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Fantastical Lies


Fantastical Lie Number One

Rarely have I been more disgusted by UK politicians than I have been today, as one after the other they have actually had the nerve to deny that the fiasco taking place in Iraq has increased the likelihood of terrorism.

And it is almost so incredible to see them denying vehemently what is so very definitely true that I am beginning to wonder just what they must have up their sleeves that allows them to think that they can actually continue to get away with such fantastical lies.

We know that after 9/11, the world - even much of the Muslim world - was in deep sympathy with the Americans. 

However, after the invasion of Iraq, the situation changed quite dramatically; particularly in view of the glaring mess-ups - such as the prisoner abuse at Abu Grahib - and the continually changing storylines and excuses that have kept flowing from the mouths of various politicians ever since the invasion itself, many of which have been rebutted outright and/or tainted strongly by the evidence.

The result has been that millions of Europeans and Americans are disgusted at how matters have been handled. 

Rightly OR WRONGLY, they have been disgusted at how it has all transpired. 

Even right wingers and natural Bush supporters - such as Fred Reed and Paul Craig Roberts - have been shocked by what has been going on. 

And, of course, much of the Muslim world has been outraged too. 

Now. I think that what I have just outlined above are undeniable facts. 

Boiled down, they amount to this. 

World opinion has changed towards America and the UK in a negative way because of Iraq. As such, America and the UK have put themselves into a far worse situation as a result of the Iraq invasion because, for example, more people will now feel justified in attacking America and the UK.

Bush and Blair have failed totally in this respect. They have alienated millions of people - many more of whom will now actually feel sympathy with Al-Quaeda. And more of whom will now actually provide tactical support for Al-Quaeda. As such, the notion that the invasion of Iraq has not increased the likelihood of terrorism is nothing but a lie -  a fantastical lie.

At the very least, the situation in Iraq can provide evidence and justification which extremist Muslims can use very effectively to persuade others to join them in their jihad. 

Now, please remember that these politicians have not been saying that the invasion of Iraq might have increased the likelihood of terrorism. They are stating categorically that it did not.

What evidence can they possibly produce to support this ludicrous contention?

Absolutely none.

And given that there are now millions of Europeans and Americans as well as Muslims who are furious at what Bush and Blair have done, it is absolutely preposterous for politicians to state that the likelihood of terrorism has not increased thanks to the invasion of Iraq.

How can these politicians hope to get away with such nonsense?

And why are they trying to?

Well. I can tell you why.

They are absolutely desperate to cover their own backsides. And so there is just no way that they are going to admit that they did anything wrong.

Of course, I understand their reasons for this. But what this demonstrates is that, yet again, politicians are far more concerned about themselves than they are for the entire populations of their own countries. They will do everything that they can to protect their own interests - including the well-orchestrated creation of fantastical lies.

Unfortunately for us, however, not only is the notion that the invasion of Iraq has not increased the likelihood of terrorism a fantastical lie, it is also a very dangerous one.

1. It diverts our nations' resources and attention away from where they should be directed - viz; towards dealing with what is really going on rather than making it worse.

For example, I have just seen a programme called Panorama on UK TV wherein the ex-head of the CIA's Bin Laden Unit was interviewed over the terrorist problem. There were also interviews with ordinary Muslims, Imams, Anti-Terrorist Officers, MI6, the police's Special Branch, and even with a Muslim terrorist in prison. 

And they ***ALL**** agreed very strongly with the view that the war in Iraq had made matters worse.

And it was heartening to see that the 'professionals' all seemed intelligent enough to recognise that sometimes you have to use more of your brains and less of your balls if you want, henceforth, to live in a safer society.

Regretfully, however, these fantastical and dangerous lies being promulgated by our politicians are causing much of the population to maintain their delusion that they can 'win the war on terrorism' with guns and heavy-handedness.

All over the internet you can see the mindless belligerence and naked stupidity of Macho Man puffing up his chest - verbally - and proclaiming that the west should somehow beat the Muslims into submission.

It does not seem to dawn on them, for example, that 'patriotism' means taking care of your country and your people, not pushing them down a pathway that is highly likely to lead to their damage or destruction - even according to their own experts.

Furthermore, the somewhat crucial point made by all the intelligence services appears to be that many Al-Quaeda operatives are not even identifiable any longer, and so it is almost impossible to target them directly. As such, heavy-handedness is not going to work - because, quite simply, there is little hope of discovering whom to be heavy-handed with!

In summary, therefore, when politicians make the false claim that the invasion of Iraq has not increased the likelihood of terrorism, they are actually encouraging people to endorse policies that are likely to maintain the momentum towards violence and war - and yet this is the very pathway which our experts tell us - and which commons sense also tells us - will actually make matters worse.

How much more treacherous and low can our politicians nowadays sink?

2. It must infuriate millions of Muslims to see yet more lies being disseminated by the leaders of the west. And the consequence of this is bound to be an even greater increase in the likelihood of terrorism.

At the very least, they will trust even less what comes out of the mouths of western politicians.

And, further, in this particular case, the very suggestion that the maiming and killing of thousands of innocent Iraqis - not terrorists - will make not a jot of difference to their attitude towards us is bound to be seen by many as an insult of major import.

Imagine, for example, how insulted Americans would feel if the 9/11 attacks that killed 3000 civilians was said by Arab politicians to have made no difference at all to how Americans would feel about Al-Quaeda - the people responsible for the attacks.

"Oh yes. You can kill as many American civilians as you like. The Americans are such animals that they will not feel any different towards those who did the killings."

The whole notion would be an insult to Americans, because it would imply very strongly that they care nothing for their very own people.

Well. The same will apply to many Iraqis and to millions of Muslims. They will be affronted by the suggestion that the west can kill thousands of their own, and that they will not be aggrieved - nor incited - by this.

3. Such transparent lies must also infuriate millions of Europeans and Americans, and this will undermine their faith in democracy itself. Indeed, we do not actually have a democracy if our leaders persistently perpetuate lies and can get away with them.

But our politicians clearly do not care about all these things.

It is their own backsides alone that they care about.

They are prepared to endanger us all for the sake of maintaining their own jobs, and they are even prepared to degrade and demean - and, thus, undermine, democracy in the eyes of their own people.

Indeed, the very fact that Bush and Blair remain in office is, on its own,  extremely likely to increase the likelihood of terrorism, because it suggests that we, in the west, are quite happy to support leaders who kill Muslims on the basis of at best, very poor evidence and, at worst, nothing but lies - lies which continue to be forthcoming. 

What this fantastical lie also indicates is that politicians are prepared to disseminate the most brazen and transparent of lies despite the fact that millions of people will see through them. And this must mean that they now consider themselves to be so powerful - and so untouchable - that they can actually get away with virtually anything.

And, thus far, the evidence suggests that they can!

This fantastical lie also indicates that these politicians have no integrity, and that - as much of the evidence already shows - they have probably been lying through their teeth throughout the whole horrible episode in Iraq; particularly over matters that the public cannot scrutinise very easily.

The war in Iraq - as well as the circumstances under which it occurred - has without a shadow of a doubt - increased the likelihood of terrorism. And the blatant lie being promulgated by Tony Blair and his cabinet cronies are making matters worse.


Fantastical Lie Number Two

Another fantastical lie currently being perpetrated by western politicians is that "we will not give in to terrorism by changing our way of life". Even the Queen has been parroting this nonsense - under their 'guidance'.

And this notion that our way of life is not going to change is so patently ridiculous that it beggars belief that politicians can actually endorse it.

Al-Quaeda is very definitely having an effect on the lives of people - a massive one - particularly in America. 

For example, America and the UK have gone to war!

I would call that a fairly big effect.

There are also 1800 dead soldiers and thousands more have been injured. 140,000 thousand or so troops are being shipped and maintained in Iraq. 'Homeland Security' is being beefed up at huge expense and everybody's civil liberties are gradually being sat upon. As just one example, going to an airport is now like dealing with a major obstacle course.

The Muslim and Jewish communities might see their lives change if inter-hostilities increase. The laws are going to change further; e.g. the introduction of ID cards. Tourism to a targeted city is likely to go down. And if there are more attacks on big cities, people might decide to abandon them; especially if they have children. 

House prices therein might collapse. The price of oil is likely to soar. [This has now happened.] This will affect the prices of most commodities, meaning that the poorer will be hit. Pensions will also likely be affected.

The effects of terrorism could be almost endless.

So what is all this nonsense about our way of life not changing as a result of terrorist actions?

Take it from me, our lives will likely change quite dramatically as a result of terrorism; especially if we are not very careful and particularly if we actually encourage more of it by paying heed to politicians whose main aim is clearly only to serve themselves and who clearly have very little real concern for their own people.

The lie that "we will not give in to terrorism by changing our way of life" is a dangerous lie because it deludes people into thinking that terrorism is nothing really to worry about - unless, by some small chance, they happen to be a direct victim of it. This is nonsense. Terrorism - and the prospect of further terrorism - will change all our lives; whether we like it or not.


Fantastical Lie Number Three

Apparently, we will never negotiate with terrorists. This is nonsense. We do negotiate with 'terrorists'. 

During the past month alone I have heard a US army general, a CIA officer and an Iraqi chief of police admit that they do their best to talk to the 'terrorists' in Iraq.

And if you look at the history of, for example, the various shenanigans that the USA have been involved with in various places in South America throughout the last century, you will see not only dialogue with terrorists but active involvement with them.

Indeed, the USA helped 'terrorists' to kick the Russians out of Afghanistan. They provided them with resources, money and training. These are the very same groups of people whose followers are now attacking us.

And if, in the future, some terrorists dangle a lethal virus in front of our noses, we will surely negotiate with them if we can.

Most people are not prepared nowadays to sacrifice the lives of their children and their loved ones for the sake of 'national pride' and Tony Blair's ego.

In other words, the notion that "we never negotiate with terrorists" is nothing but hokum. 


The invasion of Iraq has been a disaster from start to finish.

The ' shock and awe' did not work. Thousands of civilians were maimed or killed. There were no WMD. There were no links to Al-Quaeda. No links to 9/11. The insurgents came in. There was prisoner abuse at Abu Grahib. There is Guantanamo. The Iraqis didn't quite welcome us with open arms. Afghanistan is deteriorating again. There are some 1800 dead Americans soldiers. And goodness knows what else.

Furthermore, the war has cost a fortune and it has also increased the likelihood of terrorism.

(With regard to the former, some 300 billion dollars has already been spent by America on the war in Iraq. To put this into some kind of perspective, assuming that, for example, it costs some $200,000 to train a student to qualify as a doctor in America, the cost of the war would have paid for 1.5 million youngsters to train and qualify as doctors - or, if you prefer, it equates to $2700 per household throughout the country).

Osama Bin Laden must be laughing his socks off.

The 'us and them' division between the west and the east that he sought to widen - to bolster his notions about the evil infidel and to further his 'religious' aims - has been delivered to him on a plate.

It has been a disaster all round. 

And yet the western politicians who brought about this continuing disaster remain in office! 

What an unholy mess.

And yet I have seen politicians forced to resign simply because they have had extra-marital affairs!

I have seen the most senior of police officers and ministers being forced to resign over single mistakes that pale into utter insignificance in comparison to what has been happening with regard to Iraq.

What is happening to our system of democracy wherein those with power are supposed to take responsibility for their actions and their failures?

How is it that our politicians seem nowadays to have become so untouchable that they can actually continue to perpetrate the most fantastical and dangerous of lies, with apparent impunity, and then actually get away with this?




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