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High Treason?

Coming into full force in 2004, it will enable a judge or prosecuting magistrate anywhere in the EU to order the automatic extradition of a British citizen on the basis of suspicion alone, without having to present the dossier of evidence required under the current system.

I look forward to the day that some of our politicians are finally convicted of treason and locked away for a very long time - or can traitors still be hanged these days? 

Simply in order to feather their own nests and to give themselves more career opportunities, our treacherous politicians keep handing more and more of our rights to govern ourselves over to foreign powers - run by people whom we can NEVER vote for.

You see, they swan around the international scene, in luxury circumstances, with special privileges and immunities, with good salaries and great job prospects, within a layer called the governing 'elite', all paid for by the taxpayer, with no expense spared.

What fun it must be!

Among the smart cafés and the chic boutiques of Strasbourg and Paris, the people who run Europe enjoy what might be described as a sumptious existence. With free travel, generous pensions, unchecked expenses and allowances for simply turning up for work, members of the European Parliament enjoy perks usually reserved for the chief executives of private companies. Kamal Ahmed

Of course the politicians want the EU to succeed! 

It is their gravy train. And they can go on reaping their goodies and their enormous pensions for LIFE!

But every year, bit by bit, they sell us down the river.

And by persisting in giving the EU evermore powers, the number of staff and bureaucratic departments beneath them just grow and grow. The Euro staff and their bureaucratic departments do not have to produce anything, and nor actually do anything of value. 

They just have to be legislated into existence.

And we are ALL forced to pay for them, whether we want them or not.

How pleasant it must be to enjoy the rewards of a business or a profession in which one's personal scope can simply be extended indefinitely by force; rather than by any measure of worthiness.

I am now fifty years old. And I can assure my younger readers that, when it comes to the EU, the public has been lied to, and deceived, over and over and over again since at least 1970.

No No No. This won't happen. And it does.

No No No. This doesn't mean this, and it doesn't mean that. And it does.

No No No. The EU won't be able to infringe upon this or extend into that. And it does.

I have lost count of the hundreds of times over the past 30 years where I have heard politicians deny vehemently what shortly thereafter came to pass.

And most UK politicians still simply refuse to discuss anything more than the possible economic benefits that, allegedly, might accrue to the UK by handing rule over to Brussels. They just will not discuss openly the loss of freedom for UK citizens to determine their own laws, the loss of democratic accountability, the increased inability of citizens to remove from office those who govern them, nor the huge costs associated with the whole enterprise.

And it is already the case that AVERAGE earners have to forgo MORE THAN HALF of their incomes because of government taxes AND the regulatory procedures imposed upon businesses for which everyone has to pay when they are being consumers. 

Further, it is insufferably obvious that government officials feel that they have some inalienable and ever-expanding right to interfere with the private lives of citizens and to restrict further their liberties by imposing upon them a ceaseless and burdensome deluge of rules, regulations and red tape, which are all enforceable only by sheer intimidation, punitive fines and the threat of physical force and imprisonment.

When one adds to all this the demonstrable incompetence of government in almost all areas where it operates, together with the self-serving corruption of so many of its officials - particularly in their persistent attempts to hoodwink the public and to feather their own nests at the public's expense -  the whole edifice surely amounts to a system that needs to be disempowered and largely dismantled.

And now, with the EU gaining in strength, we are progressively being enslaved by bureaucratic overlords and ambitious careerists whom we do not know, whom we did not vote for, whom we do not want, but whom we are increasingly forced to fund and kowtow to.

In my view, politicians who are in cahoots with this whole process are, at the very least, guilty of treason, given that their aims plainly involve the transfer of this nation's powers to rule itself into the hands of foreign governments.

Finally, it is worthwhile noting that this article is probably not much more than a couple of years away from being deemed by European judges to be illegal insofar as it encourages readers to denounce the legitimacy of the European Parliament and to oppose it.

No No No. Such an infringement of the right to free speech just would not happen Angry Harry!

Oh yes it would. Just give it a few more years.

UK Edward Heath created a secret government propaganda unit to persuade the British people to accept the Common Market. Civil servants were engaged in a dirty tricks department of the Foreign Office to cover up the threat to sovereignty and provide rapid rebuttal of anti-Common Market arguments. The European Community Information Unit operated from 1970 to 1972 as Mr Heath negotiated our way into Europe.




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