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False Sexual Harassment Claims?

Large Sex-Harassment Payout The bank embroiled in Britain’s most expensive “sexism in the City” case paid more than £500,000 last night to a lawyer who claimed that she had been the victim of “disgusting” sexual gibes.

Many of these sex-harassment situations are actually being provoked, instigated and encouraged by the accusing women themselves; because they can see a way of making a financial killing without having to do much work and/or as some kind of revenge for something or other.

'Hell hath no fury as a woman scorned' etc is not just a saying; it's a fact!

Women are very often consumed with thoughts of revenge over even the most trivial of real or imagined incidents.

And luring men into sexual situations and then blackmailing them in some way is a ploy that has been used by females since they swung from trees and ate bananas - which was not so very long ago.

And it certainly cannot be very difficult to provoke and promote what can later be portrayed as sexual-harassment.

Indeed, on John Stapleton's chat-show programme, a woman was boasting how, over the past few years, three men had lost their jobs after she had reported them for sexual harassment. Three of them! These were all in different workplaces. One of these had been an ambulance driver for 20 years.

This woman actually looked like a dog. And it was impossible to believe that anyone would harass her sexually - unless she was up for it. 

But the female audience applauded her for her 'bravery'. 

It did not seem to occur to anyone that SHE was the common denominator. 

Further, this woman was basically trying to arouse the female viewers to allege harassment in their own jobs in order to demonstrate their power and to advantage themselves in some way. 

The whole rationale behind programmes such as these seems to be to generate a hatred of men and to inspire within their female audiences an urge to attack men and to view any of their actions of which they disapprove as some form of 'abuse' - domestic violence being a very popular theme. 

Women are being daily trained to hate men

Women are being daily trained to hate men and to regard much of their normal behaviour as abusive. 

What was also clear to see in the John Stapleton programme was the almost ecstatic pleasure that the women were experiencing from recognising that they were becoming so 'powerful' in that they were now being enabled to destroy men with impunity - merely by making accusations. 

Well. Even if the particular harassment claims alluded to in the above article on 'sexism in the city' are genuine, the large payouts are surely an insult to every one of us.

Even people who are severely maimed rarely get such bountiful compensations.

if women think that such ridiculously large payouts for trivial offences such as these are benefiting them in any way, then they are sorely mistaken.

And if women think that such ridiculously large payouts for trivial offences such as these are benefiting them in any way, then they are sorely mistaken. All they are doing is unfairly advantaging a tiny number of women. But the cost is that they are injecting resentment against women in millions of men.

And all women will actually end up paying for this; somewhere, sometime, somehow, and at some level.

And here, for example, is a woman who actually beats herself up in order to make a false claim of abuse against her husband ...

Lying Woman Seeks More Profit A woman who beat herself to a pulp and faked her own kidnapping to get at her now estranged husband says she wants to be a movie star in the big-screen story of her life.

She is also starting to work on a self-help book, ... with proceeds going to youth programs and women's shelters.

Some women will go to extraordinary lengths to exact revenge on those who were once close to them. And lying or exaggerating in order to get other people (or, in this case, the government) to help them extract their revenge is an extremely common tactic 

So. Be careful out there!


30 Year Grudge A nurse in the US killed a plastic surgery patient she had a 30-year grudge against because she stole her boyfriend when they were at school.

"Female chimpanzees have been found to bear grudges against other chimps for as long as 30 years Male chimps, however, seem to forget in a very short space of time." Carl Sagan (famous scientist)

Reinterpreting What Happened What sensible woman threatened with the loss of her job for incompetence would not trawl through her mind for recollections of those moments when she might have felt slighted or, now you mention it, sexually harassed and discriminated against? Patience Wheatcroft

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