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Envy, Jealousy And 
Sexual Frustration Inside Lesbian Quarters

Beatrix Campbell

What is it with these particularly horrible lesbian women that they have such anger towards men, eh? They know virtually nothing about men. Indeed, they know less about men than just about any other human being on the planet.

Gay and straight men know about men all right. Black and white men know about men too. Heterosexual women certainly know about men. And even transsexuals who have undergone gender reassignment surgery - in either direction! - will probably know far more about men than does your average lessie.

Don't get me wrong. I have no problems with women being lesbians. Indeed, I share a lot in common with them. After all, I like women too!

But some lesbians have a real attitude problem towards men. They are continually stirring up hatred towards men.


They know virtually nothing about men compared to most others.

They know virtually nothing about men compared to most other people. And they have to put up with men far less so than do most other people. So what enrages these men-hating lesbians so?

Why, for example, does Beatrix Campbell (the woman whose peppery face appears above) seem to disseminate lie after lie after lie about men? Why does she seem prepared to damage the lives of so many families and children with her demonising lies? - e.g. see Slap That Face.

Why does the lesbian Julie Bindell persist in trying to incite women into committing acts of violence against men? - e.g. see my blog here.

Why is the disgusting and degrading lesbian-inspired Scum Manifesto such a popular text in Women's Studies courses?

Why is Valentine's Day - a day in which romance between couples is traditionally celebrated - specifically targeted by lesbian groups to 'promote awareness of men's violence'? - e.g. see Take Back Valentine's Day by Wendy McElroy

why do such revolting lesbian women invade and disrupt a small conference on the plight of battered husbands

And why do such revolting lesbian women invade and disrupt a small conference on the plight of battered husbands, while screaming, shouting and trying to intimidate all the participants? - e.g. see this 2-min YouTube video.

Are men who have been battered not allowed even to talk together about their experiences?

It just doesn't make sense.

Or does it?

Imagine, for the moment, that tomorrow morning you - a man - woke up to find that some unholy menstrual gas had escaped into the ether, and that, henceforth, most women only fancied lesbians. All of a sudden, your hopes and dreams of getting it together with a decent woman would be completely thwarted.

And if no woman thereafter ever even considered you to be a welcome intimate prospect, it would drive you insane!

And you would also be furious at those lesbian women who were getting their greedy hands on all the goodies.

Your goodies.

Up and down the street they would parade themselves with their girlfriends and their womenfolk hanging on to their arms - but you have no chance at all.

You would envy those lesbian women, and you would hate them for persistently luring away from you all those lovely women whom you desire so strongly - and so often!

And so you would do your best to undermine the standing of those lesbian women, and you would try to demonise them as best as you could, in the hope that women might be turned away from them, and instead start being attracted to you.

And I also imagine that this would be especially true on days like Valentine's Day, when no romantic card popped through your front door, and you felt particularly lonely and unwanted.

Well, this is the situation in which many lesbians do, in fact, find themselves.

There are all these gorgeous heterosexual women around the place, but they have no interest in them. 

Nope. They are just not interested.

"We want a penis," they will say. "Vaginas just will not do."

They are jealous. They are envious. They are sexually frustrated.

And, in my view, this is why so much of the hatred towards men is fuelled by lesbian woman. They are jealous. They are envious. They are sexually frustrated. And they are angry; because men get a zillion times more access to those gorgeous heterosexual women whom they so desperately want for themselves.

And it is precisely because there are not enough women who are lesbian for them that these particular lesbians also sneak their way into places like domestic violence shelters which are packed full of women who are currently alleging abuse. They are always trying to wheedle their way closer to those women who might seem as if they could be particularly easy to 'turn'.

"That was an awful experience. Men are terrible. Here, hold my hand," they will tell them.

"Men are abusive and disgusting. Here, let me put my hand upon your knee."

"A woman needs a man like a fish needs a bicycle. So, show me your sweet little triangle and I'll show you mine."

Yep: This is what is going on out there.

Oh Angry Harry. You are such a fool. You don't really believe that many lesbians hate men and so try to drive a wedge between men and women simply because they are jealous, envious and sexually frustrated, do you?


I do.

Just imagine what it would be like for heterosexual men if just about every woman whom they ever wanted to be with had absolutely no interest in them because they were attracted only to lesbians. Many men would probably do exactly what many of these particularly hateful lesbian 'feminists' are, in fact, doing. They would do their best to turn women against lesbians, and they would also hate lesbians.

Well, isn't this the very sort of thing that seems to be going on?

And did we not see a similar thing happening when blacks and whites first started intermingling their private parts

And did we not see a similar thing happening when blacks and whites first started intermingling their private parts in significant numbers some years ago? There was some resentment on both sides of the fence.

And how else would you account for the fact that a very high relative percentage of the 'feminists' who blatantly stir up hatred towards men are, indeed, lesbians? 

Why is it that those who know the least about men are so hateful towards them?

Why is it that those who can most happily avoid all intimate relationships with men feel so impelled to damn them?

How is it that those people who know the least about men seem to attack them the most?

There is only one answer, in my view, that fits the evidence.

 they hate men for attracting away from their clutches the very women whom they, themselves, desire.

And this is that these particular lesbian women are jealous, envious and sexually frustrated, and they hate men for attracting away from their clutches the very women whom they, themselves, desire. And they also attempt to gain access to more women both by seeking out those who are currently angry with men and, hence, who will likely more easily be seduced by them, and by trying to demonise men in the eyes of all heterosexual women in order to encourage more of them to give up on men.

Well, that's my opinion!



Not convinced, eh?

OK. I'll try again.

Imagine that you - a white man - woke up tomorrow morning and found that nearly all your womenfolk were only interested in black men.

How would you feel towards black men as your long, lonely, cold years of continued rejection went by? - with almost no prospects at all of getting close to the women of your dreams. The ones that turn you on.

 What they want is to have dark black skin close to their bodies; not yucky white skin like yours.

All those millions upon millions of lovely women floating past you. But hardly any of them percentage-wise have any interest in the likes of you. What they want is to have dark black skin close to their bodies; not yucky white skin like yours.

You would be deranged with jealousy, and you would probably rejoice at the thought of murdering those black men.

You would loathe and detest them.

Yes, you would. Admit it.

Well, in my view, this is how many of these lesbian women feel about men. And this is why they continue trying to stir up hatred towards men.

With much success.

They hate men!

And this is why, for example, the lesbian Andrea Dworkin said, "I would like to see a man beaten to a bloody pulp with a high-heel shoved in his mouth, like an apple in the mouth of a pig," and why, as a result of expressing sentiments such as this, she was lauded by many lesbian 'feminists'.

And that, my dear reader, is hatred through and through.

 I think I'll have an anti-lesbian week on Angry Harry over the next Valentine period

Hmm. I think I'll have an anti-lesbian week on Angry Harry over the next Valentine period in order to counter their disgusting anti-men propaganda. After all, what is sauce for the goose, ... Someone please remind me of this idea; because I'm sure that I'll forget about it. But I really do think that it is about time that men fought back in a more direct manner against all this lesbian-inspired hatred rather than simply spend their time sitting around complaining about it - which just allows them to continue getting away with their perfectly horrible campaigns. 

Well, that's my opinion!

All those in favour say, "Ay."


Motion carried.

Anti-lesbian week it is!

more on lessies ...

Hy Harry!

Great article - as usual it is easy to follow your line of reasoning. My theory on the tendency of many lesbians to be man-haters, is however slightly different to yours. For example, you appear to say that the sexuality comes first (lesbianism) followed by a hatred of men (jealousy). I admit that there seems to be a connection between some kinds of lesbianism and misandry - and that does indeed need to be explained, but;

What if you have put the chicken before the egg?

My theory is that female sexuality is far more ambiguous than male sexuality is – and thus more easily malleable. There is much scientific evidence to back this up - as well as common sense. Gay men for instance do not tend to hate women despite the fact that they are also competing with them for the “goodies” as it were. As far as I can tell, alot of gay men seem to have a deep emotional affinity with women. .

Your reasoning is however at least partly true in many cases of lesbian hatred towards males – they are indeed jealous. But I am quite certain that many cases of “lesbianism” are in fact nothing more than angry women who have simply turned their backs on men in the most fundamental way possible.

I am not saying that homosexuality in the true sense of the word does not exist in females, but I firmly believe that a sizeable majority of “angry” lesbians are not in fact lesbians at all, in the true sense of the word.


Hi L

Well, yes. I am sure that you are right. And I must point out that my piece about this lesbian rage was only with reference to a certain kind of hateful lesbian. Indeed, I had to keep coming up with all sorts of phrases in order to make sure that readers were not misled into believing that I was talking about all lesbian women. 

You do not see gay men heaping mountains of hatred on to women.

And you are absolutely right. You do not see gay men heaping mountains of hatred on to women. But you do see fistfuls of angry lesbians heaping hatred on to men. And I really do believe that many of these women are suffering severely from sexual frustration and jealousy.

Also, gay men are a fairly promiscuous lot - statistically speaking, of course! - and so I imagine that it is not too hard for gay men to find sex if they should ever find themselves being fairly desperate for it. In other words, they do not need to try to turn men away from women in order to satisfy their lusty needs.

One lesbian lady pointed out to me recently that one of the things that really irks lesbians is the taunting that they get from heterosexual men; which often goes something like this; "You're only a lesbian because you haven't had a good f#ck. If you met a real man you would not be a lesbian."

Well, actually, I think that there is some truth to these sentiments. After all, the environment is important. And, also, if a woman has had a terrible experience with a man then it might well put her off men and lead her down other pathways. 

And I am sure that there are many ins and outs that lead people sexually to wherever they end up going.

Why do some lesbians seem to spend their lives persistently stirring up hatred towards men?

But, for me, the question remains. Why do some lesbians seem to spend their lives persistently stirring up hatred towards men? In my view, there must be something that is ongoing in their lives that is causing this anger.

Where heterosexual women seem to spend their lives persistently  stirring up hatred towards men, one could suppose, perhaps, that they are always having trouble with men. And, indeed, if you look at the backgrounds of those women who are always stirring up misandry - and this includes nearly all the leading feminists - you will usually find a catalogue of relationship disasters with men - with themselves being the common denominator.

In other words, these are very dysfunctional women.

But, with some exceptions, lesbians do not have such encounters with men. It cannot be, therefore, that they have intimate relationship problems with men. So what causes those lesbians who are persistently stirring up hatred towards men to persist?

Now, if you are correct in your belief that women can move sexually in either direction, then why do these particularly hateful lesbians not just give up on men? Why do they persist in stirring up man-hatred?

they become envious of men because men get all the goodies that they want for themselves

Well, it must surely be because there is a shortage of women for them. In other words, they become envious of men because men get all the goodies that they want for themselves. They are jealous. And they are sexually frustrated.

Why else do they persist!? - especially if, as you suggest, they can always turn away from men.

Something is making them persist. And this 'something' seems to be so significant that, percentage-wise, it causes lesbian 'feminists' to outdo heterosexual feminists when it comes to generating misandry. 

In addition, I imagine that the environment for our most gorgeous of girls is very salubrious indeed - with hordes of men flocking to cater for their needs whenever they flash their eyes. For these girls, therefore, the environment is very conducive to becoming heterosexual. 

And so my guess is that lesbians find it particularly difficult to get their hands on these gorgeous girls. And they become angry with the men because of this. The gorgeous girls have all been taken!

They want men to be kept away from girl children so that they are less likely to be heterosexualised.

And I also think that this is one of the reasons why so many of these particularly aggressive lesbians do their very best to stir up paedophile hysteria. They want girls to be kept away from men so that they are less likely to be heterosexualised.

However, whether or not I am right or wrong about all this is not actually very important to me at the moment. My piece was mostly written to endorse my opinion that 'privileged' minority groups who attack people like me should not be allowed to escape retaliation. And if groups of women who identify themselves as 'lesbians' are going to continue to attack heterosexual men in such a vile manner then I am going to retaliate, openly; and, hopefully, encourage others to do the same - because I have had enough of allowing these people to get away with their nonsense and their hatred.

Thank you L


a lesbian 'feminist' writes, ...

listen u buttf*cking, ass licker..nice way to get some fags to talk to u..what are u so angry about u tom dick f*cking harry?!? trust me its only men like u that we hate .. well thank god they all dont turn out like u! as i continue to read ur nonsnse i think u really need some help! whats wrong with u dude? did ur momy not love as a child or were u born to a wolf? u seem to have such a problem with feminist women when urself are so sexist...or is it that u love men..coz u know its so okay to be gay..u can put that up on angry harry .f*cking.com! u ar*sehole! hope u die shagging ur own shrimp dick!


LOL! I do love it when these revolting women finally expose their true natures to the world. They've managed to hide their vileness for long enough - forever pretending to be weak and hapless victims when, in fact, they are some of the most nasty and malevolent humans on the planet.  

And you people out there really do need to open your eyes to the sheer scale of the hatred towards men that these women are forever generating - with much government funding.

And please notice that she didn't even have the courtesy to start her email with, "Dear Harry"!

Sheesh. What's the world coming to, eh?

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