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How To Profit From Abuse

The Police Inspector says,

"I cannot take it any longer. When are we going to get that money for a new secretary; because I am fed up with having to deal with those plebs who are so much further down the food chain."

"And what about all our expense claims? Why should we have to cap them?" the Sergeant grumbles.

"And we want more overtime pay," says the Constable.

"And what about that new office that I was promised?" says the Chief Constable.

we have a juicy sex-killing on our hands."

The Sergeant looks up. "Well, there's some very good news just come in," he grins. "Because it looks as if we have a juicy sex-killing on our hands."

"Excellent," says the Inspector. "I shall telephone the Feminist Social Worker."

Ring. Ring.

"Excellent news," says the Feminist Social Worker. "We could do with some extra funding right now. I want to employ at least two more typists. I shall telephone the tabloids."

Ring. Ring.

"A juicy sex-killing, eh?" says the Editor. "Why, this is excellent news indeed. We could do with an increase in our newspaper's circulation. I'll telephone Mz Feminist Politician."

Ring. Ring.

"Excellent news," says Mz Feminist Politician. "Another sex-killing, eh? I'll be able to squeeze more money for my department out of the Chancellor of the Exchequer."





"Hurrah! Hurrah! Excellent news," say the man-hating feminist groups who often masquerade as groups to help 'victims'. "We shall scream and shout and stamp our feet all over the place."

"Oh my God," says the Prime Minister - and he sends all the desired money down the chain.

You see; profiting from 'abuse' is soooooo simple.

In fact, it is very profitable.

Very profitable indeed; for many, many, many, people.


The Abuse Industry

The abuse industry - just like any other organism - wants to grow.

those working in the abuse industry will lie to you

Always remember this when you read your newspapers - because those working in the abuse industry will lie to you. They will not just exaggerate a little bit here and there, but by as much as they can get away with.

For example, if they tell you that 1,000 women have been assaulted in such and such a place, the chances are high that the true figure is nearer to 10.

As just one example, police officers claimed that 40,000 women were being sex-trafficked for World Cup football fans in Germany 2006. The evidence (later admitted) suggested that 5 women might have been 'trafficked'.

40,000 -> 5

Anyway. Here are some of the people behind the abuse industry.

The police, the prison officers, the probation officers, the lawyers, the judges, the other courtroom staff, the children's charities, the feminists, the women's groups, the newspapers, the soaps, the films, the chat programs, the news programs, the women's magazines, the teens magazines, the emotion counselors, the hypnotherapists, the agony aunts, the psychologists, the psychoanalysts, the psychiatrists, the therapists, the associated doctors and nurses, the spiritual healers, the social workers, the gossips, the academics, the priests, the politicians, the government, the trades unions, the racially 'aware', the politically corrected, and, of course, the allegedly abused.

All these people struggle to extend the definition of 'abuse'.

And they keep succeeding; thereby damaging and de-stabilising all of the close relationships that people might have.

The bigger the pie, the more can they eat!

And if you are a man, then, for the most part, you are their pie.


The NSPCC Sucks How could anybody criticise the National Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children? Well, they could point out that the NSPCC's media campaigns spread a poisonous message of mistrust by implying that all of our children are at risk from adults, most often those closest to them. Mick Hume

A huge slice of its 150 million income goes on PR and self-publicity, to raise the cash to put out more propaganda so that it can raise more money to put out more propaganda. Perhaps its new body of experts could start by looking into exploitative broadcasts where child actors pretend to be victims of abuse to guilt-trip innocent people into giving money. Now that's what I call irresponsible TV.


Roll up! Roll up, Everybody! 

Dust those cobwebs out of your wallet, and give Angry Harry some of that hidden money of yours; because Angry Harry is going to start a new charity to help children who are 'in need'.


And for every $100 that he receives, Angry Harry is going to give one whole dollar to those who help children.

Yes indeed. Angry Harry is a most kind and generous man.

Hey. Hold on, Angry Harry. If I give you $100, you're going to keep $99 for yourself? Why, that's nothing but a scam!

No way! That's no scam at all. Because those children 'in need' will get a whole dollar! A dollar that they would not have had before. I am doing them a favour!

Yeah, right. But mostly a favour to you!

OK. OK. I'll change the percentage.

Instead of one dollar, I'll give them $10. How does that sound?

For every $100 that he receives, Angry Harry will now give those children 'in need' ten whole dollars.

Yes indeed. Angry Harry's generosity knows no bounds.

No way, Angry Harry. You still get to keep keep $90. And this is still nothing but a scam.

OK. OK. I'll change the percentage again. Instead of $10, I'll give those kids $50. 

Now, how does that sound?


Well, the final percentage - $50 out of every $100 - still sounds like a scam, doesn't it?

And if you knew that every time that you donated $100 to Angry Harry's new charity for children 'in need', he put $50 into his own pocket, you would surely feel somewhat cheated.

But, in fact, this is roughly what the NSPCC does.

Of course, in the case of the NSPCC, the 50% rake-off does not just go into one person's pocket. It gets spread around all those people who work for the NSPCC - either directly or indirectly.

But do not be fooled by this. Because the 'scam' is of the same magnitude. ...

... One year later ...

A big Thank You to all of you who have donated to Angry Harry's charity.

 Angry Harry has now received donations of one million dollars!

Thanks to all of you, Angry Harry has now received donations of one million dollars!

One million dollars!


Indeed, so many cheques have come through the post, that Angry Harry has had to employ a whole secretary to assist him in his work!


But, of course, this secretary will cost $50,000.

So this only leaves $950,000 for me.

Hmm. I think I'll use some of that money to put out adverts in the media in order to attract even more funding.

Children screaming.

Children crying.

Children looking grim.

Hmm. How can I make those adverts work?

Yes, Yes, I've got it.

I shall claim that there is abuse here, there and EVERYWHERE.

And that absolutely EVERYONE is suspect.

And I do mean, EVERYONE!



Yes. Yes. Yes!

And then I shall claim that all the victims are telling the truth, and that no strong evidence should be required, and that all potential accusers should be encouraged to come forward, and that they should also be offered compensation money, and that all accusers must remain hidden, but that newspapers should be able to identify all those who are merely charged - which they will; to sell their newspapers.

Keep expanding the demonisation base!

Keep re-defining abuse!

Keep extending the scope of it all!

We are all in this together now. So, Come on. Let's roll!


Send your donations to Angry Harry at the Penthouse Suite, Hilton Hotel, Monte Carlo.

 I feel sure that he'll be living there soon!


Ten years later ... back at the office.

Oh my goodness, I have got 200 people who rely on me for their employment. The local taxes have gone up. The rent has increased. And what about all my friends in the abuse industry? - the lawyers, the PR merchants, the accountants. How do I pay them? And what about our lofty status?

Damn! The expected donations did not come about this year.

Our bank account is red.

So, what shall I do?

Ah yes, I know.




(Also see The Curse of the NSPCC)


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