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chastity belt

Chastity Belts

And why western women should wear them


In Sweden, it is widely regarded as understandable for a woman to feel assaulted or taken advantage of if she hasnt given active consent every step of the way during a sexual interaction.

Yep. My missus had a Swedish air about her when I first met her.

On top of her blond hair, a viking helmet, and below her blond hair, a chastity belt.

And you had to ask her permission for your every move!

"Can I hold your hand?" I asked her when we had dated each other for about a year.

"Hmm. I don't know about that, Harry," she said after a few hours thought. "It seems to me that you are getting a bit too fruity these days. Maybe you should take a cold shower to quench your wicked thoughts. Let me think about it for a year or two."

But she caved in pretty quickly when a few months later I gave her an ultimatum.

"Either we get to hold hands, or I leave you for another woman," I said.

"Then leave," she said.


Ah yes. Those were the days; when men were men and when women were, as ever, nothing but trouble.


And, talking about chastity belts; it seems to me that feminists who are genuinely concerned about rape should tell women to wear them and to keep the keys somewhere safe.

Yes. I'm quite serious.

After all, this is all that women would really need to do to protect themselves from any overzealous lovers or rape attacks from strangers.

And if rape is so awful (the near-equivalent of murder so they tell us) and so prevalent, then, surely, if feminists are really concerned about it then they should advise women to do all that they can do to prevent it.

chastity belts would be hugely effective

And chastity belts would be hugely effective in preventing 'rapes'.

Furthermore, the cost and the aggravation of using them would be minimal in comparison to the alleged benefits.

Rape free!

Of course, feminists would be foaming throughout all their sticky orifices in an attempt to manufacture public outrage at the idea that they should wear chastity belts.

"This is outrageous," they would say. "Women should not need to wear chastity belts to be safe from rape. Women should be able to wear what they like."

But, clearly, according to themselves, women are just not safe from rape.

Rape is just about everywhere.

And so if they are genuinely concerned to prevent women from experiencing it, then they should advise women to wear chastity belts.

As matters stand, however, they have corrupted the entire justice system and biased it wholesale against all men.

They have spent over two decades pouring hatred on to all men via their various hysterical and deeply unpleasant campaigns.

They have poisoned the relationships between men and women right throughout the nation - if not across the planet.

And they are forever squealing and squawking about not enough being done in order to protect women from rape.

Henceforth, therefore, whenever I receive an email from some feminist 'offended' by this website who claims that women are being raped all over the place, I am going to tell her that she could save women from this terrible experience simply by encouraging them to wear chastity belts.

Yep. I am being absolutely serious.

women, themselves, could mostly solve the problem

Why the hell should we all have to put up with all the huge ongoing costs, the perpetual stirring up of hatred towards men, the enormous bureaucracy, the corruption, the appalling treatment of innocent men, etc etc, in a continued failing attempt to prevent rape when women, themselves, could mostly solve the problem with hardly any effort on their part, and not much in the way of inconvenience?

And if women wearing chastity belts prevents just one woman from being raped then it's worth it, isn't it? - e.g. see, Lying Is Acceptable Say Police - because this is how they justify lying about the domestic violence statistics.)


slut walk protest demonstration

Slut Walks Are Useful

I am sure that most of you know that thousands of wimmin and their poodle boys from many different countries have been protesting about the fact that ONE Canadian police officer dared to suggest that, in order to stay safe, "women should avoid dressing like sluts."

This ugly phenomenon is very useful when it comes to explaining to the unenlightened why it is that the police and the politicians refuse to tell the public the truth about the huge number of false accusations that women make against men every year.

So, the next time that you are trying to point out to someone that they are being lied to all the time by the authorities when it comes to gender issues, and they look at you with disbelief on their faces ("Why would the authorities lie?") then mention the Slut Walks and the cause of them.

Just ONE Canadian police officer dares to suggest that a woman might be safer if she dressed more appropriately, and feminist-inspired hysteria and man-hatred are incited throughout the entire western world!

This is why you, the public, are being lied to all the time when it comes to issues like rape, domestic violence, sex-assault etc etc.

No official dares to tell you the truth!

Finally, let me point out what seems obvious.

Feminists who think that women should be able to dress like sluts are clearly NOT concerned about rape.

Their concern is phony.

Their rape hysteria is - as we all probably know by now - simply created in order to stir up hatred towards men and to get more funding for their various dishonest victim groups.

(Also see, How Official Rape Statistics Are Distorted And Inflated.)


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