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 It's Always The Same Women

We are told by the UK Home Office that 25% of women experience domestic violence at some time in their lives, which means that 75% of women NEVER experience it. Further, we are told that, every year, 10% of ALL women experience domestic violence.

Now, this 10% must come exclusively from the 25% of women who do experience domestic violence at some time in their lives.

It follows, therefore, that from this sub-group of 25% of women, a whopping 40% of them are experiencing domestic violence EVERY YEAR!

In other words, it is the same women - EVERY YEAR - who are claiming to be the victims of domestic violence.

Let me simplify for non-mathematicians.

Imagine that there are 100 women in the entire population. According to the Home Office, 75 of them never experience domestic violence throughout their entire lives. So, let's forget about them.

25 of them do experience some domestic violence in their lives.

But, according to the Home Office again, 10 women out of the original 100 women will experience domestic violence. 


But these 10 women must come out of the 25 women who have experienced domestic violence at some stage in their lives.

None of these allegedly-violated women can be from the group of 75 women who have never experienced domestic violence.

And so it must be the case that it is the SAME women allegedly experiencing domestic violence - year after year after year after year. 

There is no other way of interpreting the figures.

And this implies that, being the common denominator - year after year after year after year - these women are actually either provoking whatever it is that they claim is actually happening to them. Or they are inveterate liars.

Or, most probably, both!

And, of course, this fits in exactly with what Erin Pizzey said. "Most of the women arriving at the refuge centres were MORE violent, even toward their children, than were the men they were supposedly escaping from."

(And this also fits in with the American domestic homicide data e.g. see Only Women Are Offered An Alternative To Domestic Violence) 

Further, given that somewhere around 5% of women (and this means about one million women in the UK, and five million in the USA) have a fairly severe personality disorder (e.g. BPD) and that 25% of women (about five million in the UK, and twenty-five million in the USA) admit to having considerable problems with PMS every month (which, apart from directly affecting their behaviour, interferes significantly with normal personality development and emotional competence) it is hardly surprising to find that it is the same women - pretty much - over and over again, who are finding themselves 'having serious relationship problems'.

And over-empowering these women who have psychological and emotional dysfunction through handing over to them almost exclusively the resources of the state, and with the law enforcement agencies taking draconian and unjustifiable measures almost exclusively on their unstable and irrational behalfs, we have what we see today - violence from men desperately trying to cope, an enormous number of broken families, an utter CORRUPTION of the justice system, hordes of delinquent teenagers, our prisons full to bursting point, and a growing army of citizens - mostly men - now very much either determined to question the legitimacy of their very own government or even, indeed, to undermine it as much as possible.

Further, how many men, exactly, do politicians and judges think that they can continue to provoke into rejecting wholesale their CORRUPT systems, before the number grows so large (as is occurring with our youth) that society becomes seriously destabilised?

And then what!?

January 2006

the abuse industry quickly conjures up (allegedly through some new 'research') the notion that the statistics have now all changed.

As I have often pointed out on this website, as soon as the phony and purposely misleading statistics of those in the 'abuse industry' are eventually exposed or - as in the case above - should they clearly imply that there is something 'untoward' about the alleged victims themselves, the abuse industry quickly conjures up (allegedly through some new 'research') the notion that the statistics have now all changed.

And since (as per the piece above) I and others have exposed to the public what all their previous statistics have necessarily implied  - viz; that it must be the same women experiencing domestic violence, year in, year out - those in the 'abuse industry' are now claiming that 75% of women have suffered from domestic violence! In other words, there has suddenly been a threefold increase in the number of women who say that they have experienced domestic violence in their lives.

The truth, however, is this. The domestic violence industry is mostly precious little more than a money-making, job-providing racket. And it is now worth many billions of dollars every year.

And this huge industry needs plenty of business to keep the pay cheques coming in for the thousands upon thousands of its employees.

January 2009

Things are getting worse!

We are now being told that three million women in Britain become the victims of rape or sexual abuse EVERY YEAR - i.e. some 15% of UK adult women.

And, goodness me, given that some 25% of our women do not actually have partners (particularly the over 60s) this must surely mean that about 25% of our women who do have partners are being raped or sexually assaulted every year.

Now, are these the same women every year? - I wonder.

Surely not. But, since we do not know, let us just assume that each of our victims gets a break from all her assaults every year or so, and that she manages to get assaulted only every two years.

Well, this means that about 50% of our women are being raped or sexually abused every two years - on average, throughout their lives!


This is outrageous!


Tell me, Someone.

When are you pathetic men out there going to wake up to the fact that your feminist-dominated government is out to destroy all your intimate relationships by - amongst many other things - publicising hysterical phony figures in order to demonise you, funding organisations that are specifically designed to target you, and by stacking all the relationship laws against you so that you can easily be prosecuted or persecuted - even without any objective evidence that you have done anything wrong?

More Men Than Women Are Victims Of Domestic Violence A 32-nation study of violence against dating partners by university partners found that about a third had been violent, and most incidents of partner violence involve violence by both the man and woman,... The second largest category was couples where the female partner was the only one to carry out physical attacks, not the male partner.

As recently as December 2005, the National Institute of Justice refused to consider applications for funding that dealt with male victims.

Police Expose Time Wasters

Police Expose Time Wasters Police in Cambridgeshire have released a compilation of time-wasting calls made to 999.

Yep - and most of them are women. 

(You can actually hear some of these time wasters in this short *.mp3 file.)

What the police have exposed is not only just how prepared are many women to waste everybody's time, but also the egotistical attitude that this clearly entails. Basically, these selfish women think that their exceedingly trivial problems merit the use of the resources of our overstretched emergency services. 

But the calls from these women also indirectly reveal something else - though, of course, the police would never dare admit to this publicly - and this is that the number of frivolous calls made to the police concerning sex-assault and domestic violence must be positively huge.

Women right across the nation are urged every single day to see themselves as being the victims of some kind of 'abuse'.

Women right across the nation are urged every single day to see themselves as being the victims of some kind of 'abuse'. And so you can bet your last dollar that for every time-wasting call to the emergency services from some woman who wants to find her nearest Homebase store, there will be 100 women time-wasters who reckon that they have just been abused by their partners in some way.

And it is from selfish women such as these - women who think that everyone should jump to attention and cater for even their most trivial of 'needs' - that much, if not most, of the sex-assault and domestic violence data arise.

Also see,

Only Women Are Offered An Alternative To Domestic Violence) 




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