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How would the Nation Survive without Child Abuse? 

I'm not sure how we would survive in this country without child abuse. We talk about it, investigate it, analyse it, react to it, shudder from it. The whole country seems to get off on it. The people can't seem to get enough of the stuff. 

There must be at least ten chat shows a week in the mainstream media roping in its viewers with salacious tales of abuse and wrongdoing. The newspapers are full of it, with lurid, captivating headlines and details of court cases and long prison sentences.

The police are now trawling all the care homes egging ex-residents to come forward with their tales and offering thousands of pounds in compensation for the best of them.

It goes on.

But, let's just take a look at who, or what, gains from child abuse.

Solicitors, judges, barristers, prison officers, probation officers, court workers, social workers, newspapers, magazines, therapists, psychiatrists, doctors, psychologists, psychoanalysts, the police force, television (soaps, discussions, drama, news) radio, CHILDREN'S CHARITIES, false accusers, fantasists, other prisoners (who like to see themselves as better) priests, counsellors, victims (fake ones), care home workers, feminists, lying women, depressives, those with dull lives, actors, politicians, civil servants and, probably, many others.

And, presumably, the child abusers themselves are getting something out of it!

The whole of Britain is enmeshed in child abuse. It's like a murky fog that envelops the entire country and poisons the people's psyche. 

It must be a turn-on though, mustn't it? After all, so many people CHOOSE to watch it, talk about it, read about it. Even in fiction, people can't get enough of it. 

Films, documentaries, soaps, news and chat shows, just can't get away from it. And they wouldn't do it if it didn't ATTRACT high viewing figures.

And ATTRACT just about says it all.

When people find something truly disgusting they flee from it. They don't seek it out and salivate over it.

The nation just loves it, and the millions (literally) of  'professionals' who also love it, and benefit hugely from it all, well, what would they do without it? How would they earn their money or justify their existence? And how would the big charities earn their money? What would happen to their jobs? 

Unless they all continually scare us and the children, and pump up the hysteria, how do they get their money?

And what else would the media talk about to fill in the gaps? 

Well, there's always sexual harassment, sexual assault and rape, I suppose. 

But then they already do that in the UK.

Perhaps, we should take a tip from our American cousins and seek fresh ventures. Over a million of them actually believe that they have been sexually abused by aliens in spaceships. And some have even tried to claim compensation from 'abusers' who, allegedly, abused them in previous lives!

Now, that might be fun. 

And it would make a welcome change.




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