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More Sex-Trafficking Hokum Exposed Even as EU member states join forces to combat human trafficking, evidence for its existence is disintegrating.

I'm beginning to wonder if many government workers - such as the police - actually do anything for a living.

Do they actually spend their time dealing with crime? Or are they just wondering about the place sightseeing in their cars whenever we see them?

And when we cannot see them, it is becoming increasingly difficult to believe that they are not simply sitting on their backsides whiling away the hours in their offices, tenderly caressing their truncheons and handcuffing their secretaries for erotic purposes - because they certainly do not seem to be doing very much about crime!

Furthermore, they have been given many millions of pounds to, allegedly, combat a huge amount of sex-trafficking. But there isn't any sex-trafficking worth talking about in the UK. So what, exactly, are they doing? What are all these police officers actually doing with their time and our money - apart from lying about sex-trafficking?


We can occasionally see vast armies of them turning up to interview or arrest people for the most unbelievably trivial of offences, but they do not actually seem to be around very much when serious criminals are at work.

Maybe they work different hours. ...

A senior judge has warned of a rise in vigilante crimes caused by slow police response times.

'This will continue so long as the police are forced to respond to the priorities of politicians rather than ordinary people. They'll spend their time trying to meet arbitrary and distorting targets rather than trying to catch serious criminals.'

Yes indeed.

it turns out later that they were lying all along.

But we also discover government and government workers lying unashamedly about all the issues under the Sun, and claiming that they need more and more resources to deal with them. And then it turns out later that they were lying all along.

Goodness me. The police even claimed - falsely - to have discovered the bones of dead children in order to maintain their abuse hysteria so that they could continue funding their empires.


No Murders At Jersey Home 'The piece of a child's skull, the shackles, the constraints, the cellar areas and the blood-stained bath - none of these claims were true.


Yep; the police actually lied and pretended to have found bone fragments.

 Can you imagine just how many 'lesser' lies that they get away with each year?

Hundreds, would be my guess.

I also notice that government workers get very favourable working conditions compared to everybody else these days - with, for example, colossal inflation-proofed pensions that have to be funded by those people who do not work for government - and that there also seem to be countless tales of these people taking months, and sometimes years, off work for alleged 'stress'.

"I feel a bit down today."

"Then take a year off work; because no-one will notice your absence. Besides which, there is nothing to do round here - unless you want to brew some more tea."

All in all, therefore, it seems that those of us who actually need to work for a living and who have families to support are being taken for a ride.

We are being duped.

In my piece Why Governments Love Feminism, I pointed out that governments just love to stir up problems and that, as such, all the social problems arising from feminism was like a perpetual lottery jackpot win for government.

I also pointed out that western governments are now incredibly powerful, and that they employ, either directly or indirectly, some 20% of the entire workforce - a workforce that will promote more government.

Furthermore, some large percentage of the population (about 15% in the UK) nowadays relies on government handouts in order to make ends meet. Needless to say, such people will also likely promote more government - and who can blame them?

But government has actually encouraged millions of these people to need handouts; the idea being to make them dependent on government.

And the upshot of all this is that the forces that promote big government are now virtually unassailable through the ballot box.

Well, some of the more discerning of you who recognise my various aliases might have noticed that for the past few weeks I have been hopping around the internet annoying just about as many people as I can.

Feminists and their poodle boys mostly - but not exclusively!

And, as a consequence, I have been debating many topics that are currently hitting the headlines in the UK - the so-called Equality Bill, ID cards, the EU, prostitution, the governmental recording of everybody's internet activities, global warming, the current economic crisis, the recent budget, the failing national integrated computer system for hospitals, the MPs who have been cheating on their expenses, the Labour scumbag (and good friend of Gordon Brown) Damian McBride, who was caught trying to plant scurrilous defamatory lies concerning sexual matters on the internet about other politicians.

Many, many topics.

I was exhausted.

Nevertheless, and most unharmoniously, together with many others, I debated all these issues as best as I could.

And I think that they learned a lot!

Was this policy right? Was it fair? How much would it cost? Would it work? What were the complications? Could we afford it? Was there a better way? Didn't the Communists and the Nazis do that?

Did it work in Sweden?

Was there, actually, any point to it?

What were the alternatives?

And then, BANG.

It hit me.

Every single Labour policy has worked - and will work - absolutely beautifully!

Yep. Every single one of them.

Those politicians are geniuses.

Those politicians are geniuses. I had never realised this before.

There was not one Labour policy or strategy that I was discussing that did not work out fantastically well.

For the benefit of government.

No exaggerations. No clever sidesteps. It just stares you in the face.


It does not seem to matter whether a Labour policy works, or not, for anybody else. The government and government workers ALWAYS benefit from it.

Always. Always. Always.

Every single goddamn time.

You don't need to believe me. Just check it out yourself.

Every Labour policy either provides more jobs, more money and/or more power for government workers.

And there are no exceptions.

All in all, therefore, there is, in fact, no real point in us all debating the merits or lack thereof when it comes to Labour policies, because such debates will not make any difference.

The government will nowadays push them through, regardless - just like the EU does all the time regardless of the 'No' votes in various national referenda - because the government does not care what these policies mean for us, and because, in practice, nobody can actually stop the government from getting what it wants.

Government only cares about itself. And it will push through any policy that it can get away with in order to benefit itself.

And, at the moment, we just cannot effectively stop the government from doing this.

As such, the issues that we should all be addressing are not so much the issues themselves, but those which highlight the fact that our government is actually cheating us in so many different ways.

Otherwise, it is all a bit like talking to a hoodlum who is just about to rob us and discussing with him - and with each other - the ways in which he can do this without causing us too much pain!

We seem to have accepted that governments have a right to push out policy after policy, regulation after regulation, restriction after restriction, compulsion after compulsion, invasion after invasion of our privacy, tax after tax, law after law - always to the benefit of government.

we are now in desperate need of some mechanism which prevents government from becoming so powerful

And we are now in desperate need of some mechanism which prevents government from becoming so powerful - rather like we have with corporations when they have become monopolies.

In the UK, currently, the government is now set to confiscate well over 50% of our incomes in order to pursue its various agendas. (For those who do not understand how this figure can be so large, see Printing Money.)

And so what we should be doing is reining in government by, at the very least, forever pointing out that government should not be entitled to keep expanding its power and wealth whenever it formulates some new policy.

In other words, the ever-increasing number of burdens and impositions being foisted upon us by our government should be addressed - and complained about - whenever any of its policies are being discussed.

And it should always be pointed out that Labour policies always benefit government itself and some group of government workers.

Now, please note that I am not suggesting that every single Labour policy is bad for people. Some Labour policies are quite good, in my view.

But, good or bad, their policies always give government more power, more wealth and more jobs.


And one of the main reasons for this is that politicians and government workers know very well that no matter how awful, how useless, or how wasteful are their policies, they will still always benefit from them.

Indeed, whenever a particular policy is, in fact, clearly of benefit to the country, then the politicians will argue from this that they would do even better if they could be given more resources to implement it more fully, but when a policy is clearly failing the country, then they argue the very same thing!

And with regard to the sex-trafficking hokum mentioned above, the lack of evidence suggesting that there is very much of it going on is actually used to justify more resources and more draconian laws on the grounds that more effort is needed to find it!

 they engage in blatant lying

And when the politicians cannot find it, then they engage in blatant lying in order to claim that they have.

In the UK, for example, the most enormous amount of effort was put into saving women from being sex-trafficked.

But the police could not actually find such women. (Even those whom they claimed to have found were mostly bogus - with one or two exceptions.)

And so the Labour government tried to suggest that all prostitutes who come from abroad are being sex-trafficked against their will.

All of them.

And this willful self-serving dishonesty is a characteristic of every single politician and every civil servant who sits at the top of the tree.

And the reason for this is very simple to understand.

No honest politician and no honest civil servant can nowadays make it to the top of the tree (or stay there for very long if they manage to get there) because being honest means undermining one's own dishonest self-serving colleagues.

And these people are not going to allow someone who exposes what is going on to get very far up the ladder.

They will allow only those people who serve their own interests to climb to the top.

The upshot is that only the best liars, the best deceivers and the best self-serving manipulators make it to the top; i.e. those who best cater for their very own colleagues.

And something that really sticks in my throat and makes me even more angry is that the Labour politicians and their civil servants who currently run the UK government are completely and utterly corrupt - with some of them, such as Harriet Harman, in my view, being very deeply malicious and thoroughly wicked people.

One only has to look at the downright sneakiness and dishonesty of these people when it comes to the way in which they have cheated on their expenses to realise that they are, at their very cores, totally self-serving, extremely greedy and thoroughly deceitful.

And yet these Labour politicians are forever claiming to be 'socialist' in nature.

They present themselves to the people as being concerned about 'equality' and 'fairness', 'truth' and 'justice', and yet it is quite clear that they believe in no such things.

When it comes to themselves and their own interests, they will cheat, they will lie, they will steal, they will make corrupt deals, they will fiddle the books, they will try to malign their opponents, and they will do whatever they can get away with in order to profit themselves.

They have been caught doing such things over and over again.

And this tells us about the entire culture within which these people operate. Something that is clearly accepted by all of them.

As such, it is quite clear that these Labour politicians do not believe in anything in which they claim publicly to believe.

They are just in this business for themselves.

Their stated beliefs about 'equality', and so on, are just a sham - a charade - designed to sucker people into giving them more votes, more wealth and more power by hoodwinking them into believing that they 'care' about others, and so forth.

But they don't.

In essence, they are colluding with each other behind our backs in order to benefit themselves at our expense - at our expense not only in terms of our money, but also in terms of our freedom, our time, our country, our culture, our democracy and our well-being.

These people are messing up our futures so that they can profit themselves - which is, of course, one of the main reasons why they mostly also support the European gravy train.

Now, when I talk about this to people, they often shrug and say, "Well, are there not many millions of people who are greedy, self-serving and corrupt? Why should we expect our top civil servants and our politicians to be any different?"

 we simply cannot allow the most powerful people in the country to be like this

And the answer to this must surely be that we simply cannot allow the most powerful people in the country to be like this.

If we care about our own futures and those of our loved ones, we cannot afford to allow the most powerful people in the land to be so corrupt and so self-serving.

For all our sakes, these people need to booted out of office, whatever it takes.

Not sidestepped. Not moved over to a different department. Not promoted out of the way.

Out. Out. Out.

Just like any of us would be if we were caught defrauding the companies for which we are working.

And we also need to protect all whistleblowers from retribution from their colleagues so that never again will such people feel so secure when it comes to lying and cheating us.

 these selfish and corrupt individuals will keep disrupting our society in order to profit themselves.

The alternative is to sit back and watch our future prospects deteriorate inexorably towards a situation wherein we can no longer maintain any form of decent society because these selfish and corrupt individuals will keep disrupting our society in order to profit themselves.

Let me repeat this last point.

These selfish and corrupt individuals will keep disrupting our society in order to profit themselves - because, for these people, the more disruption and disharmony, the better.

Indeed, just within the past few weeks, we have seen Labour members of the House of Lords secretly doing deals with businesses in order to line their own pockets, we have caught them claiming tens of thousands of pounds for expenses on properties in which nobody actually lives, we have seen them claiming daily attendance allowances by clocking in and sneaking off five minutes later, we have caught their cronies trying to spread sexual lies about their opponents in order to scupper their chances at the next election and, over and over again, we catch them lying about every single issue that they are addressing.

And it is extremely important to understand that all these examples of wholesale dishonesty and corruption are just the small tip of a very large iceberg.

These people have lied and lied in connection with just about every policy that they have ever implemented.

On this website, for example, you can see numerous examples of how they have lied, over and over again, about domestic violence, sex-assault, sex-trafficking, abuse and rape. You can see how they have lied, over and over again, when it comes to their claims about educational standards, immigration, crime, drug abuse, the European Union, the bias against fathers in the family courts and the alleged gender pay gap.

But in all these areas it is, of course, much harder for the public to see through all their lies because of all the complexities involved therein.

For example, it is very easy to obfuscate the truth about 'rape' by fudging all the definitions, skewing the statistics and massaging all the raw data so that the figures come out to be exactly what the government wants them to be.

And this is exactly what they do.

Come on. Wake up!

Does anyone seriously believe that those hundreds of politicians who are, clearly, quite prepared to cheat and defraud the people - on a continual basis - in order to line their own pockets financially will not be doing the very same things when it comes to their policies - in order to retain, or gain, votes, power and wealth for themselves?

Well, perhaps the revelations of the past few months in the UK will help to show you all that I have not been exaggerating about the extent of the self-serving corruption and dishonesty that lies at the very heart of the Labour government.

These politicians - and the civil servants that have been supporting them - are crooks, through and through.

And we have been subjected to huge costs - financial and otherwise - simply so that they can profit themselves.

Our families have been purposely broken so that they and their workers can benefit.

Our educational system has been purposely debased and biased against boys so that they and their workers can benefit.

On and on it goes.

In so many areas have we been subjected to policies and costs based on nothing but the self-serving dishonesty of those at the top.

(Once again, see my piece Why Governments Love Feminism and also Do Not Respect Them  )

Indeed, I really do not think that it would be an exaggeration to claim that we could, in fact, all work for only three days per week- instead of five -  and still be just as well off, were it not for the huge negative impact of government's continued nefarious activities.

I should also emphasise that it is not just the politicians who are so irredeemably corrupt and self-serving.

The same goes for millions of government employees and civil servants; teachers lying about the educational standards, academics fudging the data to get more funding and to pursue their politics, police officers lying about the abuse statistics, immigration officials deceitfully downsizing the number of immigrants, judges imprisoning men without any objective evidence that they have done anything wrong, family courts and government ministers encouraging women to kick fathers out of their own homes.

The list is almost endless.

 those who work in the public sector no longer see themselves as providing services

Something seems to have happened - certainly in the UK - through which those who work in the public sector no longer see themselves as providing services, but as self-serving 'authorities', to whom everyone must pander.

They have metamorphosed from being public servants into being our masters. And, as mentioned above, they have given themselves better privileges, better perks, better protections, better pensions and better pay than the rest of us, despite the fact that it is the rest of us who are forced to foot most of their bills.

We are being battered, bruised and robbed by these people.

And one of the reasons that this has happened is because we have allowed these people to acquire far too much power, and they have used this power not only to feather their own nests, but also to deceive us, wholesale, in many important areas.

The result is that these people have, collectively, turned themselves into a highly malicious force; with men, in particular, being on the receiving end of it.

And please always remember that this horrible situation has not arisen solely because of the politicians.

Many high-ranking civil servants and government workers are just as greedy, corrupt, dishonest and self-serving.

Indeed, the UK's Home Office is packed with such people.

So, what do we do?

Well, I am afraid that the answer does not lie in the ballot box - because your single vote is worth nothing.

But your voice can be very effective indeed.

So, please use it.

Finally, let me remind you all of what Lord Levy - one of Tony Blair's closest confidantes and buddies when he was Prime Minister - said of him in his book.

"Tony was at the end of the day a politician… just in it for himself.”

Study his words carefully - because Lord Levy was at the very heart of the Labour government throughout the Blair years.

Notice that he was not simply saying that Tony Blair, alone, was in it for himself; but that this was true of all politicians.

And these politicians and their civil servants will, and do, cheat us at every turn - and with regard to every policy; whenever it benefits them to do so.

... Just like what they have recently been caught doing with their expenses. ...

... Tony Blair's Expenses Shredded Some of Tony Blair’s expenses claims, which the High Court last week ruled should be disclosed to the public, have been shredded.

The documents, itemising Blair’s claims for household expenses during a year of his premiership, were destroyed in the midst of a legal battle over whether they should be published



It is true that Tory politicians have also been caught fiddling their expenses, but nowhere near to the same extent as have Labour politicians.

Not even close.

More importantly, however, is the fact that Tories, by and large, support 'the market'.

They believe in supporting wealth creation and in allowing people to climb as high as they can.

Our Labour politicians, however, claim to be 'socialist' in nature.

They claim to believe that people should not be given special privileges.

They claim that their prime concerns are to do with fairness, honesty, openness, justice, and so on.

And they are forever clamping down on those whom they claim are doing unduly well.

But it is quite clear from their behaviours that they believe in no such things.

They are just liars.

They are just out to cater for themselves, but presenting themselves as 'holier than thou'.

As just one further example of this, notice how they continually whip up hatred towards men by claiming that they are over-represented in parliament, and that they should be discriminated against so that parliament reflects more accurately the population.

But they do not argue that politicians should get AVERAGE PAY in order to better reflect the people, do they?

Surely, such a move would make parliament much, much more representative of the people.

But these Labour politicians are just fraudsters, basically stirring up hatred towards their very own people (men, mostly) in order to profit themselves.

Which is exactly what 'socialists' such as Stalin and Hitler did in order to maintain their own power and privileges.

They destroyed their own peoples by the million, but they pretended that they cared for them.

Well, our Labour politicians are no different in essence. They are not killing us, but they are undermining our country, our businesses, our families, and so on, on the spurious grounds of 'equality' and 'fairness'.

That is how they get their power.

But, in truth, they do not actually believe in these two noble concepts - certainly not when it comes to themselves.




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