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Judges Need Courses on Justice

It is often currently argued by legal officials and politicians that too many guilty defendants get off Scot-free because procedures and practices are often designed too much with a view to protecting against the conviction of innocent individuals rather than with the seeking of justice for the victims.

And it is now often said (and I have heard judges say this) that the justice system needs to shift more in the direction of gaining more convictions, even if more innocents end up being punished for crimes that they did not commit.

Well, what follows might be a somewhat trivial point in comparison to what has already been said in many places throughout this website but it is, nevertheless, worthwhile contemplating it.

If one equates teachers with the powerful justice system, and 'children' with the population in general, then the point is this.

While it is one thing for children to abuse each other (steal from each other, beat each other, cheat on each other, sexually abuse each other - or whatever) it is quite another thing for teachers to do this to them!

And if, of course, teachers were actually discovered to be doing such things to any children, then they would surely deserve to be in some kind of serious trouble.

Well, in a similar vein, it is quite one thing for us, as individuals, to get involved in perpetrating injustices upon our friends, our loved ones and our enemies alike, but it is quite another thing for the justice system to do this to us.

And, in much the same way that we would be after the blood of any teachers who continually perpetrated injustices upon those children in their charge, so it is that we should be vigorously after those in the justice system who do the very same to us.

In the case of the injustices perpetrated by the justice system, however, what makes matters even more morally intolerable, is the fact that the judges involved in it, unlike teachers, are supposed to be the topmost experts on, and the highest guarantors of, JUSTICE!

And yet, for example, judges are meting out very harsh sentences to people (nearly all men) on the basis of NO OBJECTIVE EVIDENCE WHATSOEVER. 

Goodness me! AVERAGE TWELVE YEAR OLDS would understand that such a system must be CORRUPT.

But most of our learned judges - our 'experts' - apparently, simply cannot understand this.

And those who do; well, if they are not making a fuss about the current state of affairs, then they are, themselves, CORRUPT. 

Morally CORRUPT. 

(e.g. see AH's Justice - Corrupt At The Very Core.) 



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