Marriage Is Not The Solution

Note: The breakdown of families and marriage - heavily encouraged by the feminists and their parasitic friends in government - are undoubtedly the cause of huge problems throughout western societies today. But the notion that people could nowadays be forced or pressured into marriage is wrong-headed in a free society.

It just will not work.


Hi Bill

Let me summarise why I think that you are focusing in the wrong place.

1. Basically, you say that family breakdown leads to many social ills. By generating strong families, we reduce these social ills.

I agree.

 there are these huge organisms that are hell bent on destroying families

BUT! I'm saying that there are these huge organisms that are hell bent on destroying families and, indeed, personal relationships. And you cannot actually build these families while these powerful organisms exist in the way that they do.

Indeed you can have strong families (such as in Pakistan and Iraq etc), but this doesn't stop the creation of dictatorships etc.

Government Organism -> Family Breakdown -> social ills.

Government Organism -> NO Family Breakdown -> social ills.

The Government Organism is the problem; not the break down of the family.

In other words, strong families (such as in Pakistan and Iraq) does not stop horrible governments from taking power.

2. If you look back at the newspapers for decades back in time, you will see the same types of headlines. Crime is up! Education is down!

The people complained about such things even then; even when they had strong families.

Their complaints made no difference. Over the decades things got worse.

We created the wrong organisms!

And so when you say that people are finally complaining about education and crime, I can only reply that, in fact, they have been doing so for decades.

3. You say ... "Make lasting marriage the focus of the culture, and families the cornerstone of society ..."


How do you nowadays ENFORCE such a thing upon people?

What kind of state would you have to create in order to ENFORCE such a thing?

Without some kind of heavy force, how do we achieve this?

Do we want, for example, the force of histrionics and hatred whenever someone is discovered having an affair because of an unhappy marriage?

Would they be forced into losing their children - and into their children losing them?

What about the children of unmarried mothers? Do we stigmatise them?

Even if we wanted to do such things, how would we nowadays get away with it?

And who, for example, is going to force people to listen to the religious channels or to the politicians?

How do we impose this culture?

Do we actually attempt to impose a different form of political correctness upon people? Would we be able to?

Would we want to live within a society where such a thing was possible?

The "downfall of the more powerful" is happening to institutions such as marriage just as much as it is to political groups. (This is happening all over the world.)

And so my question is this.

What huge force could create and sustain this 'culture of marriage'

What huge force could create and sustain this 'culture of marriage' that you want? And would we actually want to live under such an over-arching and heavily proscriptive force?

Would we, for example, want to ban people from promoting alternatives on the internet?

If not, how do we maintain this force?

Well. I don't think that maintaining such a force (for marriage etc) is actually going to be possible in the future; not unless we tear down the internet etc.

And this leads me back to my 'solution'. The spread of information and the growth of the Men's Movement.

So, in my view, traditional marriage is not THE long-term solution; though I suspect that a modified form of it will certainly be very helpful.

Best wishes,


(PS I hope I don't sound hostile. It isn't my intention or my feeling.)


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