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Just 5% Will Do

In my piece Why Governments Love Feminism I pointed out that western governments and certain groups of government workers have a vested interest in promoting feminist policies - a vested interest that provides western governments with many billions of extra dollars every year; dollars which translate into jobs, pensions, expense accounts and power for those who work within these governments.

In this piece, I just want to take a brief look at how those at the top of the corporate ladder can make themselves many extra millions of dollars every year by promoting feminism.

I touched on this notion in the piece Fathers Groups Miss The Big Picture; wherein I pointed out that the chairman of a large Japanese car manufacturer admitted that his company's fuelling of 'disharmony' between men and women via advertising campaigns would increase car sales and, hence, his company's profits.

And in this piece I want to demonstrate just how wonderfully profitable for certain people at the top of the corporate ladder this tactic can be.

this wonderful profitability arises from the fact that most large companies make their profits at the margins

And this wonderful profitability arises from the fact that most large companies make their profits at the margins. In other words, they only make any profit if their sales exceed what is, usually, a large number.

Up to some critical level of sales, no profit is made.

Beyond this critical level, however, profits can escalate very dramatically.

Here is a grossly oversimplified example of this.

car Volkswagen cartoon

Car Company X has a fixed annual expenditure that is measured in hundreds of millions of dollars. The situation for this company is such that it will only make a profit if it sells one million cars.

Every car that it sells brings in $3,000 more income than was the cost of producing it.

Now, let us imagine that, last year, this company sold exactly one million cars.

In other words, it made no profit.

And so the shareholders got no dividends, and the chief executives got no bonuses.

 if this company can increase its sales by just 5%, the profits will jump from zero dollars to $150 million dollars.

Now, if this company can increase its sales by just 5%, the profits will jump from zero dollars to $150 million dollars.

In other words, if the company sells an extra 50,000 cars (a mere 5% increase over the previous sales of one million cars) then it rakes in an extra 50,000 x $3,000 = $150 million over and above the break-even point.

Thus, a 5% increase in sales turns a zero profit into a profit of $150 million.

In other words, there is a massive increase in profits even though the sales rose by only 5%.

Furthermore, of course, as a result of this wonderful increase in profits, the shares of the company might go up by, say, 10%; from $1.00 to $1.10.

Not bad.

Especially if you own 5 million of them!

And now, here comes the important bit.

The corporate people at the top (as well as many other extremely well-heeled folk) do own 5 million of them!


Indeed, at the top of the big corporations and the big businesses - and, indeed, also at the top in the financial sector and the banks - there will, indeed, be many people who stand to make MILLIONS of dollars just by getting big companies to increase their sales by 5%.

In other words, many of the most powerful and wealthiest of people in the land can make extra MILLIONS of dollars for themselves simply by increasing the sales of large companies by 5%.

These powerful people will, therefore, tend to promote policies that increase the sales of large companies.

 breaking down the relationships between men and women ... will make them a lot of money.

And breaking down the relationships between men and women - in the above case, in order to sell a few more cars - will make them a lot of money.

And so, for example, they will sponsor adverts and TV programmes that promote inter-gender disharmony. They will support charities that do this. And, of course, they will give politicians who support the feminist agenda a good deal of backing - financial and otherwise.

Remember; they only need to swing those sales by 5% to make a financial killing.

And if you look at the members of our governing elite - who hobnob together and lead their lives of luxury - it surely comes as no surprise to see that they consist mostly of those at the top of the corporate ladders and the banking system, arm in arm with the politicians whom, effectively, they have bought.

They have a very, very cosy relationship.

And so these politicians are not representing us or our interests.

They are being paid to promote policies which increase those sales by 5%.

And they, together with their super-rich corporate and banking friends, mostly do not have the slightest concern for our countries or for our relationships.

After all, would you have any concern? - if by increasing sales by an extra 5% was going to make you MILLIONS of extra dollars.

Would you really care that you were increasing just slightly the probability of divorce and relationship breakdowns?

Would you really care that you were increasing just slightly the probability of divorce and relationship breakdowns?


And can you imagine the sheer terror that would engulf these lofty people should sales actually decrease by 5% and, hence, they stood to lose millions of dollars?

Can you imagine the horror on the face of the chairman of Car Company X if his sales were down by 5% rather than up?

His company would make a loss of $150 million.

So, of course, these kind of people will support feminist policies, because feminism, amongst other things, promotes the breaking down of people's relationships and, hence, it results in the sale of many more products; from cars to petrol, from housing to gardening goods, from electricity to gas, from TV sets to telephones and computers.

Even the mainstream media get to sell more of their wares if more people live alone.

Even the mainstream media get to sell more of their wares if more people live alone.

Do you think that Rupert Murdoch is unaware of how large is the rise in his profits (from the extra advertising revenues received by his enormous media empire) as a result of feminist policies and feminist propaganda?

Rupert Murdoch

The more that men and women are driven apart, the more newspapers, TV channel subscriptions and advertising space do I sell.

Feminism is a gold mine for those at the top.


Take it from me. When it comes to money, they will know a zillion times more about it than most of you will ever know.

And it is those at the top who, with their millions of dollars, tell our politicians what to do.


Crackdown On Downloads Lord Mandelson launched a crackdown on internet piracy just days after meeting a leading Hollywood critic of illegal file sharing.

Lord Mandelson ordered officials to draw up the draconian regulations days after dinner with David Geffen, who founded the Asylum record label which signed Bob Dylan.

The pair dined on 7 August at the Rothschild family villa on Corfu, while Mandelson was holidaying on the Greek island.

Ah yes. The Rothschilds.

They're big bankers, you know.

Huge, in fact.


And those politicians who do not take the bait, do not get supported - so they never make it very far up the political ladder.

Now, of course, you might think that, surely, increasing the size of the economy is a good thing, isn't it?

The more sales, the better!

Well, Yes, there is a lot of truth in that.

But what about our personal relationships? Our children? The benefits of having strong families? The huge increase in pollution and traffic congestion that arises from all the extra economic activity? And so on.

traffic jam cars queue cartoon

What about the huge negative effects of fatherlessness on our societies?

Do all these things count for nothing?

And what about all the hatred towards men that these people are fuelling in order to increase the divide between men and women - for profit?

Why should men have to put up with this?

And are we just workhorses who go out to work so that we can 'consume' and pay taxes?

Is there nothing else to us?

How far are we prepared to allow these lofty people to take us while in pursuit of their millions?

How far are we prepared to allow these lofty people to take us while in pursuit of their millions?

I recall, for example, those two judges in America who were caught and prosecuted recently for receiving financial rewards for sending, over the years, hundreds of young men to a privately-owned detention centre for having committed the most trivial of offences.

Basically, these judges were sending young men to prison simply in order to make money for themselves.

And so we are not just talking about businesses that 'make things' like cars when it comes to increasing sales by 5% in order to make millions for some people.

The same situation applies in the justice system!

Indeed, the bigwigs at the top of big legal companies can also make extra millions for themselves if they can just ratchet up by 5% the number of divorces taking place, the number of custody disputes, the number of fights over alimony, the number of 'abuse' allegations.

divorcing hearts

Millions of extra dollars for themselves, just by increasing by 5% the number of legal cases that their firms undertake; which, presumably, is why the legal profession gives more money to the Democrats in America than does any other profession.

And these legal bigwigs will be supporting the Democrats for financial reasons, not out of love for their fellow men.

Finally, do any of you really think that these super high-fliers - the captains of industry, the topmost bankers, financiers and lawyers - whose huge empires stretch below them - are unaware of how they can increase their sales by 5%, and that they are also unaware that an extra 5% will bring them millions of extra dollars?

And do you think that our topmost politicians also remain blissfully unaware of these things?

In other words, do you think that the most energetic, the most ambitious and the most successful of people in the land remain unaware of the enormous benefits that can accrue to them if they can just tweak up the sales by 5%?

In summary: The most powerful and the most influential people in the land make millions of dollars for themselves by promoting feminism and the breaking down of people's relationships.

And just 5% will do.



It really is the case that a 5% increase in sales translates to millions of dollars for those at the top

It really is the case that a 5% increase in sales translates to millions of dollars for those at the top, but it is difficult for those of us nearer the bottom of the food chain to appreciate this, because we do not live in the same lofty circles as do those at the top.

We tend to think that a 5% increase in sales just means a small increase - hardly anything worth talking about - and certainly not enough to justify a huge amount of corruption, bribery, behind the counter wheeling and dealing, and so on.

But, perhaps, even we can appreciate the temptations if we regard ourselves as small businesses.

Imagine a man who makes $50,000 a year and whose 'fixed' expenses are $40,000.

This means that he has an extra $10,000 to play around with every year.

Now, if he gets a pay rise of 5%, his pay will go up to $52,500

But this means that he now has $12,500 to play around with every year - which is an increase of 25% on the previous figure; not 5%.



TV screen stock market stock exchange cartoon

Stock Options

You do not need to buy shares in order to play in the stock market.

You do not need to buy shares in order to play in the stock market. There are many other ways in which you can seek to make a profit through the changing prices of shares.

One method is to buy 'options' to buy or sell shares without buying the shares themselves.

These options can swing the profits or losses that you can make by far more than is reflected by the changing prices of the shares themselves.

Here is a very simplified version of how these 'options' can work.

Imagine that you have just one share in Car Company X, and that its value on the stock market is $1.00.

I come along and I give you $0.05 for the 'option' to buy your share for $1.00 at any time during the next three months.

This means that, whatever the price of the share might be during the next three months, I have the right to buy your share for $1.00.

Now, imagine the the stock market price of this share goes up to $1.10.

This means that you can sell your share on the stock market for $1.10.

But you have made a deal with me that allows me to buy it from you for $1.00.

And now that the stock market price of this share has gone up to $1.10, I come along and say to you, "I would like to purchase your share please. Here is my $1.00."

Now, in practice, you do not actually give me the share for $1.00. Instead, you just give me the extra $0.10.

And the point is this.

I gave you $0.05 for the option to buy your share at $1.00.

You are now giving me $0.10 back.

And so I have doubled my money.

even though the share price only went up by 10% (from $1.00 to $1.10) I have made 100% on the deal.

Thus, even though the share price only went up by 10% (from $1.00 to $1.10) I have made 100% on the deal.

And if the share price had gone up to $1.20, I would have made four times my money!

Furthermore, I would have made this money without having had to fork out $1.00 to buy your share. I only had to give you $0.05.

Thus, perhaps, one can more clearly see what positively enormous forces are at work when it comes to companies making profits or losses.

Small percentage increases in their share values can allow people to double their money.

money growing from tree cartoon

One million dollars can be turned into two million dollars even though the share values themselves have only gone up by small percentages.

(Of course, if during the three months of the option's life, your $1.00 share actually fell in value on the stock market, then I would have lost my $0.05 - because no way would I now want to buy your share for $1.00 when I could now buy it cheaper from the stock market.)



Imagine that you run a big home-schooling business of some kind.

Every year, your company sells millions of dollars worth of home-schooling books to parents who educate their children at home.

Just like most big companies, you make your profits at the margins.

How might you increase your sales by 5% and so, perhaps, vastly increase your profits?

one good way might be to demonise teachers who work in schools.

Well, one good way might be to demonise teachers who work in schools.

Perhaps you could pay for a few TV adverts showing useless teachers trying to control undisciplined children in the classroom, and suggesting that these children would be much better off being taught at home using your home-schooling books.

Perhaps you could get newspapers to highlight cases of 'abuse' by teachers.

Perhaps you could get a few popular media personalities to badmouth state schools.

Perhaps you could issues press releases about research demonstrating that children taught at home do better.

Perhaps you could financially support a politician or two who often talk about the failing educational system.

The aim, of course, would be to encourage more parents to opt out of the state's educational system and to teach their children at home.

The rewards could be fantastic.

Not only could your profits increase quite dramatically, but the stock market value of the shares in your company would probably go up; perhaps just by 10%, 20% - who knows?

But, as we have seen, even when shares go up by such modest percentages, people can actually double or quadruple their money.

One million dollars can become four million dollars.

And all you had to do for your extra 5% was to demonise the state's educational system in the eyes of the public.

Well, isn't this what so many large companies do to 'men'?

demon devil cartoon

They demonise them - for the very same reason - to sell more of their products; often in cahoots with politicians who can also profit very handsomely by having mutually-beneficial relationships with these companies.

And this is also what feminists do to marriage and to relationships.

They demonise them; the idea being to get women to opt out of them - and to use their services instead. These services being provided mostly by government and by various women's groups.

In summary: There are many billions of dollars to be made every year by demonising men. And there are many thousands of very powerful, influential and wealthy people who know this, and who make millions of dollars for themselves by encouraging relationship breakdown and the demonisation of men.

And these are the very same people who have the most influence over our societies.



the Bilderberg Group ...

Most educated people nowadays have heard of the Bilderberg Group ...

The Bilderberg Group, Bilderberg conference, or Bilderberg Club is an unofficial, annual, invitation-only conference of around 130 guests, most of whom are persons of great influence in the fields of politics, business, banking, and media.

... but the question often asked is this.

 "What can these lofty people possibly discuss in great detail when they only spend two days with each other? How can they possibly have any meaningful discussions about 'important policies' in such a short space of time?"

And the answer is very simple.

They do not need to spend very much time discussing the intricacies of various complicated policies because - at these dizzying heights - they are only concerned with broad trends.

"Do you think that we should still promote feminism?" asks the politician.

"Oh yes. There is definitely another 5% to be made out of it," says the car manufacturer chief.

"I agree," says the chairman of the Big Bank.

End of discussion.

These people know the score. And no-one needs to remind them about the profitability of feminism.

Global Warming Means Billions Of Dollars


Billionaire Al Gore Al Gore, the former US vice president, could become the world's first carbon billionaire after investing heavily in green energy companies.

He and his cronies - his very powerful cronies - only needed to nudge those shares by 5%.

It was all so simple.




Wake up.

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