!

And the spread of information is the only real safeguard against such a thing.

"In the long term, I am more worried about biology. ... Genetic engineering can be done in a small lab. You can't regulate every lab in the world. The danger is that either by accident or design, we create a virus that destroys us." Stephen Hawking

I have received quite a few emails concerning the above piece that have pointed out that the 'spread of information' is not necessarily a good thing - in that information can be used by people to cause a great deal of harm. And when it comes to the purposeful creation of fatal viruses, this harm could be positively catastrophic, perhaps, for the whole human race.

As such, instead of valid information being the God on Earth - as I like to describe it - it might well end up being the very Devil itself!

Well, of course, this was the reason that I wrote the article - to make it abundantly clear even to my less able readers - of which there are many! - that we are already living in very dangerous times.

It is bad enough when one man writes a malevolent computer virus that spreads rapidly around the globe, but what happens when it is a biological one?

It is a very depressing thought!

But we cannot sit on our backsides and do nothing.

And so, while it is true that the accessibility of certain information - such as that required to make viruses - must be restricted in some appropriate and well-scrutinised way, it is also true that, in general, the spread of valid information is the best way of keeping tabs on this - and, in fact, it is the best way to safeguard us against very many potential ills.

It is always the case that the power derived from information can be used for the good or for the bad. For example, take the information required to produce life-saving antibiotics. Even this could be used for the bad - perhaps simply by denying other countries access to it.

But because, in so many areas - including the building of fatal viruses in hidden laboratories in far away countries - there is actually nothing that we can do to be certain that people are not getting their hands on information that they will use for the bad, the only hope that we have is to monitor as best as we can what is going on all over the place and to arrange matters so that we are prepared for any eventualities. 

We cannot bury our heads in the sand.

our only protection is access to information.

In other words, our only protection is access to information.

Further, we cannot just leave it up to self-serving power groups to monitor what is happening on our behalf. Not only can they not be trusted to do the job properly, and probably will also never have enough resources to do the job properly in the first place, but they are more than likely to end up abusing the very power that this would give them.

And the solution to all three of these problems is to spread valid information about to a greater and greater number of 'qualified' people so that any failures or abuses of power are far less likely to occur.

As an example of this, take a look at my piece entitled The Damage to Society from False Accusations which gives a sense of this situation as it applies to child abuse by stranger paedophiles.

The predatory paedophile on the street is, if you like, the 'fatal virus' being manufactured somewhere in the dark, and the normal everyday adults are either looking after the interests of the children around them, or they are not.

If they are not looking, then the paedophile will succeed easily in his quest. If they are looking, then he won't.

It is only by opening up access to communications and to information - bit by bit - to a much wider audience that we can hope to prevent future catastrophes, and, indeed, prevent many other things from occurring that we consider to be 'bad'.

And so while it is true that some kinds of information could well result in the very Devil himself being conjured up, it is only by ensuring that information, in general, is spread far more widely that we can hope to prevent such an event before it happens.

There is no other way!

Further, with regard to more mundane levels of badness - crime, disharmony, aggravation etc - much of this arises because of the behaviours of men, and mostly because they are dissatisfied in some way. They want more money. They want more sex. They want a better job. They want better access to their children. They do not want to be in prison. They hate the infidel. Whatever.

And while there are sufficient numbers of them behaving in a poor way as a result of their dissatisfaction, then our societies will continue to have serious problems to deal with.


It only takes two delinquent boys to terrorise an entire estate.

It only takes one dictator with a WMD to terrorise the entire planet!

And when it comes to international conflicts, then matters can become far worse. It only takes one dictator with a WMD to terrorise the entire planet!

The way forward, therefore, is to build a world that ...

1. ... caters far more to the needs of men than is currently the case, particularly since ordinary men are now becoming far more empowered (by the technology and the science etc) than they have ever been in the past - which means that they can be far more dangerous. (Think of a single suicidal and murderous geneticist deranged with anger over the loss of his house and his children thanks to the divorcing judge. Or think of someone like Saddam!)

2. ... gradually functions on the basis of such rich interconnections between people that power groups which serve only themselves to the detriment of others simply cannot materialise and survive. 

The alternative is perpetual conflict.

Putting it bluntly: The more that men are satisfied and the more open are the connections between people, the fewer problems will there be.

And, in my humble opinion, the best and quickest route to achieving this state of affairs is through the various machinations of the men's movement. (The feminist movement is aiming for the complete opposite. It survives only by deception and by the stirring up of hatred toward men, and it purposefully aims to create a world wherein men are continually undermined - and, therefore, continually dissatisfied - none of which is a good recipe for the future, to put it mildly.)

the men's movement can eventually unite men right across the world.

Indeed, the men's movement can eventually unite men right across the world. He might be a Jew or an Arab, a black or a white, a gay or a straight, but, fundamentally, if he is a man and he spends a good part of his life sitting at a screen, then the men's movement can reach him - and therefore reach his fellow men - with relative ease - and vice versa - and, bit by bit, things can be sorted out, plans can be made, friendships and agreements can be created, and areas of consensus can rise to the top of the to-do list.

What other way is there, given the awful dangers that face us?

men who sit at computer screens are going to dominate the future.

Indeed, men who sit at computer screens are going to dominate the future. They are already succeeding in this to a considerable extent. For example, the police officer who sits at a screen will have more power in his hands than the officer patrolling the beat. The MI6 agent who is monitoring the activists online will be gaining more power relative to his boss who is simply spending his time in expensive restaurants chumming it up with his high-level cronies. The lawyer who spends his days in a courtroom will have less influence on the world than will one who types on his keyboard.

The police officers, the agents and the lawyers who sit at their screens are all interconnected at some level, and they will become far more closely connected with the men's movement as time goes by - even if they do not realise it.

And so it is that the men's movement will gradually spread far and wide. And it will end up being influenced by men, from all walks of life, whose mentality is conducive to sitting at screens and who actively engage in the issues.

This will be a minority of men, for sure. But it is they, COLLECTIVELY, who will end up calling the shots.

How come?

Because in the not-too-distant future there will be no other effective way to call the shots.

I am influencing the FBI agent who is reading this far more so than he is influencing me.

As just one tiny and very trivial example of this, I am influencing the FBI agent who is reading this far more so than he is influencing me.

At a much higher level, of course, well-known journalists and writers in the mainstream are still influencing millions of people with their words and ideas. But, firstly, their relative influence is diminishing rapidly, and, secondly, these are the very people who are becoming more and more entangled with cyberspace - and, hence, with the men's movement - once again, whether they realise it or not.

Further, and most fortunately for everybody, these men who sit at screens are exactly the kind of men who, COLLECTIVELY, are most likely to solve the most pressing problems that we face.

They are our best hope for the future.


With regard to gender issues, a similar kind of influence over the powers-that-be is also going to take place in the near future and the demise of feminism and political correctness is truly at hand.

And there will be many serious shocks in store for their proponents.


1. The mainstream media are going to continue to lose their power.

2. The men's movement is growing all the time - through the screen. (Remember the police officer, the MI6 agent and the lawyer?) And it is going to be positively enormous.

3. Feminism and political correctness have had an extremely powerful stranglehold over the mainstream media to an extent that has been almost Orwellian. And so, even a reversion to some kind of fair balance, would actually result in a major decrease in the support for them.

4. The deceptions, the dishonesty, the stupidity and the downright nastiness of those who have laboured to stir up hatred toward their own men will finally be exposed to the public at large. And they will be vilified for it.

5. Ordinary men are being more empowered as time goes by.

And there are oodles of other factors which I could drone on about for days.

But the above five factors on their own will achieve a gargantuan change in circumstances for the feminists and the politically correct. And they haven't a hope in Hell of surviving the onslaught that they are about to face.

We are witnessing the dawn of a new era.

And it is men who sit at screens who are going to bring this about.

And their job is to try to make people's lives much happier and safer than they are now - including their own!

This will surely be their over-riding aim - whether they realise it or not. 

if this means disempowering western women to a large extent, then, so be it.

And, indeed, if this means disempowering western women to a large extent, then, so be it.

Oh Angry Harry, you are such a dreamer.

No way is this men's movement going to happen in the way that you say it will. No way are thousands and thousands of men from all walks of life, from all over the planet, going to be swarming over the internet, sitting at their screens, interconnecting, checking out the good, checking out the bad, passing around information, while pushing forward their own 'agenda'. 

The dawn of a new era, indeed!



Well, if that is true, my friend, then it is best that you prepare yourself for the viruses, because, really, truly and most definitely, there really is no other way.

Either the Men's Movement grows and we prepare to deal with the future, or the number of men who become alienated and disaffected continues to grow - in which case, we are doomed.

Finally, let us recall that one of the best arguments explaining why we have yet to be visited by alien civilisations from outer space rests on the notion that technologically advanced societies tend to destroy themselves - by mistake or by malefaction - well before they can muster the know-how for far-flung space travel.

And this is exactly what we will do in the very near future unless the men's movement grows.

We will destroy ourselves.



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