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  If I Only Had a V

My entry to Jack Kammer's poetry competition ,,,


If I Only Had a V 

 Alas, poor Yorick! I knew him, HoratioIf I only had a V 
I could be accusatory 
And hide in anonymity 
Despite my obvious perjury. 

If I only had a V 
I could live so happily 
Causing untold agony 
To the man who married me. 

If I only had a V 
I would be officially 
protected by immunity 
With no responsibility. 

If I only had a V 
I would dress most prettily 
And all of the judiciary 
Would judge my claims most favourably. 

If I only had a V 
I would use it expertly 
To generate equality 
That somehow always favours me. 

If I only had a V 
I could act appallingly 
And cause my partner misery 
No matter how atrociously. 

If I only had a V 
I would stroke it tenderly 
Because quite unbelievably 
It is my gold-filled treasury.


I didn't win. In fact, I got no votes at all. 

Still, what does Jack Kammer know about good poetry, eh? Well, quite clearly, absolutely nothing!

Ho Hum. Never mind.

I think that I had better get back to my usual form of activism.

And this is what it is like, ...

 Calm Before The Storm :-)


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