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Tony Blair Pitches To Become Pope

Tony Blair Pitches To Become Pope He also spoke about the motivations of insurgents in Iraq and Afghanistan, and rejected arguments that British foreign policy has radicalised Muslims.

Tony Blair's alleged view that the invasion of Iraq did not help to radicalise Muslims is countered by every intelligence agency in the world, by every terrorist, by just about every Muslim, and by anyone with half a brain.

Tony Blair is lying in order to defend himself from the accusation that he helped to make the world a much more dangerous place.

And, of course, from the accusation that he killed thousands of people unnecessarily.

He also said that he reads the Koran nearly every day.

Tony Blair is terrified of being the target of Muslims

Tony Blair is terrified of being the target of Muslims, and so he is currently desperate to ingratiate himself to as many religious folk as possible in order to protect himself from their aggression.

He said the decision to invade Iraq was something he reflected on every day.

Why would he do this if he was so confident that he had made the right decisions, eh?

The man is a born liar; an "actor and a fake" according to impressioninst Rory Bremner.

I nearly vomited when I heard him say recently that he had always considered religion to be more important to him than politics.

If he really did believe that religion was more important than politics, then why did he spend most of his life as a politician and why did he enter the legal profession as a young man?

Clearly, religion just cannot have been more important to him.

He is just lying.

Furthermore, does a deeply religious man spend most of his time swanning about the world charging hundreds of thousands of pounds for his speeches? - which is what he has been doing for the past year.

Tony Blair is a fraud.

He always was.

+ MORE than 4,000 British soldiers have been flown home from Iraq for medical treatment since the start of the war in 2003 - but not one has received a visit from the Prime Minister in hospital on their return. Dec 2005

Oh yes. Tony Blair is such a caring, religious man.

(Also see Fantastical Lies to see just how low Tony Blair and his cronies will sink in order to cover up their mistakes over Iraq.)


Blair Makes Millions

Blair Makes Millions Tony Blair’s earnings since leaving Downing Street are calculated to have topped £12 million, more than six times his previous lifetime income.

The former Prime Minister, who tours the world speaking to audiences including investment banks, private equity firms and chambers of commerce, is now said to be the highest-paid speaker in the world.

Goodness. All those financiers giving Tony Blair soooo much money.

You know, the ones currently being bailed out. 

By you; the taxpayer.


Aw Harry; you are such a fool. You don't think that Tony Blair knew that the current economic crises was going to come about, do you?

No. But I do know that politicians have been 'on message' for some time. "Support the big financiers and, one day, they will reward you - most handsomely."

Oh look. There's more!

He has made £4.6 million from his memoirs, an estimated £2 million from JPMorgan Chase — including bonus — and £500,000 from Zurich Financial Services.

Does anyone really think that Tony Blair is a financial whizz-kid of some sort? - and that this is why these high-faluting financiers are so eager to hear his pearls of wisdom.

Blair knows about as much about finance as I do.

Blair knows about as much about finance as I do.

Less, probably!

Wake up. 

This is just a money-laundering scam!

The lofty financiers were not going to give Blair any money while he was in office, because this would have been illegal. So, instead, they wait until he leaves office and then they give him huge fees to talk about something or other.

And Blair knew that this would happen.

Unlike most of you lot out there, politicians know how the game is played. 

(Hence, for example, the recent clandestine shenanigans of left-wing MP Peter Mandelson and right-wing MP George Osborne dancing naked together, hand in hand, while on the yacht of some Russian billionaire oligarch who runs the most enormous aluminium company. Well, something like that.) 

The Times can disclose that Tony Blair has become a particular favourite with the Washington-based Carlyle Group.

Ah yes. The Carlyle Group. Who would have guessed it?

Not you!

That's for sure!

Carlyle Group is a leading private equity investor in the military. Its board has been graced by both Presidents Bush and its former European chairman was Sir John Major.

Now. Let's read that first bit again - together - shall we?

Carlyle Group is a leading private equity investor in the military.

Louder please.

Carlyle Group is a leading private equity investor in the military!

That's better.

Another coincidence?

Have a good think about it.

And now, take a look at this ...

Carlyle and the Blair Government have a controversial history. The National Audit Office said taxpayers lost millions from the privatisation of spy technology because of Labour’s decision to appoint Carlyle Group as a preferred bidder too quickly.


Carlyle got the mazulah.

And now it's payback time.

Hence the lectures and the money-laundering.

Ho Hum.

And now, of course, every politician knows that if they cosy up to the Carlyle Group ... a leading private equity investor in the military ... or to the big financiers, they will likely get a most excellent reward.

And that, My Dear Reader, is how our current democracy works.


Crackdown On Downloads

A few months later.

Oh look, ...

Crackdown On Downloads Lord Mandelson launched a crackdown on internet piracy just days after meeting a leading Hollywood critic of illegal file sharing.

Lord Mandelson ordered officials to draw up the draconian regulations days after dinner with David Geffen.

It never stops, does it?

Watch Mandelson slowly reap numerous rewards from those lofty wealthy folk who will benefit from his proposals.

Mandelson has probably just guaranteed himself a small fortune in future earnings.

And he knows it!

Mandelson, of course, denies that the sudden change in government policy has anything to do with his meeting with the Hollywood magnate, and he claims that they never discussed the matter of internet piracy together.

But this is just deceit.

Mandelson knew exactly what was wanted of him before the meeting. And the reason for his meeting was to ensure, off the record, that some reward would be coming his way in the future - which, clearly, it is.

The basic tactic that has been used by many politicians in the UK in order to feather their own nests has been very simple.

They have handed various rights, liberties and protections previously afforded to the British people over to very powerful and/or wealthy others in order to reap benefits for themselves later on.

Their support for a super European state (whereby individual countries gradually forfeit their independence to this superstate) being an ongoing example of this tactic.

Mandelson would sell London to the highest bidder if he thought that he could get away with it.

Blair Makes More Millions Tony Blair is making up to £1m a month from public speaking.

Hmm. I wonder how well the thousands of folk like these are doing? ...

... Not very well, I imagine.

I feel sick.



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