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Julian Assange

Julian Assange

Why Support Him?


Wandering around my own area of cyberspace, it seems fairly clear to me that most MRAs are at least partially supportive of Julian Assange - with some MRAs being very supportive indeed.

And my belief is that this support is not only arising because there is current dissatisfaction with the self-serving dishonesty that seems to be so rampant within western governments these days, but also because, quite simply, western governments are not currently inspiring much in the way of loyalty - certainly not from those men who are aware of what they have been doing.

And how could they inspire much loyalty; given that they expend so much of their energy undermining their very own people?

On this website alone, we can see that we are being lied to constantly by our governments, that men are being purposely undermined by them - in almost every area of their lives - that our nations and our families are being broken up methodically so that those in government can profit themselves financially, and that we have even been waging a hugely expensive war on the basis of lies.

I am not quite sure how much worse it can get.

How can you feel any loyalty towards a group of people who are continually lying to you, betraying you and cheating you? - and, if you are a man, who actually go out of their way to hurt you.

Adding insult to injury, government workers receive much better pay, perks and pensions than everyone else. They work for fewer hours, for fewer years, and their productivity in many areas is either extremely low or positively detrimental to society.

Essentially, they are forcing people who have less than themselves to pay for their relative luxuries, and in return they are, at best, providing them with a very poor service and/or actually causing them harm.

 why on Earth should people feel any loyalty towards their governments?

So why on Earth should people feel any loyalty towards their governments?

I, myself, certainly no longer feel any loyalty towards my own government, and I am not even sure that I feel any loyalty towards my country any more; which, I suppose, means that those government traitors who have been beavering away behind the scenes to destroy people's national identities have 'won' - at least in my case.

Of course, I have some misgivings about Julian Assange's publication of so many government documents, but the idea that the public disclosure of these documents - documents that were routinely accessible to some three million Americans - is likely to compromise national security is, surely, utter nonsense.

And if the revealing of the contents of any of these documents was, indeed, to compromise national security, then how utterly, utterly incompetent must be the heads of the American security services.

As such, it is their heads that should be rolling, not Julian Assange's.

Indeed, I am reminded of the recent case of Gary Mckinnon who, it is alleged by the American government, managed to compromise American national security by hacking into numerous computers run by the military.

How is it possible for one man to do this?

How much more incompetent can these American officials be?

And it is the exposure of this unbelievable incompetence, not issues of national security, that is clearly the main reason behind the desire to put Julian Assange behind bars.

Basically, the American government has been embarrassed;

Basically, the American government has been embarrassed; not only by some of the revelations contained in the documents, but at having been shown to be wholly negligent when it comes to keeping them away from prying eyes.

And so the American government now wants to send out a message to people.

Don't mess with us. Don't expose our incompetence. Don't expose our wrongdoings. Or we will go after you.

So much for honesty, openness and democracy.

And I feel sure that, in the near future, Julian Assange will find himself spending many years inside an American prison.

And if this happens, this will be further confirmatory evidence for the view that governments, for their own greedy, self-serving purposes, are prepared to sacrifice the well-being of their very own people in order to profit themselves.

And for all western men reading this, please keep asking yourself this question. "What, exactly, has my government been doing for me for the past three decades?"

Well, not much, is the answer.

 your government has done its very best to undermine you

On the contrary, your government has done its very best to undermine you and to demonise you in almost every way imaginable.

And any benefits that you have enjoyed arising from your government have mostly been at your expense - with you paying far, far more than should be necessary.

Now, of course, I know that not all those who work for government are incompetent, lazy, overpaid, dishonest and uncaring, but there are far too many government workers who are these things.

And it is very much up to those working inside government to deal with these people.

And in much the same way that Bradley Manning decided that he was not prepared to allow the American government to get away with murder, and with what are, clearly, war crimes, so others who work on the inside should be helping to expose and/or to counter the various malefactions of their 'colleagues'.

Not an easy thing to do, for sure.

But what is the alternative?

After all, it must be fairly obvious to those of you who have been active on the internet for many years that there is now looming what can be described as a 'war' between 'the people' and their governments.

And governments are currently doing everything that they can do to criminalise as many people as possible and to gradually shut down their freedom to speak.

And they are doing this on many fronts.

Rather than go into all the detail myself, I simply quote from a recent article from the Electronic Freedom Foundation, ...

 If the United States takes the low road, the battle is already lost.

As 2010 draws to a close, the United States faces two paths forward. There is the low road, continuing and expanding this new American brand of Internet censorship. And there is a high road: to remember that the First Amendment protects everyone's right to speak, even if the government disapproves of the things they say or the data they publish. If the United States takes the high road, there will still be a difficult and protracted battle to persuade the world's governments that Internet censorship is bad policy. If the United States takes the low road, the battle is already lost.

Well, to suggest that the 'battle is already lost' is probably only a mild exaggeration, because it is not difficult to see that governments, in cahoots with some big businesses, intend to stamp out certain viewpoints and certain freedoms.

And governments allied with big businesses clearly represents a truly almighty force.

So it will certainly seem to many that 'the battle is lost' if powerful governments put their weight on the side of oppression.

But, as I have often mentioned, the organism of 'men' is far, far bigger than any government (indeed, far bigger than all governments put together) and so I doubt the the battle will ever be truly lost.

Furthermore, the addition of big business into the mix will probably not make much difference in the long term. 

And so I remain fairly confident that governments will fail in their attempts to control the information highway.

But the MM (the consciousness of men as 'men') still remains fairly weak.

And so while it is true that the number of people who are gradually waking up to the fact that their governments are mostly serving their own interests is increasing all the time (e.g. as evidenced by the Tea Party movement) the road ahead is still likely to remain very difficult and to involve many battles - with the MRM (currently centering on internet MRAs) not likely to play a major role for some time to come.

And this is why, in my view, it is so important for MRAs to support Julian Assange, and to continue to do so even if he is whisked away and disappeared into some government abyss.

After all, not only is Julian Assange and his organisation standing up to government wrongdoing, he is also fighting for the freedom of the internet as well as for the right for people to know what their governments are getting up to.

Furthermore, he has stated quite clearly that he is not opposed to government and that, in fact, he is not even opposed to big government.

What he wants is honest, open government.

 there is hardly any difference between Julian Assange and a typical internet MRA.

In other words, there is hardly any difference between Julian Assange and a typical internet MRA.

And so from an MRA point of view, I think that our governments need to understand that until they start helping men instead of continually seeking to harm them, then many MRAs will actively place some of their weight in support of people like Julian Assange.

Hypocrisy Wherever You Turn

WikiLeaks Facing Prosecution "Leaking the material is deplorable," Senator Lindsay Graham of South Carolina, a Republican, told Fox News. "The people at WikiLeaks could have blood on their hands .

That's a bit rich coming from an American senator, isn't it? - America having bombed Iraq on the basis of falsehoods.

Furthermore, given that the US government spends billions of dollars every year to snoop on its own people, perhaps it is about time that the people were allowed to snoop on them.

A decade ago, I would have thought that leaking such official documents was a truly treacherous act.

But now that I know that US government officials are, by and large, greedily serving themselves rather than their own countrymen, I am quite happy to see these leaks embarrass them.

And, of course, my sentiments apply to all western governments that are continuing to do their very best to break down their very own nations and to undermine people's families and relationships.

As far as they are concerned, "Let the leaks continue," I say.

+ The King of Saudi Arabia privately urged the United States to attack Iran to destroy its nuclear weapons programme

+ Julian Assange, the founder of WikiLeaks, has been rebuffed by the US government after he sought information "regarding individuals who may be 'at significant risk of harm'" because of" his release of classified documents.

So, Assange's proposed deal was rebuffed, eh? - thus demonstrating that the State Department has no genuine concern about any 'harm' that it claims to be so concerned about.

As such, if there is any harm done to anyone, we can blame the State Department for it.

Oh yes we can.

Firstly, for being too incompetent to be entrusted with keeping this allegedly 'sensitive' information secure enough to prevent leaks and/or for being too stupid to realise that such information cannot be kept secure.

Secondly, for failing to mitigate any harm done by refusing to accept Assange's deal.

After all, he is hardly asking for very much.

As such, the State Department's refusal suggests that its heads of staff are not really very concerned about any harm that they allege might be done to people.

Their concern is phony.

Basically, they feel affronted. Their pride is hurt. They thought that they could continue to keep everything that they want to hide under the cover so that only they, the privileged, could know what was going on.

But those days are coming to an end.

Warning, therefore, to those officials who have been at the forefront of damaging very seriously the lives of many men.

One day, they are going to find you.

Ho Hum.


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