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Extremism and Idiocy

It has probably been over five years now that I have had in mind the notion that I should write something about the constant accusations by various people that MRAs are mostly extreme, or that they are just idiots.

I have certainly been accused of both in my time. But, then again, so has just about everybody who puts their views in the public domain.

Ask any newspaper columnist.

Fortunately, however, it does not take long for most writers to realise that most of these types of accusation are made by people who do not know what they are talking about.

Indeed, I remember Jon Ronson - a well-respected investigative journalist - doing a whole TV series on various people with 'extreme' views, and concluding that, for the most part, these people were, in fact, nowhere nearly as extreme as the mainstream media usually portrayed them to be.

And, from what I have seen over the years, I concur with what he says.

There are, indeed, some people with extreme views, and some of them do, indeed, appear to be idiots, but, for the most part, people who are accused of being extreme or idiots are mostly just advancing views that their accusers disagree with.

The politically-corrected and the feminists, however, have made it a firm policy of theirs to describe absolutely everybody who disagrees with their views as extremists (e.g. as 'racists' or 'misogynists') and/or as idiots. And this tactic has been very effective indeed for the past three decades at silencing those who might disagree with them.

Thankfully, however, the internet is helping their opponents to destroy their stranglehold over the public discourse, and my guess is that it will not be too long now before these people are finally exposed fully to the public as being the malicious, anti-democratic bullies that, quite clearly, they are.

Disappointingly, however, even activists concerned with men's issues seem often to describe others who are in the same camp as them as extremists or as idiots.

And yet, one would have thought that they would have learned by now that undermining their own support base is not a very clever thing to do.

So, perhaps, when it comes to idiocy, they should look more closely at themselves if they want to find examples of it.

Is Angry Harry an Idiot?

On occasion, I will receive an email describing me as an idiot. It will usually have come from someone who has taken only a cursory look at my website.

Needless to say, such an email gets deleted straight away - giving me much pleasure when the email is long and detailed, because I will barely have bothered to read more than a few sentences, and I chuckle at the thought of the emailer's wasted time.

 I no longer have any interest at all in what self-proclaimed feminists want to say.

Indeed, many of the longer emails often start off with such words as, "I am a feminist from such-and-such a place ..." and such emails are deleted before I even reach the end of the very first sentence - because I no longer have any interest at all in what self-proclaimed feminists want to say.

I used to read emails from self-proclaimed feminists if they were polite, but I gave up doing so because their content was always so vapid and insignificant.

Occasionally, I also see MRAs suggesting that I might be an idiot.

Does it annoy me?

A bit.

Does it worry me?


Because, quite simply, 95% of MRAs aren't in my league when it comes to effective activism. And so, if I am an idiot, then so must they be.

But, given that I know that, for the most part, they are not idiots, then I can safely presume that I, too, am not one.

Indeed, I know full well that most of my readers are not idiots - on the contrary, many of them are extremely intelligent - and so any claim that I might be an idiot myself just doesn't ring true!

Is Angry Harry an extremist?

This kind of accusation makes me laugh more than anything else.

There is nothing 'extreme' on my entire website.

Living in the UK - where freedom of speech is limited compared to the USA - I would soon be hauled up for questioning by the police if there was anything on my site that, for example, advocated breaking the law, was seen as an incitement to hatred, was seen as subverting 'democracy', was considered to be dangerous to others, and so on.

Or, just as likely, I would receive a curt email warning me to remove something from my website or face some legal consequences.

after ten years of aggressive online activism, not a peep have I heard from any law enforcement agency

Thus far, however, after ten years of aggressive online activism, not a peep have I heard from any law enforcement agency - despite the fact that I often harass such agencies with emails of complaint.

Indeed, when a few years ago the Status of Women in Canada produced its long blacklist of men's alleged 'anti-feminist hate sites' - sites that needed to be monitored closely by the authorities - Angry Harry was not one of them; even though, at the time, it was clearly one of the most popular anti-feminist sites on the internet.

Let me put it this way: Having a big mouth does not make somebody 'extreme', and it does not mean that they have extreme views.

It just means that they shout a lot - something that I am prone to do, with much justification.

Time and time again, politicians and government officials have been caught blatantly lying over issues of concern to men. They have not made innocent mistakes, or slightly exaggerated their cases, they have been engaged in wholesale dishonesty and deception.

Worse, they have used their lies to corrupt the judicial process and to treat men absolutely appallingly, and it is quite clear that many of these very same people are in the process of selling out their own countries and countrymen in order to serve some aspect of the globalist agenda from which they, themselves, expect to profit.

And one of their main techniques through which they are serving this agenda is to destroy the relationships between men, women and children.

As such, I have every right to get angry, to shout, and to portray these people for the scumbags that they are.

And I do not intend to stop doing this.

Here in the UK, over the past few months, we have caught numerous politicians lying over their expenses claims - with the former Home Office minister, Jacqui Smith, sneakily defrauding the taxpayer out of $200,000.

We have discovered that politicians, police officers and academics have continually lied about the sex-trafficking issue

We have discovered that politicians, police officers and academics have continually lied about the sex-trafficking issue - claiming, at one stage, that some 25,000 women were being trafficked into the UK when, in fact, not one such woman had been discovered.

And they knew all along that this was the case.

We have discovered recently that UK ministers and officials have been lying to the public about immigration, and that they have purposely and knowingly sought to undermine any reasonable form of control over it - with the secretly-declared specific intention of changing the demographics of the country and to make it impossible for future generations (or politicians) to reverse this process.

And we know that when it comes to matters such as rape, domestic violence, sex-assault etc, these people have done virtually nothing but lie over these past three decades or so.

Liars, manipulators, hate-stirrers and cheats are words that describe these people perfectly accurately.

And I see no reason at all why I should not describe them as such.

Some people call this type of language 'extremism'.

No. It isn't.

It is an accurate description of these people.

 Is Angry Harry winning?

Absolutely. There is not one single issue repeatedly addressed on this website that is not nowadays increasingly being similarly advanced out there in the public domain.

From issues ranging from the legalisation of medical marihuana to the teaching methods being used to teach children to read, from the alleged gender wage-gap nonsense to the question of false rape accusations, as well as to the issue of excessive immigration, the views of this website are getting more and more support.

Indeed, everywhere I look these days, I see people who now sound like me - not only in tone but in substance.

Even the new editor of MND, Paul Elam, often sounds more like Angry Harry than I do.

MRAs all over the internet these days make me look pretty tame.

And, in fact, MRAs all over the internet these days make me look pretty tame.

This was not the case a few years ago.

So, Yes, I am winning.

Furthermore, apart from the sex-trafficking hokum recently exposed and mentioned above, over the past two weeks, here in the UK, we have had Harriet Harman - man-hating feminist and deputy leader of the Labour government - told by the government statistical office that she can no longer continue to provide skewed statistics to the public concerning the wage-gap issue, and we have had the Court of Appeal rule that false rape accusers must go to jail.

We have had some councils threatening domestic violence shelters with removal of their funding if they fail to provide help to men. We have had a massive change in the way our children are being taught to read. And we have had a major swing in the public's attitude away from the politically-corrected Left.

To repeat myself; there is not one issue of concern to me where the public's mood is not going my way.

Why doesn't Angry Harry campaign like Glenn Sacks?

This question comes up often.

So, here is my answer, in brief.

Firstly, I am not an American, nor an Australian, nor an Irishman.

Am I supposed to rush over to each country in turn, learn their different laws, and then try to get on the TV or the radio or, perhaps, lobby some local politician or some local group in connection with men's issues?

You must think that I am Superman.

Look. I run a website, with an international flavour. I am just a columnist, if you like.

Anything wrong with this?

I tell you what. YOU go out there and do what Glenn Sacks does.

Secondly, I don't have what it takes to make good public appearances. I would be useless at doing such things.

You would not want to see me on your TV screens

Trust me. You would not want to see me on your TV screens.

Thirdly, I do engage in quite a lot of activism that is not reflected on this website.

For example, I do lobby politicians and various groups in the UK, just like Glenn Sacks does in America. And I imagine that the only major difference between us is that I am probably far more hostile in my approach than he is, and I keep myself out of the picture.

Quite simply, I see no reason to be polite to liars, manipulators and cheats, particularly if they are also promoting hatred towards men and promoting policies that harm men.

Glenn Sacks thinks that politeness works best in these circumstances.

I don't.

And the evidence is almost entirely stacked on my side rather than his.

Don't get me wrong, I think that he is one of the most effective activists that there is at the moment - but this is mostly because he manages to get quite a large audience for himself.

Indeed, the larger is your audience, the less persuasive you need to be in order to effect change; and so, if you like, he does not need to be so aggressive in order to be effective.

But only I know what it is like to run a site like Angry Harry.

No-one else in the entire world has had any experience at all of running this site.

I also know who its readers are, and I know what they think.

And I also know that, as far as feminists are concerned, this site is like one of those electrical zizzers that zaps bugs who fly into it.

They are mostly terrified of this site getting any publicity among their followers lest they lose them - which means that they believe that this site undermines their position very effectively; which it does.

Finally, at the end of the day, all my rantings and ravings about how politicians, officials and academics have been lying through their teeth to us, in so many areas, have proven to be accurate.

You only need to look at the Times, the Telegraph, the Daily Mail - and even at the Guardian - over the past few months to see that I have not been so crazy or 'extreme' at all over these past ten years or so.

I was right about the disgusting depths to which these greedy people have sunk in order to feather their own nests - at our expense - and I have been quite justified in calling them liars and cheats - because this is exactly what they are.

Worse still, they are purposely and willfully destroying our countries and our relationships - at every level - in order to profit themselves.

And YOU need to wake up to this.


End Note:

If you have not yet seen the Fall of the Republic (a film by Alex Jones - YouTube Video - 2h 20min) then please find the time to do so.

It is not a typical Alex Jones film.

It is not at all outlandish. Its tone is very reasoned. And the evidence which justifies his beliefs is very compelling.

It will not provide you with all the answers, and I think that it gets some things wrong, but it really does give you a very good insight into the kind of people who are in control of what is happening to us - and into why they are doing what they are doing.

And if you do watch it, keep bearing in mind throughout the film how much those people 'at the top' (certain politicians, government officials, bankers, corporate chiefs etc etc - i.e. the governing elite) stand to profit from the breaking down of our nations and our relationships.

Millions upon millions of extra dollars for those at the top.

Feminism is, therefore, a veritable gold mine for them.

Let me put it this way.

 if you sneakily promote on your website feminism, relationship breakdown and the destruction of the borders to your country, I will give you a million dollars

If somebody said to you, "Hey, if you sneakily promote on your website feminism, relationship breakdown and the destruction of the borders to your country, I will give you a million dollars every year," you would surely be tempted.

After all, money talks!

Well, there are thousands of VERY POWERFUL people out there who have been receiving such an offer, and they have been accepting it; with millions (literally) of people further down the food chain having accepted a similar offer but for a lesser amount.

Please wake up.


Raking In The Money Blair remains in demand as a 100,000-a-time international speaker, he has contracts to provide advice with several BANKING institutions, he is writing his memoirs, and he has established Tony Blair Associates (TBA) to provide advice to foreign governments for money.

Also see the piece entitled ...

 Just 5% Will Do

... to get some idea of just how easy it is for rich people to make millions of dollars on the back of even very small changes in trading circumstances.



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