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This page is really just designed to link to a few pieces that I have written about effective activism in order to counter the views that are often seen being expressed by MRAs which suggest that 'cool, calm, reasoned debate', coupled with a 'clear presentation of the facts' are the only things that are needed to bring about significant change.

This notion is nonsense; and it appears to be expressed mostly by MRAs who have very little experience of activism and who also have very little idea of how the real world actually works.

And the reason that it is so important to counter this naive point of view is because this view tends to undermine quite significantly the work of those activists who are likely to be the most effective.

Going Round In Circles MRAs need to understand that there is no such thing as 'gender equality'.  The alleged search for gender equality is mostly just a scam engaged in by various political groups.

No Large Men's Groups? Why is it that men have failed to come together to take on the feminists, the anti-male laws and all the poisonous misandry that infects their lives so negatively?

Feminist Academics Sacked And Abused It seems that academics and thinkers are very vulnerable people. MRAs should alert feminist academics to this piece in order to encourage them to desist from generating misandry and promoting injustice.

Male Bloggers Failing Miserably - failing miserably to understand the issues. MRAs can use this piece to prod male bloggers into waking up.

Generating Heat - MRAs need to generate heat rather than formulae.

Using Google Search - A short guide to some very useful features.

The Truth About The Truth -  effective activism for a particular cause requires far more than the mere presentation of the 'truth' - if such a thing exists. 

Father Groups Miss The Big Picture - 90%+ of these groups haven't got a clue what they are up against

Science Does Not Help Very Much - if Science was, ever, to become the master of our social and personal lives then we would need to be turned into emotionless robots in order to comply with its various dictats.

Where's The Men's Movement When You Need it? - it hasn't quite yet developed the art of successful activism - but it will!

We're going to become extinct, like the dinosaurs. A Peace Tribe never wins.

Angry Harry Protests

No Evidence Required One of the most depressing discoveries that I ever made about people, in general, is their apparent lack of ability to think clearly or deeply. 

Why Violence Is Often Justified - in situations where men stand to lose their homes and children

The Virtues of a Disorganized Resistance by Stephen Devoy

The following pieces - which are fairly long - are aimed at helping committed MRAs to understand how, in general, the world operates.

Gaea 1 You cannot actually appreciate the huge organisms that float around the place even though you might well be a part of them.

Gaea 2 There is no large, influential and pervasive enterprise that is not, first and foremost, concerned with its own well being and its own enhancement.

Gaea 3 Most enterprises have no real interest in solving the problems that they claim to be so concerned about. 

Gaea 4 The men's movement is going to be dominated by men-who-sit-at-screens.



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