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Please note that my various email boxes are in a permanent state of shambles and that I am unable to reply to all my emails.

Some points worth noting are as follows.

1. Emails of more than about 400 words are very unlikely to be selected for posting on this website because readers tend to be uninterested in long tracts of text written by people whom they do not 'know'.

2. I do not normally reveal the names of the writers of the emails or their email addresses. I will only do so if it is clear that they would want these published or, in some cases, I will do so where someone sends me an email that is unjustifiably offensive.

3. I very often do not bother to link to evidence to support claims that I make on this website. It takes too much time and the links often disappear. And so if you want to determine the veracity of any claims that I make on this website, then I suggest that you use Google rather than ask me to send you details of the 'evidence' - because I am not your tutor! 

I would merely state that I am determined that nothing should remain on this website that is exaggerated, unfair or untrue. And if I am ever alerted to any sentiments or statements expressed within this website that are any of these things, then I will change them immediately. I have nothing to gain by being 'wrong' or unfair - but plenty to lose.

However, I do have a fairly mischievous sense of humour, and so newcomers to this website might sometimes stumble across what appear to be very outrageous statements and - taken out of context - i.e. the context of this website - it might well be the case that they have simply stumbled upon something that is supposed to be humorous rather than serious.

4. Hostile, sneering or offensive emails arrive in my mailbox occasionally. They are mostly sent by women. And they tend to cheer me up, because I can use them to demonstrate to others just how horrible many women are. Indeed, I often use such emails very fruitfully to inspire greater efforts among the MRA community, because apart from adding weight to their various complaints about the true natures of many women, such emails also wind them up.

5. I cannot provide specific help to men who find themselves in legal difficulties. I suggest that they use Google and try to find those men's groups that operate in their own parts of the world.

6. Even though I do not reply to most of my emails, I do still manage to get round to reading just about all of them - eventually.

7. Young women who might wish to email me should firstly read the piece appropriately entitled; Email Advice- Especially For Young Women.

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Email Advice - Especially For Young Women


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"I cannot thank you enough."

"I stumbled upon your web site yesterday. I read as much as I could in 24 hours of your pages."

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"Your articles and site in general have changed my life."

"I have been reading your articles for hours ..."

"Firstly let me congratulate you on a truly wonderful site."

"I must say there aren't many sites that I regularly visit but yours certainly will be one of them, ..."

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"I ventured onto your site ... it's ABSOLUTELY BRILLIANT, and has kept me enthralled for hours!"

"I love the site, and agree with about 98% of what you post."

"I have been reading your site for a while now and it is the best thing ever."

"you are doing a fabulous job in exposing the lies that silly sods like me have swallowed for years."

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