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Corruption at the
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Roger: You wrote, ...

"In the back rooms they're making deals -- people are cheating and stealing -- it has nothing to do with rights other than that rights are not being respected. It has to do with corruption -- and most of the time, it's men who are actually in charge of the corruption."

But these are the **normal**, everyday, inner goings on of the 'organisms' of the abuse industry, the divorce industry, the government industry etc exerting their **huge** powers.

This is the way that the whole system works!

These organisms are almost impossible for individuals or small groups to fight. These organisms simply aim to grow, bit by bit, and to exert more and more power.

They have a life of their own

They have a life of their own. It is very important to understand this.

And the people sitting at the top of them are the most corrupt, self-ambitious, and self-serving of them all. They KNOW the score! And they KNOW that their high-flying counterparts in other powerful organisms are just as bad as they are.

Let me give you an example.

As I write this, here in Europe, many small countries are joining the European Union. At the moment, they are feeling a bit threatened by the power block of the bigger countries which can swing things their way when it comes to voting on Euro-wide issues.

Currently, therefore, - and locked behind closed doors - are the so-called representatives of **all** the countries trying to work out a 'deal'.

But these representatives are the most powerful individuals in their own countries! And they got to the tops of their own ladders by being just as self-serving as their counterparts in other countries.

And they are now behind closed doors, **with their own ilk**, supposedly representing their entire peoples.

(Think about that. One or two 'representatives' represent their entire people!)

And behind these closed doors the representatives of the bigger countries will be saying to the representatives of the smaller countries. "Now look here my friends, if you do what we say, we will look after YOU, PERSONALLY. All you have to do is to accept this deal (or part thereof) and, BIT BY BIT, we will all aim toward creating a bigger government. And YOU - PERSONALLY - will be a part of it. And given that we have so much power in this new Exclusive European Government Club of ours (which takes money BY FORCE from taxpayers) we are well able to look after you extremely well."

And given that these so-called 'representatives' from the smaller countries are THE SAME KIND OF PEOPLE as those from the larger countries, they will soon be persuaded!

And if they are not persuaded, then other so-called 'representatives' will be given the political and financial backup required to take their place.

This is what is going on out there.

You have really got to open your eyes to this.

You THINK that these people are working on your behalf. BUT THEY ARE NOT.

Let me give you another example.

Here, in the UK, the police are continually issuing phony and grossly-inflated sex-assault figures. For example, it is written in the police handbooks, that if a woman makes an allegation of rape, then it is to be called 'a rape' in the data collection pot - as if it was a real rape.

As a result, when the police publish their 'rape' figures, the public is led to believe that these are rapes that actually happened. The fact that 93% of these allegations do NOT result in convictions does not deter the police from categorising ALL the allegations as 'rapes'.

They KNOW that the public is deceived by this. The top-most politician at the Home Office and the top-most policemen KNOW that the public will be misled by this type of thing.


And you need to think very carefully about this.

The MOST POWERFUL people in the country are prepared **continually** to deceive the public.

The MOST POWERFUL people in the country are prepared **continually** to deceive the public. Furthermore, so arrogant and so assured are they of themselves and of their positions that they don't even CARE that people like me point out to them that they are misleading the public.

And the reason for this is that they are not serving the people at all! 


You **must** get this into your head.

The TOPMOST policemen in this country are prepared to deceive the public because if they did not do this their careers would be over.

In other words, they are SERVING THEMSELVES.

Let me repeat it.

The MOST POWERFUL people in the country are prepared **continually** to deceive the public in order to serve themselves.

And these are the ONLY type of people to get to the top.

And you have to understand what this means for us.

the most powerful people within them are the most corrupt and self serving people of all.

We, as people, are governed, restrained, controlled and buffeted by these **huge** organisms. And the most powerful people within them are the most corrupt and self serving people of all.

They don't give a hoot about your rights.

ONLY if their positions are threatened, do they take any interest.

For example, after some three decades of studying the way in which the 'rulers' governed, George Orwell finally came to the same conclusion. I can't quote him exactly, but his words go something like this. "It is no use appealing to their sense of honour or justice. The only thing that they respond to is the threat of losing some of their own power."

(He became very depressed about this.)

Well. If matters continue unaltered, government, by actual government, and by various other large organisms (the abuse industry etc) will simply continue to grow and grow - forcing us to live inside one big unhappy Soviet-type Union.

Think about that.

And we will finally end up being governed by one big, distant, unaccountable, power group - one organism - that looks after the interests of ONLY those who serve it well.

Just like in old communist Russia - where, for example, if you sneaked on your neighbours, then you were deemed to be a good communist party member, and so you received special privileges and status - and promotion!

This is what is going on.

And this is why, for example, our CHIEF police officers are quite happy to spread what are, effectively, lies.

They know that this is the route to a better job and a bigger pension.

They know on which side their bread is being buttered.

This kind of corruption ALREADY infects the highest levels of our governments, and also the highest levels of all those powerful organisms that live within our midst.

And we are not going to stop these organisms simply by complaining about our apparent lack of "rights".

And when it comes to fathers or men - or even "parents" - any "rights" are quickly blocked by people well-practised in the art of using feminist-inspired emotionally-charged but vapid mantras such as "the best interest of the child" and by using other such emotive shenanigans which most of the mindless public easily swallows.

This they do to empower THEMSELVES!

Justice, fairness, truth, "rights" etc have got very little to do with what is actually going on out there.

And you need to wake up to this.

And so, for example, there is no point in politely telling the UK's Chief of Police that he is misleading the public and being dishonest.

He doesn't give a toss.

(If he did, he wouldn't have been promoted to Chief of Police!)

He will only take notice if his position is threatened.

He will only take notice if his position is threatened.

Otherwise, he is quite happy to spread lies, to deceive the public, to stir up unwarranted hatred towards men, and to undermine even his own rank-and-file male staff in the process.

Such a person should NEVER have any significant power is our societies.

And yet, here he is, sitting at the very top of the tree.

Well. I'm sorry to ramble on, but, in my view, there are only two things that have the potential of fighting effectively against the complete domination of our lives by corrupt self-serving organisms that don't care for us - as people. And these are the growth of the men's movement and the spread of information - particularly the information coming from the men's movement itself.

Unless we grow these two things pretty quickly, our "rights" are gradually going to disappear - because these people are like the Mafia cartels.

They make deals behind closed doors, carving up the territory, and they extract, by force, huge resources from the people in order to give themselves lavish expense accounts, huge salaries and pensions, and a great deal of personal power.

Governments are already taking some 50% of people's earnings out of their pockets; e.g. see Printing Money.

That's 50% of the liberty to do what we wish with our very own money!

(100 years ago they took about 1%)

They also impose on us thousands upon thousands of extra laws and regulations, EVERY YEAR, and they are virtually untouchable.

In summary; they are taking away more and more of our money, and they are forever increasing their control over us.

A two-pronged attack on our freedoms.

In other words, they are gradually enslaving us.

And this demonstrably corrupt, highly-privileged elite is growing in size, in power and in expense all the time.


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