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Corrupt Western Justice Systems Cannot Survive 

One of the teenage boys accused of murdering Damilola Taylor was freed yesterday after the judge threw out the evidence of the prosecution's chief witness, describing some of it as "embellished lies", and scathingly criticised the police for the way they had obtained the unreliable testimony.

It is comforting to know that, at last, some of our judges are realising that females actually lie in court. This fourteen year-old seems to have done little but lie and make trouble. And she seems quite prepared to see boys convicted of murder so that she can benefit from the financial reward that is on offer.

And ... She was also told BY THE POLICE that she could get one of the defendants, who was her friend, "off the hook" by saying she saw the killing, the judge said. (And that's a blatant attempt to pervert the course of justice, in my view.)

Also ... This case COULD be the end of the line for MEDIA payouts ... 

However, the point of this piece is to bring attention to the fact that in all cases of alleged domestic violence or sex-assault involving intimates, there is some major 'payout', of some kind, anticipated by the accuser. And the public needs to be made far more aware of this - particular when acting as members of juries.

Such accusers can never be regarded as independent and objective witnesses. Indeed, for the most part, they should be regarded as hostile witnesses, since their reasons for going to court are very likely to include the desire to seek some form of revenge or some kind of advantage.

And until such time as the courts fully recognise that in cases where the only relevant evidence derives from the verbal testimony of two emotionally-involved protagonists, and that there is, therefore, no possibility of arriving at a conclusion that is 'beyond reasonable doubt', and that, therefore, this must mean Not Guilty, I and others will continue creating a fuss about the continuing corruption of the justice system.

And, of course, when it comes to gaining some advantage - such as money! - people will clearly steal for it, aggress for it, murder for it, sell their bodies for it, risk life, limb and long-term imprisonment for it, risk their health and their futures for it, AND THEY WILL WORK AT SOME JOB ALMOST EVERY DAY FOR IT. 

But so bewilderingly dim-witted are many of those who run our justice system that they don't seem to cotton on to the fact that many people may actually lie in the courtroom for it.


Now, I occasionally get emails from lawyers - polite ones usually - that suggest that I might not be living in the 'real' world with regard to this issue, and that the justice system is trying to cope with very difficult circumstances, and that, because it has a duty to 'protect the weak', it cannot afford to make convictions too difficult to obtain.


Those who are happy to inflict severe injustices upon others demonstrate themselves to be so morally bankrupt that they should be barred from the legal profession altogether - and especially from becoming judges! (e.g. See AH's Justice - Corrupt At The Very Core). And I would feel no different about, say, a physician who happily inflicted injury upon some of his patients in order to benefit some others.

After all, and for example, one could argue along similar lines that a surgeon would be quite entitled to kill a perfectly healthy human being in order to remove the healthy organs and, perhaps, save five lives by transplanting them into those who needed them.

Would lawyers find this acceptable?

I do not think so.

No, Sir. It is those who run the justice system who are not living in the 'real' world; not me. 

It is completely unacceptable for those working in the justice system to inflict injustices on people on the grounds that they are trying to protect the weak.

Thankfully, however, the internet is now empowering many different groups, and every exposure of injustice is going to be racked up by hordes of very angry people who have been affected by it or who feel threatened by it. This will cause the justice system to collapse unless it starts to do its job properly.

Further, of course, the politically-correct platitudes surrounding the phrase 'in the best interest of the child' that mindlessly pour out of the mouths of those in the so-called justice system whenever they try to justify their hateful policies toward mostly male defendants  (e.g. suspending teachers from their jobs without proper evidence, the lack of anonymity for defendants in sex cases, denying fathers their children etc) have now been exposed not only in terms of their worthlessness and of the odious sex-discriminatory political motives that inspire them, but it now seems very clear that those within the justice system most likely to use this phrase are the very people who are actually damaging our society AND OUR CHILDREN far more so than is just about anyone else! (e.g. see  The Damage to Society from False Accusations.) As such, they could hardly be more damnable.

And as more and more people begin to realise just how self-serving and corrupt has the justice system itself become, and how it thrives by actually bringing about and fuelling those very problems that beset our children and our society, so it is that they will see through the lies of judges and officials who defend their actions by robotically alleging that they are simply acting in the 'best interest of the child' when they are clearly doing nothing of the sort but are doing the very opposite. 

In most of these cases they are simply adhering to the feminist agenda, and acting on behalf of those women who manipulate the system to their advantage - which in many cases goes even as far as the making of false accusations of child molestation against hapless fathers who can do nothing to defend themselves from them - nor from the threat of them - and who must be so utterly devastated by such things.

Well, this is a justice system that is clearly going to get an INCREASINGLY rough ride unless it - rather than I - starts to wake up to the 'real' world.

(Also see my piece entitled Judges to see how dishonest even the highest-ranking judges nowadays appear to be.)

UK To make it easier for juries to convict men of rape simply on the uncorroborated say-so of the alleged victim, the Government has decided to change the law of consent. Consent will now be unavailable as a defence if a woman says she was under the influence of drink or drugs when sex took place, or if a man had not taken "all reasonable steps" to ensure that she was "freely agreeing". Alasdair Palmer

Politicians and judges who are prepared to inflict severe injustices upon others have no leg to stand on at all when similar injustices are inflicted upon them.

I imagine that many of them will finally be prosecuted in a similar manner to the one that they, themselves, advocate.

In other words: Quite simply. They will have to prove their innocence.

And then we shall see how they like it!

Oh Angry Harry! Shucks! You're just being silly. There's no way that the law can be made to do that. There's no way that politicians and judges will have to prove their innocence or, indeed, face any consequences. You're just not being serious! 

Nope. I am being as serious.

If rape allegations are considered to be of such great gravity that it requires a complete corruption of the justice system wherein defendants will have to prove their innocence in order, supposedly, for the matter to be dealt with 'justly', then, in my view, it follows that in those cases that allege crimes that are even more egregious than rape, the very same must apply!

And given that the incarceration of many innocent men - whose sentences, presumably, balance the crimes which they are alleged to have committed - must weigh far more heavily on the scales of injustice than would the rape of one woman - for which the sentence is a number of years - it follows that the many injustices brought about through the laws created by politicians and inflicted by judges must be worthy of higher punishments, and with lesser opportunities for defence against them, than they would offer to defendants in crimes of rape.

In other words: By their very own logic shall they be hung! 

Putting this another way: If a man who rapes a woman deserves seven years in a prison cell, then those whose actions result in many innocent men being sent to prison for a similar period clearly deserve some far greater punishment.

Further, when politicians or judges are prepared to send many innocent men to prison for many years they show themselves to be so utterly wicked that they have no real defense against similar injustices that come their way.

Putting this another way: If seven years = 1 rape, then the total number of years served by many innocent men = many rapes!

This is the position that politicians and judges are putting themselves into when they premeditatedly and knowingly put policies in place that will clearly foist injustices upon innocent others.

But Angry Harry. It will never happen. Do you really believe, for example, that Tony Blair and David Blunkett will eventually be locked up in prison for corrupting the justice system in these rape trials?

Well, No, my friend, probably not.

But the men's movement will eventually destroy them both politically and professionally by using the evidence of what they have done to demonise them most effectively - and most horribly - in the eyes of others.

It will show the people - and especially the men - just what nasty self-serving shysters they really are.

And the people will not be amused.

Our politicians and judges must have the highest standards of integrity because of the enormous powers that they wield. And those who make or apply the nation's laws have to possess a very deep understanding of justice and injustice and wherefrom they both spring.

Nothing else is acceptable.

And while the public rightly rages at the man who commits a single rape, so it is that people will be morally justified in raging against those whose actions inflict much worse injustice.

And, with the men's movement set to grow to an enormous size in the future, it won't be just a question of booting these people out of their jobs. They will have a much greater price to pay.

And deservedly so.

But Angry Harry. They will argue that they were just doing their best 'to protect vulnerable people from those who would harm them'.

Indeed they will.

And the people will use very similar arguments in order to justify punishing them!

Further, it is commonly accepted that those who are given special powers over others are deemed to be more responsible for any misdeeds towards them than are ordinary citizens. For example, doctors and teachers who abuse children would be expected to receive greater punishments than would ordinary citizens who did the same thing. 

Well, the same must apply to politicians and judges who knowingly employ policies and procedures that harm innocent people. After all, they have been put into positions of power, and the public puts its trust in them. As such, they should be punished more severely than should ordinary citizens for their misdeeds and their corruption.

And over the next few years you will see the hostility towards politicians and judges escalate.

Of course, pursuing or punishing them through the legal system will probably never happen - though, it might - who knows?

But pursuing and punishing them through the media most certainly will happen.

And this, in fact, is already happening - in front of your very eyes!




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