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Feminism Causes Traffic Congestion?

Hi Angry Harry

Do you have many female fans? I am one, I especially like the tickertape section. My boyfriend works in Brtish family law and often comes accross various horror stories regarding the treatment of fathers and children from time to time. I was totally unaware that such a widespread abuse of human rights was occuring so it was like a cold shower when I woke up to the harsh realities.

A couple of questions:

How does feminism cause road rage, traffic congestion/pollution and the impoverishment of pensioners ??

Keep up the good work.


Hello H

A woman eh?

Invading this little plot of cyberspace reserved exclusively for AH and his chums, eh?

Not a real woman surely?

They don't exist any more, do they?

Well OK. Just for you, I'll answer the questions briefly.

"How does feminism cause road rage, traffic congestion/pollution and the impoverishment of pensioners??" 

That's an easy one.

Feminist policies and attitudes discriminate against and demonise men. This results in a great deal of anger, frustration and criminality among men. The increased likelihood of road rage is just one consequence of this. And the same is true for intimate partner homicide and domestic violence etc.

Indeed the huge costs that society has to bear as a result of the crime and violence that can be linked to feminism impact very heavily on those who have the least influence in society. And so, for example, there is much less money available for pensioners because of this - and these are mostly women you know.

Feminism also fuelled the western explosion in crime and violence through its disempowerment of the father within the family and through its distortion of the educational system to favour girls at the expense of boys. And the evidence concerning the poorer socialisation and education of boys as a result of these two factors is now so great that it is indisputable.

fatherlessness and poor education are the two most powerful predictors of crime

The valid research shows (as, indeed, do the experiences of professionals and ordinary people) that fatherlessness and poor education are the two most powerful predictors of crime, anti-social behaviour and violence in children and young adults.

With regard to the traffic problems, in 100 years from now the history books will point out that traffic congestion and the resulting pollution increased enormously in the late 1970s and thereafter; mostly as a result of greater numbers of women going out to work - and using their cars -  and because of the increasing breakdown of marriage and relationships - a specific aim of feminism - with the result being that many more men and women started to live alone - so more cars were needed.

Of course, when you first point out to people that feminism has resulted in a great amount of traffic congestion, they laugh - and think that you are mad. But it is the truth. This is what the history books will tell people in 100 years time.

I'm just telling people about it now. 

The costs of traffic congestion alone in terms of frustration, anger, pollution, misery, time, money, economic efficiency, road accidents and, of course, ROAD RAGE, etc, are ABSOLUTELY ASTRONOMICAL.

And No. I'm not suggesting that women should not be allowed to drive or to go out to work, and what have you.

I simply want to point out to people that feminism has brought about enormous negative consequences for all of us - and horrendous traffic congestion is just one of them.

That's all. 

I just want to point it out.

I want people to realise that feminism inflicts huge burdens on societies and people ought to be made aware of the connections that it has to some really serious problems that we face.

It is not a healthy ideology in very many ways. In fact, it is a very destructive one.

There are numerous negative consequences that flow from feminism and nobody in the public eye dares to talk about them

There are numerous negative consequences that flow from feminism and nobody in the public eye dares to talk about them. Feminists and feminism can rarely be criticised for anything, no matter what the cost, so scared are people of the feminists and their gullible supporters.

Feminism incurs huge costs without people noticing because most commentators are too brainwashed by them or too scared to point out the connections to the public.

feminism increases pollution and hence, possibly, global warming

Well, it is quite obvious, isn't it, that feminism increases pollution and hence, possibly, global warming?

The more that women go out to work, and the more that families break down, and the greater is the gender divide, the more traveling, heating, energy consumption, traffic congestion and pollution that there is going to be.

And if they live separately, we need to buy more televisions, stereo systems, sofas, fridges, cookers, carpets etc etc etc.

And, of course, build many more houses.

This is an important subject. It affects the whole planet.

And yet, if you take a look at all the books by the clever politically-corrected professors and review the Gender Studies Courses, I'll bet that you won't find one mention of the negative effects of feminism on the eco-system.

There is this huge monstrous effect of feminism, and these politically-corrected nincompoops are either too stupid to even notice the connection or too deceitful and manipulative to even mention it.

This is who these people are. 

They are either stupid, or they are manipulative liars.

Mostly, they are stupid.

never will the two parts of the same brains meet.

Also notice that the politically correct tend to hang out together. And yet they'll be complaining about the catastrophe of global warming and the demise of the eco-system on the one day, but, on the very next day, they will all be extolling the virtues of feminism - and never will the two parts of the same brains meet.

I, myself, do indeed worry about the eco-system - and this makes me loathe the feminists and their stupid/deceitful supporters even more.

Everybody who has ever studied under a politically-correct educationalist who extols the virtues of feminism has to ask themselves this question, "Why didn't they ever mention the deleterious effects of feminism on the eco-system through pollution? WHY!? Were they just too stupid? (probably) Or were they just trying to indoctrinate the students. (yes)."

Look back at their books. Look back at their coursework. Look back at their lectures. Where do they mention the eco-system? Eh? 

Look back and remember these people - because they are phonies.

Look back and remember these people - because they are phonies.

We are not only wasting our money by employing these worthless academics to teach our students, they are causing a great deal of harm to all of us by their incompetence and/or their mendaciousness.

The whole damn country is more heavily polluted, more heavily congested, with everybody more stressed, more strained and unwell because of it, and not one politically-corrected academic notices the very simplest and most obvious of connections with feminism.

These connections don't even get a mention in their courses.

But that's feminists and their politically-corrected poodle boys working together for you.

Goodness I hate them.

Best wishes


See my list of The 'Benefits' of Feminism to see just how unimaginably enormous is the true cost of feminism.

(And - if you can believe it - when I use the phrase 'unimaginably enormous', I am not exaggerating.)


Dear AH,

I found your site from a link on Dr. Warren Farrell's web pages and since then, I've been reading non-stop for over a week.

Excellent stuff. I once used to consider myself a "feminist" and often frequented such sites as matriarch.com and femina.com.

 All of them are filled with feminist science proclaiming how the world was once ruled by beneficent and magnanimous females.

What's sad is that I once bought into this claptrap.


Hi C

Thank you for those kind words.

Yep; I'm afraid that feminists do nothing but lie.

What people really need to understand is that feminists - and, indeed, the politically correct - actually believe that lying is completely justified if it serves their aims.

But the trouble is that far more negative consequences materialise from their lies than do positive ones.

One of the worst problems is caused by the fact that most people are not very bright, and even those who are bright do not usually investigate the issues very thoroughly and so realise what is going on. 

The result is that the feminists and their poodle boys gain huge popular support for their policies and notions - because they usually claim that they are defending 'victims' somewhere along the line - even though their ideas are worse than worthless. In fact, being based on lies, they are usually highly destructive - especially in the long run.

The actively politically correct are also usually not very bright.

The actively politically correct are also usually not very bright. If you look at many of the academics in the politically-corrected social sciences, for example, you will mostly discover if you read their works that they are very third-rate - at best. Their notions about most things are chock full of contradictions and they seem completely blind to them.

They seem just to spin fairy tales on the basis of their whims and their gooey fantasies. And it seems to me that because they have gained some official qualification of some kind - often based on very little more than the production of a few very politically-correct essays - they suddenly see themselves as having been magically transformed into experts on anything even remotely associated with their subject area.

"I passed the exam so I must be an expert," is what they seem to believe.

Anyway. I'm waffling. But the point that I really wanted to make is that the feminists and the politically correct do not mind lying. They want to achieve something, and so they happily lie in order to get it.

It's as simple as that.



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