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Killing abusive men is OK

USA Here are the facts: On May 13, 2002, Dontee D. Stokes three times shot a priest who had molested him eight years previously. On Monday, a Baltimore jury of 11 women and one man acquitted Stokes of attempted murder and assault. Maggie Gallagher.


Presumably if it's OK to kill a priest who sexually abused you eight years ago and ... 

UK The daughter of a romantic novelist yesterday walked free from court after she was cleared of murdering her sister's abusive boyfriend.

... and it's OK to kill someone who has abused your sister, then it must surely be OK to kill the woman who is trying to take away - or has succeeded in taking away - your home and your children!

Well, of course, I never advocate violence.

But it must be obvious to readers how perverse, corrupted and utterly hateful toward men has the western justice system become.

Should a man be domestically violent toward someone's sister, he can be killed. Should he sexually abuse someone he can also be killed. (Though in both cases, of course, he cannot actually attend the court to defend himself or to protest his innocence of any crime - because he is dead!)

But when a man has his home and his children taken away from him - something that both genders would admit is far worse than either sexual abuse or domestic violence - woe betide him should he respond violently in any way at all!

He would be pulverised by the judicial system. He would not be exonerated by it.

The justice system was partly borne out of a need to protect individuals from draconian actions by the state. As far as men are nowadays concerned its function is continually being perverted in order to allow women and the state to trample upon them, to deprive them of the things that they hold most dear, to imprison them, and even to kill them with relative impunity.

And, increasingly, men are having to prove their innocence in relationship crimes.

The western justice system has become an enemy of western men

The western justice system has become an enemy of western men thanks to the corrupt self-serving politicians who have purposefully made laws to discriminate against them.

Make no mistake. Our politicians are fully aware of the devastating effects that their policies are having on our society. They are well aware of how badly children - especially boys - are being affected by what they are doing, not only with regard to the consequences of family breakdown but also with respect to denying them a proper education and a decent future.

For example, the evidence of the huge negative effects of fatherlessness on children and society is now overwhelming and indisputable.

But politicians clearly couldn't give a damn for the welfare of their people, as is evidenced by the fact that they continue to support laws which demonstrably perpetuate and worsen the situation.

Politicians who are quite prepared to inflict disadvantage and discrimination upon a large section of their own people knowing full well what they are doing deserve to be tried as criminals in the future.

Indeed, if it is considered to be legally and morally acceptable to kill men who have abused us, then this must mean that we can kill those judges and politicians who have abused us. 


Furthermore, if it is OK for a woman to kill a man who has been abusive toward her, then it must be OK for a man to rape a woman for the very same reason. (Think about it.)

And if you think otherwise, then you have been well and truly brainwashed into valuing the entire life of a man as being worth less than even the mildest of traumas to a woman's vagina.



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